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  1. If you drive about 40000 Km per year the hybrid is worthwhile. Anything less than 20000 Km I must agree with Indrajee.
  2. Home visiting hairdressers and mechanics are both desperately needed these days
  3. Try this: Connect a jumper between pin 4 (CG pin) and pin 13 ( TC pin) on the OBD2 connector. Starting at the top row reading from left to right, pin 4 would be the pin 4 pins away from the left on top row. On bottom row pin 13 would be 4 pins from the right on bottom row. Connect the two pins using a small paper clip, then put the car into ready mode. It will start blinking the ABS light on the dash and the touch screen display will not look normal. Press the brake pedal 8 times or more in 5 seconds after turning the car into ready mode. Turn off the car and remove jumper. The ABS light will not be on. This procedure only resets the light, not the underlying problem The video below is applicable to most Toyota vehicles from the last 2 decades including hybrids If this does not work flush bleed and replace the brake fluid (if it has not been changed recently) using techstream and using the software recalibrate the brakes. If the brake fluid had been changed then even a tiny air column can cause this. Then just a bleed and fluid topup with techstream will sort out the issue. The bleeding can be done without techstream also
  4. Pump and dump stockmarket tactics ???
  5. Transmission failure. Design flaw. I almost test drove one. Reliable source inside advised not to buy
  6. Yes as a result of all these we have kei cars travelling on roads they were never designed for, risking the life and limbs of the occupants.
  7. Carry spare headlights. If 12V BATTERY is 4:years or older change. Tyre puncture kit. Learn how to reset ABS as a temporary measure. Hybrid battery failure does not make car undriveable for a few thousand Kms but will strain the inverter.
  8. Discard and replace. Modern microwave ovens have a 3 year lifespan if used daily.. For 9000 Rs you can buy a barebone model which is more than enough for practical puposes
  9. Prius 2009 2nd Gen. No battery issues. Just that the ABS lasts for 100k kms before it fries up
  10. Looking for a value for money family car. I'm interested in the 1 L Civic Saloon as a private import from the UK ( I don't like the looks of the hatchback). Does anybody have any experience with the vehicle ??
  11. I'll be happy to sell you my 2nd Gen Prius with 238 K on the clock
  12. ABS fault no need to replace. Let it dry and then there is a reset manoeuvre. FYI for future purposes. It can happen also after a undercarriage wash. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=%23&ved=2ahUKEwi5oo278pHlAhUVWCsKHcpoDrYQwqsBMAB6BAgHEAQ&usg=AOvVaw0VTJzWxrN8ZFOD4xbU2nov
  13. Whilst I must admit the new 580 looks nice and appears to be a bargain for 6 million it's CA# series predecessor 7 seaters on the road look pretty beaten up bodywork wise compared to Japs and Euros of similar vintage. However on the other hand I also remember in 2011 hybrid vehicle owners were at the receiving end on AL forums ☺️
  14. Yes the originals in their worst state were far better and softer than the KYB replacements even though the mechanic insisted Toyota uses OEM KYB . However the originals were badly worn to the extent I lost about 1 inch of ground clearance and could not clear small humps that I could manage comfortably earlier which necessitated the change @ 150 K kms
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