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  1. zeristo

    Tuning new 2019 CR-V

    non-hybrid Toyota Harrier does just 7 kmpl in city and 9 on highways 😂. Be happy your car is doing 9 kmpl on 2 lane roads with traffic and passengers.
  2. zeristo

    VW Polo vs Suzuki Swift

    No, the golf is much bigger than a Swift. Golf is bigger than the swift's so called elder brother, Baleno even. The current generation polo is indeed a tad bit bigger than the swift on dimensions. Your comparison is right. Polo +german build quality +design +features +very few on road, unique ride - bad resale value - availability of spares Swift RS +japanese reliability +cheap to maintain +availability of spares +good resale values - low quality plastics and interiors - not as well handling as a polo
  3. zeristo

    retirement permit

    No thats not the case. you can still use the permit to get a diesel car below 2300 cc and petrol car below 1800cc which are exempt from luxury tax.
  4. Yes I could since I know whatever happens the repair bills aint gonna cost a Wagon R in terms of price. Plus, no of mechs to repair Japanese machines are far more than the european mechs. High supply = low pricing (labour). also low parts cost.
  5. You are right, JLR totally refuses to service any vehicle thats not sold by them. The German brands do so on registering with them after paying a hefty registration charge. But the biggest downside to unofficial imports is the lack of manufacturer warranty. Personally I could never live with a European car without warranty. Especially JLR cars.
  6. zeristo

    Importing a Brand New vehicle from UK

    I'm afraid its not possible. Only the official manufacturers can send brand new cars from UK to SL and that too only to the official agent in SL. E.g. you can get a range rover brand new imported from UK from the official dealer here but the other "car sale" dealers would have to buy one there, pay taxes, register, cancel registration and then ship to SL.
  7. zeristo

    30000 usd Permit

    Hello @top tip , With the current system that is in force since November 2017, for a USD 30000 govt officer permit you can import any car of any cost or engine capacity. Your permit only entitles you for a Rs. 3 million discount on duty. In the case the duty is less than or equal to Rs. 3 million, then you are entitled for a 30% discount on your duty. Thats all. No benefits like the previous years so choose wisely.
  8. zeristo

    Toyota vitz 2016 vs Suzuki Baleno 2016/2017

    Yes, the Baleno is stylish because it is a newer model than the Vitz which has been around for a while now. But I hope you are aware of the fact that Baleno is built in India and not in Japan unlike the Vitz. Apart from that the Baleno is superior to the Vitz in terms of looks, space and the 1.0 Boosterjet engine on the Baleno is much better to drive than any of the engines on the Vitz. Having the 1.0 Boosterjet engine with manual transmission is a sure winner. Being a petrol only (non hybrid) Suzuki, Baleno maintenance cost is quite low plus sourcing parts is very easy give that they are made in India.
  9. As far as I know, it is a must to display your vehicle's revenue licence along with the vehicle's ID card on the front windshield. These two documents are first hand proof to show that your vehicle is road legal even when the vehicle is parked and the owner isn't there. I haven't seen the gazette but afaik and heard it is true....
  10. zeristo

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    @iRage Apparently the 3rd generation Swift hasn't yet been launched in India. Its highly unlikely we would get this model from India anytime soon since its one of the hottest models in India with waiting periods over 6 months initially. Also the 1.0 turbo (without mild hybrid system) is available right now only in Japan, Europe and Australia. From what I inquired with an importer, you could bring in a 1.0 (999cc) turbo swift automatic from japan for little under 4 million including the dealer's cut.
  11. zeristo

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    A moment of silence for the permit holders who were expecting millions for their permits. The new budget proposals curtails the benefits of the permits especially those issued to govt servants (USD 25-30k)
  12. Undoubtedly the best solution for "get the attension" requirement mate
  13. Hello @thejan123, What you have asked is sort of a difficult question to answer. Fuel efficiency and attention grabbing are two qualities in a vehicle that are on contrasting ends of the spectrum. There are some options though. I presume you are looking for only German cars when you mentioned "get the attension". I wonder how come someone who gives importance to fuel efficiency hasn't mentioned resale value. With this regard let me suggest you some options considering fuel efficiency and "get the attension" WITHOUT CONSIDERING resale value. Mercedes Benz A180 CLA 180 GLA 180 C 160/180 BMW X1 3 series 1 series AUDI Q2 Q3 A3 A4 Please note that none of the permit models are fully loaded and some lack even basic features found in cars like "prius or axios" as you go up the segment. In that case I don't think it might be any sort of "get the attension" type of car. Maybe in the gamey (village) areas they might but definitely not in the capital region. Why am I even saying this, you might ask. I'm speaking from experience of a friend of mine who was a victim of the 2013 permit rush in Sri Lanka. Cheers !
  14. Hello @VTEC , With all due respect, I own a vezel and four of my closest friends also do. We all bought it in a gap of 1 year ranging from mid 2014 to mid 2015. Of all the five vehicles just 2 have crossed the 50K mileage mark and they started showing signs of gearbox problems. FYI they were all regularly serviced at competent service centres as well. Mine showed signs of jerky gear changes at the 25k mark itself. My advice above to @Buddhi_1 was completely based on my experiences with the car and not because of the so called "srilankan trait" that you mentioned of. I hope you have noticed that I had nothing to say about the 2016-2017 models since I haven't owned one or know anyone owning one. This I totally agree. Its the best crossover you can get for that price point and the reason we all went for one in the first place. Cheers.
  15. zeristo

    Toyota SUVs

    Hello SNJ, Sri Lanka has got a plethora of Toyota SUVs for sale in the country. Your options would be 1. Toyota CHR 2. Toyota RAV4 3. Toyota Fortuner 4. Toyota Harrier 5. Toyota FJ Cruiser 6. Toyota Landcruiser Prado 7. Toyota Landcruiser 200 aka Sahara 8. Toyota Hilux (Pickup truck SUV) While most of them are Japanese manufactured, the Fortuner and Hilux are made in Thailand. I guess you could figure out their asking prices either on the classified section of this site or on ######.lk since vehicle prices in Sri Lanka tend to fluctuate a lot. Cheers.