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  1. Received thru an email forward - mentioned it was captured somewhere in Matara
  2. LOL Extract from original post : "Wet the area with water and drop a bit of hair gel on it and rub in a circular motion, taking care not to put too much pressure on the skin."
  3. Hey Gummybr, So you got rid of her .... I remember it thru some other previous threads ...
  4. Wow, great stuff ! Probably your next DIY kit should be on "How to Google with 8 fingers"
  5. Bro, try contacting Hussain 0776267414, 0777721262 or 0770707696
 ... He should be able to help you out to certain extent. Heard he's a Mitsubishi used parts dealer and his outlet is supposed to be very nearby to the "Watta" in Panchikawatte. Supposed to be capable of fetching anything as he has his network of mechanics in the vicinity. Good luck ...
  6. Croozer

    Repair Carburetor

    This so called Shantha is supposed to be Banda's son & operates from the same location in Grandpass (aka Kosgashandiya) as I've heard. His contact number was 777317021 (not sure whether still in use)
  7. Machang, not sure about places around Gampaha/Kadawatha. But you may try contacting this guy named HUSSAIN 0776267414 0777721262 or 0770707696 who is supposedly an expert in Panchikawatta dealing with old Mitsu stuff. I called him recently to look for an inner wiper arm for my 1987 Colt (4G13). This contact was given to me by forum member Davy who is restoring his 1978 Lancer. Cheers
  8. trinity, you'd find some contacts plus loadsa info / review here at
  9. Hey Davy, I spoke to that guy & unfortunately he said I would not be able to get a 'wiper inner arm' set for my ride anywhere from Panchikawatta Lets see ... I've got no other option but to keep on hunting for one somehow thanks for the contact mate, cheers !
  10. The thrill is gone !

  11. Hey Davy, Thank you very much machang, some really useful contacts as I see. Btw is it LP Gunaratne? Heard they do a pretty good job - anyway I was to pay them a visit as both my rear door winders are screwed up & also I need to ensure that the beedings are all good & smooth. Well as you said my garage guys didn't have much issues finding engine stuff - in fact I replaced all 4 pistons with new ones. My immediate requirement is to hunt for an "inner arm" for the wiper/s. AFAIK they say its impossible to find one but will need to adjust a compatible one. I will defa contact this guy soon & will try my luck. Davy, thanks once again mate, cheers!
  12. Hey Davy, Great to see your patience, dedication & the enthusiasm during the restoration project. By the way would you mind sharing with me as to where exactly in Panchikawatta you were able to spot the items. I almost spent around 8 months to completely restore (engine + body) my 1987 Colt Hatch & still am stuck with few stuffs here & there. Appreciate if you can gemme' some contacts down there, cheers!
  13. Guys can anyone advice me of a place to get hold of an 'inner wiper arm' for my ride? The specs would be Mitsubishi C11/C12. Been stuck with this towards the end of my restoration. Some suggest that I could go for something similar & get it custom adjusted to fit! Does anyone have had hands on experience on this kinda adjustment? Appreciate any tips & advises - cheers !
  14. Simply amazing collection mate ...
  15. Heard they are no more releasing the 'Impatience' package for new customers & will continue only with the existing ones
  16. jdnet, he's referring to 80kbps mate, not 80mbps
  17. Guys, here are some examples (on the white car the light combination is Amber/White):
  18. Sifaan, Even I was wondering about same mate, cuz seen a few 80' Mitsubishi Colt's (especially Hatchback's) with same red/white additional lighting.
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