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  1. That's a decent looking car mate. This was once my dream buy. Honestly the reason was Euro spec features this car has. However, Never happened as I moved with 407 and so on (Euro biased)
  2. what happened with your issue? did you get the charging checked. It's always good to leave a feedback as to what was the cause and remedy as someone will learn a thing
  3. Might have overfilled. Keep an eye on the level and make sure alternator is not over charging the battery
  4. Yay. my objective of this cropping was to deceive people to think that its' a Merc.
  5. There you go! Over to you.
  6. Some don't convert these vans to disks as they make use of the distinct advantage of front drum brakes (hence less requires the brake booster and therefore can run on even downhill with engine switched off !!!! ). This is the reason why L300 and even T120 (kichi kichi delica) were popular in upcountry.
  7. guess it's an easy one. Hence expecting the exact name of the model.
  8. visiting forums after ages and yeah it's DCM, they used DYNA U60 as the base/platform to build these busses and trucks.
  9. Move to another category honestly. I've seen quite a number of build quality related issues in these and not to mention interior trims falling apart/wears out prematurely. If you really want a SUV in that price range, even a 30 year old Pajero would hold tight for longer than these.
  10. very subjective question here. Parts you would need for this conversion will be hydraulic power assisted steering gearbox (known as box) power steering pump fluid reservoir and fluid pipes (steel as well as rubber hydraulic type hoses) first of all you need to figure out whether a matching steering box is available for this model or if those are not available (most likely as this model didn't come with PAS) maybe you will have to do minor modifications and fix a power steering box of a PO5. Secondly you need to see what are the provisions available in the engine block to mount a power steering pump. If provisions are not there you might have to fabricate a bracket or buy a suitable bracket from a vehicle with power steering and with the same engine. I believe this is the Orion engine therefore you should be able to find a pump and bracket of some lancer model. if you managed to find a pump and a bracket, you'll need to see how to drive the pump. whether from an existing belt (using the same groove of the main pulley, in this case you'll have to change the belt) or adding another belt if your mail pulley has an additional blank groove. and finally the reservoir bottle plus necessary tubing. as you may understand the cost varies depending on what you'll have to source. In my gut feeling we're talking about a job not less than 35~45k easily.
  11. I doubt that's a standard fitting. No vehicle manufacturer would send a manual button to switch on radiator fans rather they install something call temperature sensor and that would trigger the fans at the correct working temperature of the engine. As for changing of radiator, it's subjective depends on the quality of the existing one and for some models prone to heat more, they install bigger, 3 core radiator and that will help if the vehicle tends to heat more. Removing of spare wheel isn't advisable as it might have been factored for frontal safety. Check how much of a block of the airflow to radiator it causes and decide based on that.
  12. I would still go with shock mount (front RH) worth a removal inspection I believe
  13. Good to see you after long time. Happy anniversary and wishing many more happy years together.
  14. did they not hear the sound during a test drive or heard the sound and could not diagnose what it is?
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