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  1. Hi Arc Angel & Grand Civic, Tks for the contact bro, spoke to them & gotta pay a visit soon. Tks again, Cheers
  2. Guys, Can someone pls recommend me a good place to modify my exisiting front grill OR to get a new one done for spec's. What I have in my mind is a black colored frame with mesh initailly. Actually I don't like what I have at the moment Pls touch upon durability & prices as well. Tks in advance, Cheers.
  3. Guys is this the model that's been discussed ? Cheers
  4. machang tks, after posting ur reply yesterday just checked out on urban dictionary site for AFAIK & then felt embarassed for asking that que Machang I do not think the alloys came along with the car (not sure) & guess the P/S was also converted later on by him. Yeah Anthony's ride was in pretty good form when he brought in & I'm sure like u mentioned, it'l be awesome when finished. What else needs to be done on your ride ? Lionel once told me he has to look for some stuf in Panchikawatta. Cheers
  5. Hi neXGen, agree with ur comments re consequences & visibility mate. Does any one of you guys know of any place who does restore old lights OR who can manufacture identical lights ?
  6. Tks machang shall keep u guys updated on the go Cheers
  7. tks for the comments SN It had been brought down brand new in 1988 (YOM 1987) while I am the 3rd owner Overall its a pretty good machine with A/C & EPS.
  8. Hey Ash, tks maan, BTW Will the normal tinting stickers do the magic (atleast temporarily ?)
  9. Hey bro, Got few jobs done & the quality is good mate, tks.
  10. Hi PPL, Just curious to find out whats the easiest & cheapest way to sticker the lights with a black transparent layer ? (or is it painted, I am not sure) Has anyone of u guys tried it out ? Any suggessions of DIY methods ? I am not referring to my headlights but the rear ones. [see the image below to get an idea as to what I mean] Tks in advance guys, Cheers
  11. LOL LOL LOL @ lakshank: Machang as you've got only about 30 days in hand, I guess it'll be cheaper & convenient for you to roam around with ur C/C1 license & rather give something to the Cops (in the event they make a big fuss) You might waste your remaining days in all these govt joints (plus hazzle) if you're determined to obtain the license. I agree its good practise to get the proper upgrade on the license, but leave it when you have enough days to mingle with leisurely. Good Luck bro
  12. Croozer

    My New Ride!!

    Very tempting Bro Congrats !!!!!! Cheers
  13. Hi maithri, Thank you for the valuable comments. Cheers
  14. Yep Don, its 4G13 which is mentioned in the book.
  15. Hey Don, Sure bro will verify today & post the info tomorrow. (Anyways my previous owner told me its 1300CC & I'm continuing to mention that Is there any possibility that it might be different to my present actual CC, eg: like 1500CC ??? Any reliable way to find this out? In case a different engine being replaced ? (Just outa curiosity) Cheers
  16. HI Saturn, Tks loads for your valuable info which cleared out many things. I am happy to hear that running at half or a little under half is a good sign. Actually its what initially mad me worried. I was under the assumption that it should generally remain around 1/4. At present it often rises up faster & maintains around 1/2 or little lower & also activates the exhaust fan. I was also asuming that the fan should activate only under extreme heat situations (which I guess is wrong ) I shall try out your suggested practical way of checking the heat (by opening the hood) & keep you updated on the feedback. Generally after a run, the hood itself is hot, is it normal or something to worry about ? (Pardon me with these kinda silly que's pls) Can you pls educate me on how to examine whether mine's a 4g15 engine ? I initially bought BPR6ES but realized that the head (which is used to fix the plug to the engine) is larger for my engine. So i had to use BPR5ES instead. (I guess it was BKR5ES) (I guess the guys @ Dougl*s & S*ns are not very familiar with there products as they couldn't properly advice me) What are the advantages of V Power/G power" plugs ? Anyways as per one of your previous comments I should get my radiator cooling diagnosed properly. Tks again Saturn. Cheers
  17. Hi dudes, Need a bit o' expert advice on some recent changes in my ride. (Just to refresh the memory, mine's a 1300CC Colt Hatchback - Make 1987) As some of you guys might remember I got the exhaust fan wired correctly with new thermostat & sensor & was was running on plugs which were meant to be used on a Vitara. Under this mode I did not see huge increase in the temparture gauge & rarely the temp gauge reached half enabling the exhaust fan to work. About two weeks back I replaced the plugs with the correct ones (BKR5ES as I recall) & also replaced the engine oil. After that I have noticed that the temp gauge is rising up faster than before & the exhaust fan operates more frequently. This mainly happens during short runs like 2-3 km's & also when I park at home. (involves more use of reverse gear & the 1st gear) Yesterday morning I drove to Moratuwa from Independance Sqr' at 3 am (non stop drive - No traffic) & to my surprise the temp indicator was consistently remaining around 1/4 of the gauge Will this issue have a direct link to the radiator ? Guess its high time that I get my radiator checked & cleaned. Guys any advices, Comments or recommendations as to whats going on ? Tks & Cheers
  18. Hi Madz, Since last Friday my thread view is all messsed up. Instead of individual posts what I am seeing is a summarized version. Pls help out to revert back to standard view pls. Tks
  19. Wishin' U a fabulous day bro, have fun
  20. Of course for MT. Like someone mentioned we all are anyway used to traffic over here @ SL. It gives you the real feelin' of DRIVING
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