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  1. remember hearing from a friend that LiquiMoly ( additive to the fuel tank) is an effective solution.
  2. Hi, I'm on the look out for a used Mk5 VW Polo. To be specific, I'm looking for either the 1.6 NA model with a manual gearbox or a 1.2 TSi with DSG gear box both being made in India versions. I guess these models were imported by the VW agent between 2012-2017 and have seen a very few running around Colombo 04. Would greatly appreciate if someone who might know any such owners pass on a tip regarding any of them for sale ? Thanks.
  3. Petrol vs Diesel aside, 2013-15 Diesel ZX are quite rare in Sri Lanka and I don't think you could find any with a decent mileage at your price. AFAIK 2013-15 diesels are mostly VX variants which come in two trims apparently. A sort of loaded trim which was imported under MP permits (distinguished by the extra spare wheel mounted on the rear door, leather interiors and sunroof) and another adequately loaded trim which came with PC member's permit. You might be able to bag a PC version for around 19-22 based on the mileage but MP versions cost around 22 since most of them tend to be high mileage ones with low mile versions asking 23-24. Coming to your original query, Both engine options are very reliable ones. I personally feel the diesel version to be more practical for a high mileage user, with low end torque being the added bonus. you should note that at the end of the day its a diesel and the engine isn't a silent one like the petrol. A friend of mine owns a 2012 petrol ZX anniversary edition which is a fully loaded version and I've heard that FE is pathetic and the resale value was even worse.
  4. I have quite a lot of it..... but come to think of it, it is actually a less than 3 minute work when you make those entries right and then as it happens rather than wait for it to stack up and then spend hours sorting stuff. But all this boils down to your interest and passion in maintaining your machine.
  5. Yes... totally ! Being a very organised person, I always keep track of what I'm doing to my car. For instance, I maintain 2 files for records. One file contains all the service bills, repair bills and extra fittings bills along with a sheet affixed to the cover containing the summary of works done to the car (like an index to the bills), and another file has fuel bills right from the first time i pumped fuel when i bought the car. The fuel data though I enter periodically into an app on my phone along with the odometer reading. With this I keep track of all the fuel thats gone into the vehicle and it also gives me an insight as to how fuel efficiency varies on each fuel up and the reasons to it as well. Now coming to the most important thing you asked, does the buyer of your car bother to appreciate it ? Like @iRage said, 99% wont. But still I do it for my own satisfaction and maybe for that 1% of enthusiast buyers out there.
  6. Such a shame that the 2.0 Turbo isn't going into this generation Harrier. Given the engine specs and price of the 4th gen in Japan, the Harrier would become non-existent on Lankan roads with the coming generation. It already exists on the current gen Harrier.
  7. non-hybrid Toyota Harrier does just 7 kmpl in city and 9 on highways 😂. Be happy your car is doing 9 kmpl on 2 lane roads with traffic and passengers.
  8. No, the golf is much bigger than a Swift. Golf is bigger than the swift's so called elder brother, Baleno even. The current generation polo is indeed a tad bit bigger than the swift on dimensions. Your comparison is right. Polo +german build quality +design +features +very few on road, unique ride - bad resale value - availability of spares Swift RS +japanese reliability +cheap to maintain +availability of spares +good resale values - low quality plastics and interiors - not as well handling as a polo
  9. No thats not the case. you can still use the permit to get a diesel car below 2300 cc and petrol car below 1800cc which are exempt from luxury tax.
  10. Yes I could since I know whatever happens the repair bills aint gonna cost a Wagon R in terms of price. Plus, no of mechs to repair Japanese machines are far more than the european mechs. High supply = low pricing (labour). also low parts cost.
  11. You are right, JLR totally refuses to service any vehicle thats not sold by them. The German brands do so on registering with them after paying a hefty registration charge. But the biggest downside to unofficial imports is the lack of manufacturer warranty. Personally I could never live with a European car without warranty. Especially JLR cars.
  12. I'm afraid its not possible. Only the official manufacturers can send brand new cars from UK to SL and that too only to the official agent in SL. E.g. you can get a range rover brand new imported from UK from the official dealer here but the other "car sale" dealers would have to buy one there, pay taxes, register, cancel registration and then ship to SL.
  13. Hello @top tip , With the current system that is in force since November 2017, for a USD 30000 govt officer permit you can import any car of any cost or engine capacity. Your permit only entitles you for a Rs. 3 million discount on duty. In the case the duty is less than or equal to Rs. 3 million, then you are entitled for a 30% discount on your duty. Thats all. No benefits like the previous years so choose wisely.
  14. Yes, the Baleno is stylish because it is a newer model than the Vitz which has been around for a while now. But I hope you are aware of the fact that Baleno is built in India and not in Japan unlike the Vitz. Apart from that the Baleno is superior to the Vitz in terms of looks, space and the 1.0 Boosterjet engine on the Baleno is much better to drive than any of the engines on the Vitz. Having the 1.0 Boosterjet engine with manual transmission is a sure winner. Being a petrol only (non hybrid) Suzuki, Baleno maintenance cost is quite low plus sourcing parts is very easy give that they are made in India.
  15. As far as I know, it is a must to display your vehicle's revenue licence along with the vehicle's ID card on the front windshield. These two documents are first hand proof to show that your vehicle is road legal even when the vehicle is parked and the owner isn't there. I haven't seen the gazette but afaik and heard it is true....
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