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  1. gsumithm

    Kia Rio 2001 (J Number) Or Kelisa 2004?

    u can find kia rio new model (>2003) easily for ur budget.spend some time and find a well maintained car,u wud be satisfied with it. ample spares availability (u dnt need to rely on agents)
  2. gsumithm

    Lancer Box

    thnks for ur sugstion TT. A/C is also in my 'To-Do' list bt after power steering. any hlp wud b apreciated
  3. gsumithm

    Lancer Box

    popping an old threat... thought of a power steering conversion on my lancer box (4G12) if L200 P/S box fits, what is the model year?
  4. yes I meant da clutch drive plate (shown in da image) which engages with da compressor
  5. Yes I meant clutch drive plate which engages with da compressor
  6. I had experience with the same. in my case the noise is bcz f damaged 'clutch drive plate assembly' which is comnly knwn as 'pulley'. this is due to worn out bearing which hasn't taken care of
  7. gsumithm

    A/c Not Working At Idle

    finally i replaced with a used Korean compressor.done full service.replcd condensor filter. now a/c working fine at idle and at normal drive. but i felt 'cool' is not enough (around 12-3 pm othrwise ok) and rechkd wid technician,but he said pressure at idle (230-250) and at 2000 rpm (320) is ok. he replied dat cooling issue is may b due to "hot weather"
  8. gsumithm

    A/c Not Working At Idle

    RPM goes up when A/C switched on. i'm not aware of ac idle-up switch
  9. gsumithm

    A/c Not Working At Idle

    as i mentioned earlier,cluth was replaced recently due to dis a/c issue. i hav no idea abt idle-up switch. my a/c technician also said "compressor culdn't compress/giv enough compression at idle" as u mentioned
  10. gsumithm

    A/c Not Working At Idle

    @aps RPM is around 700-850 at idle while a/c is on (i think it's normal). btw i chkd sasmitha thy quoted 19,500/- for Korean compressor.17,500/- at Aj*nt*a m*tors @MV-5 ya,if i accelerate to 1500-2000 rpm while vehicle is standstill, as u said,again a/c blowing cold air
  11. gsumithm

    A/c Not Working At Idle

    Need help from experts & owners who experienced same situation before. My car is Kia Rio(2003 model) Continuous rattling noise came from engine bay from compressor and it was compressor clutch plate. As suggested by A/C technician I replaced, 1.Compressor clutch plate 2.Pulley assembly 3.Bearing 4.A/C hose (since there was a leak-confirmed by dye test) 5.Filled gas Now I've noticed that the AC will no longer blow cold air if I've been idling too long (either parked, sitting in traffic, at a long traffic light, etc.) Once I start driving again, it cools back down like normal. Now technician is suggesting me to replace compressor which will cost me 17,500/- (reconditioned), 34,000/- (brand new) Already I've spent 12,000/- regarding this issue. Now i'm bit confused and seeking some advice on 'what to do' ?
  12. gsumithm

    Details Lancer Box