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  1. Enthusiastic or rather 'soon to be' Honda owners I guess
  2. Might vary between approx 3500/= to 5000/= I guess depending on the quality. BTW Power mirrors may be above 5000/- as I recall. I recently got a pair of EP81's for 3000/= after bit of bargaining.
  3. There won't be much of an issue in terms of visibility once you get used to it (in fact its gonna be more nearer plus clearer) & am sure it'll look neat on the ride that way. Do what Ripper suggests & better take the ride along when selecting a suitable / compatible pair.
  4. Croozer

    Camaro Ss

    Dude, You may get some info via following: http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?showtopic=7688 http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?showtopic=7712 Good Luck!
  5. Croozer

    Subaru 600cc

    Harshan, thanks mate, appreciated Shall call 'em soon.
  6. Croozer

    Subaru 600cc

    @ Pradfred : Congrats mate, am sure she'll turn out cool & sexy once done. BTW can anyone (who has experience in these kinda restoration projects) suggest me any reliable places to get some of these kinda chrome related / edge / beeding works done? Cheers !
  7. Mods, I guess this thread should be renamed WIE from "Installing And Wiring Led Strips" TO "Strategies to get laid ... the faster way" I see many golden rules & guidelines been documented BTW just thought of adding up the following switching diagram for everyone's benefit (since we are in the topic) Cheers guys ...
  8. OT ... Seems everyone missed out 'Bugatti's eSignature LOL Quote: BEER... now cheaper than gasoline DRINK, DON'T DRIVE..!!
  9. Croozer

    Seat Belt

    Well me depends on the situation, but now determined to make it always
  10. Croozer

    Need Help - Lancer

    Hey CK2, Yep bro try out Banda (guess its his son Shantha who is carrying on the business now) he'd be able to get it sorted for you most probably. Good luck mate, cheers !
  11. Croozer

    Lancer Box

    Hey fatjoe, Hope you were able to complete the project. Hopefully mine will take another week or two to finish off the final touches & fittings. Btw was there any interior / fiber works involved in your restoration? If so just lemme know where you got em done (if the work is good). Also just curios to find out whether anyone knows any place where the lights (rear brake/signal) could be restored (such as filling up of the cracks/edges etc). Its a crucial task to get hold of a pair of lights for my model (Colt Hatch 1987) Cheers guys, fatjoe, would love to see some pics I shall post a collection of mine once completed ...
  12. Croozer

    Lancer Box

    Hey bro, Browsing thru the forums after a while ... Same here machang even mine's been at the garage for almost 3+ months now, & similar to your case, simply due to the quality of the workmanship I remain calm & patient Hopefully beginning next week the painting may begin. I am just wondering how some people complete tinkering + painting within short periods like 1 to 1.5 months ... Since I am now practically seeing the restoration, its evident that in fact it takes considerable time & effort to do a precise job. Good luck with your project mate ... Cheers.
  13. Hey Bugatti, Appreciate if you can please enlighten us on your contact, seems impressive. Got few dashboard stuff pending ahead. Cheers !
  14. Hey brov, Congrats mate, ela !
  15. Croozer

    Lancer Box

    Hey bro, cool I shall cover-up some pics this weekend somehow. Lols, it seems that 'generally' all tinker fellas are same its best not to expedite but let them take their time for a precise job ! We shall kit as we may exchange our experiences / suggestions etc ... Cheers !
  16. Croozer

    Lancer Box

    Hey fatjoe, Great to hear mate. I Got a '87 Colt Hatch (more or less same tech specs as Lancer Box) which I have 'just' handed over for a complete restoration. In other words me too in your shoes & any tips / suggestions from fellow members would be most beneficial. I am sure there are quite a lot of Box's that are restored (or atleast heading that way Gotta follow this thread closely & am sure we might be able to get more info through a 'search' ... Cheers !
  17. Belated birthday wishes mate ... hope you had a terrific one cheers !!
  18. Hi guys, Quite after a while on the forums Well one of my friends is in urgent need of used Land Rover 110 Valve Springs ... (hope i've got the term correct) Appreciate any advice, contacts & pricing info from all the Land Rover guru's over here Cheers
  19. lols bro ... perfect completion of the thread mate
  20. Hey Madz, does this apply for existing members as well ? I mean do we need to re-register? ... cheers
  21. Hi Tharaka, Well my two cents, if you had just continued running with the issue, you'd have simply busted 3K within the next 3 months replacing 6 bulbs as you have mentioned in the thread. Well may be they've charged you for the expertise & for the spot-on detection of the issue which the others failed mate. Well me not promoting or supporting this place but almost 2 years back when I just bought my car I got many recommendations thru the forum & took it to them. I still remember I walked in as a guy with zero knowledge on the electricals & these guys did a marvellous job in detecting & fixing. I had many issues such as wiring of thermostat set-up, headlight & exhaust fan plus many replacement of parts such as thermostat, bulbs & circuits. It took one full-day but 2 years back it cost me too 6K (the split was 4K for parts & 2K for labour/services) But I was very satisfied with the job because of the quality & concentration which most of the other places fail nowadays. Anyways great to hear that your issue is sorted & Im sure you might be feeling contented too
  22. Hey brov warm wishes for a terrific day mate, cheers
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