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    Nissan Cube 2001 - Is This Good Car

    Hey Prasad, Congrats on ur new ride man .......
  2. Croozer

    Seat Belts

    Mostly do wear when travellin' outstation. Gotta get used to city drivin' as well
  3. Croozer

    Happy Birthday Supra_natural!

    Hey bro, Hope you had a great day !! Belated wishes comin' yo way ..... Cheers EC
  4. Croozer

    Happy Birthday Don!!

    Hey Don, Wishin you a great belated B'day man ...... Cheers EC
  5. Croozer

    Classic Number Plates

    Hey bro, this is OT ........ Whats the progress on your VW ? Project completed ?
  6. Croozer

    Plug Type

    Hi welcome, Guess this is the link you're looking for... Cheers EC
  7. Croozer

    Happy B'day To Pericles

    Hey Peri wishin' you a fantastic day bro, Have fun
  8. Croozer

    Link Between Value And Colour?

    Hey Sparky, Would you mind pls emailing me the contact of your mechanic, me too planning on a restoration soon & need the opinion / costing of another good dude than the one I've already found. Pls email me at '[email protected]' - OR you can simply shar the info on the forum like we all do Cheers
  9. Croozer

    My New Toy

    Hey bro Dillon, Awesome ride man, Congrats !!!!!
  10. Croozer

    Surendra Perera Gets A Toyota Allion

    Jothipala I guess. Indeed Surendra has his own style which is unique. Simply effortless & flowing. Agree with you Dim's, even I got an intro into Jothi's stuff thru Surendra's songs. But if you carefully notice, this Doctor putha makes an extreme effort to maintian his singing style & presentaion. Thru out the sessions Surendra was the undisputed dude but donno what was fishing around on the finals. Anyways IMHO Surendra's the best. Cheers
  11. Croozer

    Minimise Your Blind Spot.

    Guys some reading material on the topic here
  12. Croozer

    Happy Birthday Pilawoos !

    Hey Pila Wishin you a brilliant day bro' Have Fun !!! Cheers
  13. Croozer

    Need A Replacement Beelte Engine

    Hey Supra_Natural, Where R U ?????????
  14. Croozer

    Post Whoring - Part 2

  15. Croozer

    New Lancer

    Hey Dims, Congrats man, she's awesome Cheers
  16. Croozer

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Hey PPL, Wanna sip any of the following varieties ? Supposed to be captured somewhere down Puttlam..... Cheers
  17. Croozer

    Tire Pressure

    Bro it actually depends on the type/size of tyre thats in your rides. Btw its mentioned on the tire itself. This was discussed many times & just try out a search on the forums. Try this link for some info: Cheers
  18. Croozer

    Sri Lanka – Failed State, Laughing Stock

    Hey Weed, your statement itself reveals your knowledge, standards & expertise on current affairs of our homeland You seriously need some counselling I guess. Hey Kido try to grow up man, first try n begin from your 'screen name' prior to posting your assumed intelligent comments. As Peri said we gotta tolerate cuz of the so called democracy & freedom of speech. Cheers
  19. Croozer

    Dual S I M Phones

    Bro Miniace, Just FYI I came across a guy who was using a special SIM (which can be inserted into any GSM phone) capable of operating 16 connections at once. The pack includes a SIM reader + SIM. How it works is simple, say you have 3 connections ie Hutch, Dialog & Tigo. All you have to do is read these individual SIM data (using the reader) and then write them back into the special SIM provided. This SIM can accomodate 16 similar connections . But the drawback is only one operator can be active at a time. (But alternatively you ucan use the divert facility) But shifting from each operator is very easy, just long press the # and it shows all the operators, just scroll to the desired network & confirm, thats all. This guy has purchased this from S'pore and had cost him approx only 8K LKR (Including SIM, Reader & Software) Each additional SIM is only 2K I guess. Guys but this product is still not approved here by TRC & is considered illegal Cheers
  20. Croozer

    Electricity Consumption And Battery Size

    Hey Dtr, Just curious to know as to how the alternator capacity is determined ? Eg 90A. Tks in advance, Cheers
  21. Hey Madz, thanks for the sticker bro, Now I cruize around wearing the AL sticker on ma ride Got it pasted myself finally. Cheers
  22. Croozer

    Madz Tks Loads For The Sticker !!!!!

    Madz, this really looks cool bro, I am in for it Cheers
  23. Croozer

    Madz Tks Loads For The Sticker !!!!!

    Guys I guess this sticker concept (be it Oval or whatever) is gonna be a brilliant idea to netowrk the AL community. I am in for it PPL Cheers
  24. Croozer

    Madz Tks Loads For The Sticker !!!!!

    Hey Miniace, tks for the comments bro & great to hear that you have been using one too Cheers
  25. Croozer

    Madz Tks Loads For The Sticker !!!!!

    Hey Madz, Tks bro, No worries re the delay Cool scene