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  1. Thanks iRage, you are a life saver I checked the frame my model is SXA11G version, so i rechecked the part number using the website. it comes as 81520 for LH ( passenger side in SL, correct ?) but i have a bit of problem with the 42010 and 42030 numbers, can you please explain ? and Thanks Ruslan for the details about amayama.com , i tried it. after given the part number it gives different options for shipment, one from japan more quicker and more costly and the other one is form UAE which is more cheaper and less costly. so should i go for UAE option ? please give your comments.
  2. Hello, Thank you KomisiripalaKomisiripala. I tried phancikawatte and Delkada but still no luck. on the bright side i found this web http://www.carid.com/1996-toyota-rav4-headlights/eagle-parking-side-marker-light-17198622.html seems like correct part for me, and this are for USA vehicles so i think i have to order driver side part instead of Passenger side one ( which i need). Any help please ??
  3. Hello Guys, I have RAV4 1996 Model with me and i need to replace the broken passenger side signal light ( image attached), i looked different recondition spare part shops but had no luck, is there any one with information where i need to look Thank you
  4. Hmmmm, Yes, after all he has change the engine for some reason :-)
  5. Im not a expert on this subject, but usually in any product line, newer products come much more sophisticated and eliminating draw backs from previous products. i suppose this is same with the automobile industry, but in sri lanaka resell value of the vehicle may depends on the demand from the customers and many ordinary sri lankans much prefer to go for JAP vehicles than other ones, so there is possibility of much older jap vehicles sales in much higher value than newer cars from other brands.
  6. Hello, I come across another Gen2 2006, which has converted to Diesel. Change the engine to mazda one, so is this converting thing is good, seller claims it does about 17 per ltr ;-)
  7. Thank you Pericles, ill Google this up
  8. I have the same question , never come across such a loan. ill contact the seller again and try to get some more information about this loan,
  9. Newer cars are always much better than older ones :-), beside of that is there any specific faults associated with those cars 2005YOM.
  10. Hello every one, I need your expert advice on this. After a very big research, i come across a proton Gen 2 car YOM2006 which has 800000Km on the clock and having 1300CC engine, plus good interair and exterior but the problem is seller has minimum or no mechanical knowledge, when i ask about the service records and other repairs he says that all the repairs and services had done by the company (he has taken this car from loan, and he says that company provides all the services, which is included in the loan charges), so he dont have any bills or records about the services or repairs. 1.In the autolanka forum i have seen that when it comes to proton Gen 2 cars, YOM 2006 or newer cars are much better than older ones (YOM 2005), is it true ? 2.which Engine is better, 1300CC one or 1600CC one, when it comes to pulling power and fuel economy? 3. because of this car has a loan, what kind of documents i need to ask from the seller, 4. Finally, is there any way we can confirm is this car is not a stolen one i come across many stories about stolen cars selling with fake documents Please kind enough to make your comments on this, Thank you
  11. ireshlk

    406 Vs Gen 2

    Hello, " ALWAYS... I mean ALWAYS look for the 1.6 litre version Brand New imported one. Avoid the Singapore imported cars and 1.3ltr cars like the plague" why 1.3 ones are not good , i thought due to the low engine capacity 1.3<1.6 fuel consumption will be lower. can you please explain bit more about this issue, and plus both 1.3 ones and 1.6 ones are selling at almost same price. and how to identified whether its imported from singapore or not, ?
  12. I see :-) . So what is the market price of this kind of vehicle, and is it worthy with its 650cc engine ?
  13. Hello guys, Last Friday i went to few vehicle sales around malabe area and kohuwella area. where i come across mini pajero 2005 turbo one with 650cc, sales guy say its about 23.75 and i was able to bargain and finally settles to 23.25 (LOL), plus sales guy mentioned that it will do 18 to 16 per liter, i dont know whether its accurate or not. But im wondering about the performance of the car, it has so tiny engine even less than maruti. so guys, any comments on this, any one have experience or any owners ? Thank you
  14. ireshlk

    Proton Gen 2

    If so no use of Millage readings @Crosswind my budget got decrease so now i can look ether for Jimny or suszki escardo 94, but unfortunately almost all suszki escardo 94 are sole out, few remaining ones look creepy. Jimny is okay bt its compact plus limited speed, and just come across this vehicle Proton Gen 2in the autolanka, it got nice shape, and also price is also looking reasonable.
  15. ireshlk

    Proton Gen 2

    Thank you, Pericles
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