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    Budget 2019

    My point here being Japs have not mated Turbos with Hybrid or PHEV tech in any significant scale yet and are lagging behind their {luxury} European counterparts who are doing it in a large scale to achieve tax breaks and fuel efficiency goals with far better safety tech. Though the manufacturer price of these high end vehicles might be almost twice the price of a similar Jap vehicle the tax/duty benefits and the final cost makes these modern euros more appealing ( CIF value expressed as a fraction of the total cost to acquire). One can only presume that plenty of C & E 300de Mercs will be finding their way here at least on retirement permits. Most of the budget ICE vehicles and sub 800 cc hybrids that the ever evolving duty cum luxury taxes are progressively promoting to be imported are death traps considering the developing road network and expressways. Kei cars designed for town use in Japan are plying highways with varying road conditions and major expressways whereby being utilised beyond their intended purpose and safety limits.
  2. mcs627

    Budget 2019

    Actually a E300 de (and C300 de) is more eco friendly as it is a PHEV and can do daily city commutes on EV mode and long distance trips on diesel which gives better fuel economy than a petrol non PHEV hybrid vehicle. The Camry Hybrid which has a 2.5 litre petrol engine cannot be considered equally versatile. The Camry hybrid is based on 2 decade old hybrid synergy drive tech. If the Japs can combine turbo and PHEV tech like euro cars one could have Camrys and Accords running on 1.5-1.8 L engines and Axios and Prii running on 1 - 1.2 l. *The BMW 740e and Range Rover PHEV have 2 L engines.
  3. mcs627

    Budget 2019

  4. mcs627

    AQUA ABS Model Replacement

    The Aqua forum on the book of faces has plenty of data on this matter
  5. mcs627

    Toyota corolla 121engine oil burning

    Total mileage ?
  6. mcs627

    What is this?

    Converter kit for remote opening and closing / central locking without remote for old cars or cars with basic safety lock configuration 😁
  7. @1000 km per month you have to factor in the additional capital spent plus expenses for maintenance and failures unique to hybrids of the vintage you mention - ABS pump, hybrid battery, inverter pump etc. The 2008 2nd generation Prius is a solid vehicle and a pleasure to drive compared to the aqua with the notable exception of oil consumption after 150000km and the repairs mentioned. If the purpose of buying is just to save money from fuel expenses - 1000 km a month does not justify the cause. The Vitz drives better than the Aqua. One could say that the Aqua feels like a Bajaj at times but it's frugal on fuel. I own a 2008 2nd Gen Prius on which I used to put 3000 Km monthly and a 2014 Aqua for my wife's town use amongst others and I'm sharing 1st hand experience here. Im still on my original hybrid battery on both vehicles 224000 on the Prius and 34000 on the Aqua
  8. mcs627

    Driving License Fading

    Does the new license have a validity period ?
  9. mcs627

    For 4 million Aqua or Prius?

    The Prius is a far superior vehicle compared to the Aqua. The hybrid batteries on the gen 2 prius lasts thrice as long as a gen 3 Prius and Aqua ( both of which fail sometime after 100 K). The battery should be the least of your concerns. Think of it as a consumable. Engines of hybrids start to burn oil after 150 K. ABS actuator falls at about the same time. Transmission falls at about 300 - 400 K. Don't worry about these trivialities. Just drive, enjoy and do the running repairs when they need to be done. Plenty of spares are freely available and many garages are equipped with logistics and trained staff capable of repairing hybrids. My 2nd gen battery is limping but still alive at 223 K.
  10. mcs627

    PickMe or Uber Rental

  11. ?? Engine/Transmission mount wear
  12. mcs627

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    The morbid fear of hybrid technology is unfounded. The proof lies beneath and still running strong. It's the same fear that made people stay away from front wheel drive vehicles and automatics in the last couple of decades.
  13. An old 2nd gen Prius can reach those figures. But for the price bracket you quote it will be quite a thrashed one maybe about 250k Kms on the clock.
  14. mcs627

    Peugeot Brand & Agent - Dependability

    Thanks though I'm keen on the 3008 I don't plan to part with my Prius anytime soon
  15. I'm seriously considering buying a Peugeot 3008 or 5008. The vehicles look more classier than the Honda CRV or similar class of vehicles of Japanese origin. What is the general consensus regarding the agent for Peugeot during and after the warranty period and practical problems one faces here as the warranty period comes to an end. Is there good aftermarket spare parts availability ? My current car is a Prius that I've owned from 2011 and I've put in 212,000 Kms over the years and I'm expecting to take the plunge if I can get the same dependability from the vehicle and the agent. Obviously I'm not looking at the same fuel economy. I've had some friends who advised me not to even touch them with a bargepole but they are blokes who simply don't see beyond Japanese vehicles. I'm a guy who keeps the vehicle till it completely dies on me and resale value does not matter at all.