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  1. harshansenadhir

    Toyota townace 1993 engine heat problem

    No this is not normal. Since the condenser is fixed underneath the engine, emitting heat from the condenser does not contribute towards this. looks like the additional payload from the A/C contributes to excessive heating of the engine. can you answer following questions 1. With A/C switched off, how long does it take for temperature gauge to climb up to 50% mark. is it within 5 minutes or half an hour? 2. You said the gauge goes beyond 50% with A/C on. Is it when the vehicle stuck in traffic or when keep moving? 3. What's the mileage of the vehicle and when the engine was last re-built ? 4. Did it have this losing of coolant (and of course heating issue) from the expansion tank (Bottle as we call it) even prior to upgrading of A/C i tend to suspect a blocked thermostat but will wait for your responses. P.S- Also check the direction of the air flow of the condenser fans whether it blows air out or sucks air in.
  2. harshansenadhir

    Nissan FB 14 Car Shutting down issue while driving

    This certainly related to electrics and ECU is playing up. Primary suspect is a loose connector of the ECU. Try to get those pins tension properly and see before you get into complex solutions. What was the tool they used to diagnose the problem?
  3. harshansenadhir

    Pajero Computer body

    didn't know that. However, still the same market perception is there for 61- vehicles. For some odd reason SUVs registered as dual purpose vehicles (50 series) has a less market value as well. Strange but anyone who doesn't give two hoots about it can enjoy a good ride for somewhat lesser.
  4. harshansenadhir

    Pajero Computer body

    Yes. 4M40 has some bad reputation in the reliability quadrant. However, it has more power and higher end torque than 4D56T. I'm driving a MK1 series2 (known as turbo wagon) with 4D56T and quite satisfied for last 3 years. parts are freely available and prices are music to ear (being maintaining Peugeots for decades). There's a famous sticker on some SUVs " you can go faster but I can go anywhere". However, in my experience, it can go faster steadily. Went into Yaala trails and the journey up to the entry point in Monaragala, none of the other vehicles in the squad (including a montero sport and a ASX) could keep up with the Pajero (could be the driver :D) in terms of market value, I have seen some turbo wagons selling for higher prices than 61- "computer bodied" jeeps. Typical Sri Lankan market, hard to explain certain logics. I recon, going for a 64- or 65- one as oppose to 61- which has lower resell value plus some cops can mess with you as it's registered as light motor coach.
  5. harshansenadhir

    Carmart, Peugeot

    5008 looks so appealing and the features. Still hard to believe they have improved their service levels. They usually support the latest models but when your model get pushed back by a few years, all the issues arise.
  6. harshansenadhir

    Defender 90/110

    not an expert on Defenders or landys for that matter. But having heard this complain of clutch is being excessively heavy for usual city traffic. Could be a concern if you're planning to use it as your daily. Also avoid odd number series such as 40 sri / 28 sri / 31 sri etc. They hold a less market value and hard to resell.
  7. harshansenadhir

    WagonR 2017(MH55s) Alternator(ISG) Belt Tensioner

    Could it be a screw up of AM* and they gave you a pre-warning and made up your mind so that you won't complain against them ?
  8. harshansenadhir

    Carmart, Peugeot

    Would love believe their strategy and culture has changed. Highly unlikely from what I hear. Proceed with a caution
  9. harshansenadhir

    Chrome Plating Plastic

    Just to revive this topic. Any positive encounters of chrome plating plastics ?
  10. harshansenadhir

    Peugeot 406 - Cruise Control

    It's available in Executive model. What exactly do you want to know?
  11. harshansenadhir

    Transmission slips/jerks when hot

    Glad it sorted. Tried this on CE-90 (XADO Revitalizant EX 120 Automatic Transmissions Tiptronic, Steptronic, CVT) from ebay and lasted about 6 months before giving up the reverse gear. Overhaul with oil costed me only 32K and it came with 1 year warranty. On a side note, clutch plates inside the auto tranny are suppose to be dry and no oil goes in there isn't it?
  12. harshansenadhir

    Peugeot 406

    There are copies for Peugeot spare parts as well. That has become an issue as of recently. Copies are also expensive. I used to bring down parts from ebay for my 407. As of labor and maintenance, I never went for agents. But for accident repairs agent was better (as long as your insurance pays off the bill )
  13. harshansenadhir

    Stearing Wheel Getting Hard

    I tend to think on simillar lines of Osanda. Radio goes off and power steering getting hard (motor doesn't get power?) and vehicle stops occassionaly (ignion coil / fuel sender doesn't get power) sounds more of an electrical fault. Start from battery terminals to loosen ground wire (simple ones first) and then the fuse and relay panel to begin with
  14. harshansenadhir

    Rumor About Phv (Plug-In Hybrid Vehice) Tax Revision

    since you're so interested about it and the agent is bringing down the very same model, why don't you call their general line ( 112448112 ) and post the response here.?
  15. harshansenadhir

    What Has Happened To Bmw 320D S?

    Followed the entire thread in one go and what aquaman says is possible and being done for older cars which could sustain that beating, for an example older Peugeots (504, 505, 404), Benz( w115, 123) and bigger luxury Japanese sedans and suvs. Rarely I've seen volvos and opels. But a BMW? Never ! It's very tricky to stuck a different engine into newer cars. Even simple things such as increasing engine rpm with ac compressor engaging are done by engine ecu. How about the final drive ratios ? Will they match and will speedo be accurate ? Will the tacho meter work and show accurate reading? There will be so many complications and finding some parts (if those are fabricated) will be really difficult