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  1. Hi guys, need some advice on the following: I purchased an old car on the 31Mar07 on cash basis. I have got the transfer papers filled by the previous owner & need to send for ownership transfer. 1. How much will it cost to get it done on 'one day service' ? 2. What is the normal service fee & how long will that take ? (IF not one day service) 3. I have only 1 completed MTA6 form. The previous owner whose an expert said that instead of filling all I can submit photo copies as it carries same info on all 4 forms. Is this okay with RMV? 4. Is there a defined time frame from date of purchase & transfer ? Its more than a month now Hope u guys can help me out with ur expert comments. Cheers
  2. Hey Dragster Wishin U a brilliant b'day
  3. Hey Saturn, Wonderful piece of advise mate, thanks.
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