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  1. Belated wishes for a terrific b'day mate ... cheers
  2. Hey bro ... loadsa warm wishes & congrats ...
  3. Guys its so pathetic that I'll be missing participation for the 2nd consecutive time ... right now me sitting in front of my PC @ office & will be stuck until around 20:00 hrs ... (Never expected that I will have to turn up at office today) Defa wanna make it next time ... all the best with the creative plans regard to making the liquid part happen ... Have fun & cheers guys ...
  4. Croozer

    Lancer Box

    Hey fatjoe, As Gummybr explained its better to keep it as it is unless a major repair is required. Even i drive a car which is 20 years old & still runs smoothly. Mine is a 1987 Mitsubishi 1.3 Colt Hatch. Anyways mine was power steering converted when i bought it but personally do not feel much of a difference, obviously you won't get the comfort of a factory fitted car because it was not meant to be. Keep it technically sound with the original spec's & for me it gives real driving pleasure. By the way I can give you the contact number of that Carburator expert (now its done by his son) as I also need to visit him. Hopefully by tomorrow I will add the mobile number to this thread. Cheers EVO_Croozer
  5. Hey Dims, Wishin you a fabulous b'day ........... Cheers EVO_Croozer
  6. Thanks SN, will defa drop you a mail within the day, cheers !
  7. Hey madmax & pissa (do i sound rude here, sorry bro its yo screen name end o' the day Guys tks for your concerns & sharing own experiences, points noted. Cheers
  8. Hey Don, Thanks for sharing your concerns & advice. Well as you explained my main motive behind upgrading is purely ego driven, i mean as you said "the urge to drive a newer car (something we all have !)" But as you adviced I can continue to use my present ride which is in very good technical condition. (On the other hand I also can save some bucks on the longer run as I have been very weak into savings ) The only area I need to look in my present ride is tinkering & painting which I haven't touched upon due to financial reasons. Do you think its worth spending about 1.5 lakhs & getting the job done "completely & properly" ? Cheers EC
  9. Hi machangs, Need some serious advice on an upgrade that I am planning ahead. Well as some of you might recall, presently I use an old school 1.3 Mitsubishi Colt mainly for weekend running & on the weekdays its basically parked @ home as I can't afford to pump to travel to office on a daily basis. Anyways I will be changing my employer from next month onwards where I will be entitled for a vehicle allowance So ideally my schedule is going to be around approx 40 Km's per day (to office & back) plus may be around 60 Km's during the weekend. Well I have digged into many old threads & also have done a bit of home work, yet appreciate the expert comments & advices from you seniors. Some of my concerns are : 1. At present some says that a diesel machine would be the most intelligent decision. But what I've heard so far is that maintenence & repairs are gonna cost me huge bucks Appreciate if you guys can share your experiences & thoughts on this .... My personal preference still remains with a petrol machine though. 2. Ideally I am talking about a budget of approx 1 to max 1.2 mil (ie sell my present ride + lease/loan out balance) & so far would love to think of a starlet or a corolla 110/111. Heard that the DX is also a great machine. Guys pls let me know what would be the most ideal vehicle within these para meters. Appreciate options for both diesel & petrol. As I am still new to the motoring scene appreciate mention of specific make/models so that I will have a clearer idea. 3. What would be the best financial solution under the present economic situ ? Leasing or a Personal loan ? Pls shed some light on the positive / negative sides of both these options. Anyways I have to sell my present ride & may be lease / loan out the balance. Hope I haven't loaded one single thread with so much o' questions : Anyways guys pls share your experiences & advices at your convenience which will be very much appreciated. Cheers EVO_Croozer.
  10. Croozer

    Guess What?????

    Hey congrats on your new ride ash ...... its awesome bro !!! Cheers
  11. Hey great iniative machangs ... Even me too interested provided can manage the timing out ... Anyways pls let us be updated on any possible outcome you guys come across ... cheers guys
  12. Tempting Q mate My preference number one is Civic. In case I have another option its the Allion. Cheers
  13. Hey DD belated wishes & hope you had a fabulous day I was incidentally using your screen name when I was newbie here @ AL Cheers
  14. Hey DillonGT, BRILLIANT .................
  15. Machang there's an old and reliable joint down darley road named 'LP Gunaratne' for beeding works. This is adjoining the fire brigade and easy to locate. Heard they do a pretty good job. Mostly old cars are brought in here after tinkering. If its a minor job on your ride you can also try Pala Auto (not electricals) in Delkanda. This is opposite the petrol shed near Sujatha school. Decent job they do. They also have their main branch adjoining the above LP Gunaratne's in Darley road. You can hit whatever is convenient to you. Cheers
  16. Hey guys how come I missed this thread ?? Well generally depending on the mood & atmosphere I shift between various types. But to be within Supra's guidelines my list would be as follows: More or less these are some of my all time fav's : Scorpions Always Somewhere Send me an angel Under the same sun Hurricane 2000 Still loving you (& of course all the tracks of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra version as Devinda mentioned) Eric Clapton Cocaine Layla When a blind man cries (feat Carlos Santana) Knocking on heavens door (Eric Clapton versions) I shot the sheriff (Eric Clapton versions) Bad Company Shooting Star Feel like making love Ready for love Whiskey Bottle Bonjovi (The unplugged acoustic versions) Diamond Ring Wanted dead or alive Its my life Guns N Roses (The unplugged acoustic versions) Civil War Don't Cry Patience CCR I put a spell on you Proud Mary Deep Purple Child in time Smoke on the water Joe Cocker Woman to woman A little help from my friends Please don't let me be misunderstood Feeling Alright Jhonny Lang Lie to me Match box Rack 'em up Joan Osborne One of us Lets just get naked Lumina Crazy baby Guess I ended up listing too many to fit into a CD ah (Should excuse me for my varying preference) Nice thread Supra. Cheers EC
  17. Hi Madz, Belated B'day Wishes Bro' Hope you had a great & fabulous day. Cheers EC
  18. Wishin all you wonderful ppl an excellent 2008 filled with happiness & success. Me too gonna sight my office again in 2008 CHEERS
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