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  1. As Twin Turbo pointed out above you should not run the engine without fluid in the gear box. Not only that could result in undue wear but may leave some air trapped in the fluid path.
  2. Burning of gas

    When making sure that there is no check engine light it is not just dashboard indication but also get the car scanned to ensure that there are no fault codes stored. Some of our mechanics have a habit of bypassingthe dashboard indication.
  3. Coolant system clarification ( Mazda demio 2009)

    After a run allow the engine to fully cool down (say in the morning). Then open the radiator cap and check if the coolant level is right up to the lower seal of the cap. If the level is down then there is a problem somewhere in the system.
  4. Toyota Aqua 2013 Noise

    Davy is right about the motor whine but if it is a sudden development better to get it checked as he suggested above. BTW when did you or the previous owner changed transmission fluid? Do you have previous maintenance records?
  5. It can be the engine mounts as Davy pointed out above but since you refer to a weird engine noise too my guess is that it could be a clogged up EGR valve.
  6. What's wrong with the breather hose? It is just an ordinary straight piece of pipe. If you cannot find the original part you can use a similar hose cut to size instead.
  7. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Perhaps cars are no longer considered "consumer durables" (:D)
  8. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Well, that's an extreme case!
  9. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Oil burning issue by itself would not cause your car to go into Limp Mode. Of course excessive oil burning can spoil the O2 sensors and generate an alarm. First get the car scanned and see what actually caused it to go into Limp Mode instead of simply assuming Limp Mode is due to oil burning.
  10. compressed gas emits from engine sump

    Welcome to the forum. If you notice compressed oil fumes in the engine first step is to remove, test and clean the PCV valve or if the PCV is really stuck to replace it. As a quick test start the engine, open the oil filling cap, place the cap upside down on the filler hole and observe how the cap moves up and down. If your PCV is stuck the cap would be thrown off. The idea behind the test is that normally you should have a "net" negative pressure inside the crankcase. In some cases oil baffles inside the valve cover could be clogged up too but first attend to the PCV and see if it makes a difference.
  11. At the ECO test they take readings at both idle and 2500 RPM. Which one of this is failing? Or is it both? Only adjustment of the Air Fuel (A/F) ratio that can be in this type of carb is that of the idle mixture as others have pointed out above. Provided the rest of the things like spark plugs, air cleaner, PCV valve,idle adjustment are OK, the A/F ratio during cruising speeds mainly depends of the size of the main jet (which is fixed of course) and cleanliness of the emulsifying tubes (There are two of them but let's concentrate on the primary one). Emulsifying tubes can be cleaned easily by spraying an liberal amount of carb cleaner through it top air bleeder opening. Get someone to do it first. Usually you do not need to open up the carb.
  12. Nissan Sylphy FG10

    I do not know him personally but those who sought his services have given good reviews. I am positive that he would be able to solve your issues but you need to keep in mind no one can give a commitment on anything to the degree of certainty that you seem to be expecting!
  13. Nissan Sylphy FG10

    So you take the car over to Ravi Perera of Bulugaha Junc and show him both the issues (oil and fluid leaks) and get his opinion. Most sensible thing to do.
  14. Nissan Sylphy FG10

    I am afraid I cannot recommend a place near Gampaha although I am from the same area. You will be better off with Nilwala though you would have to travel a bit instead of trying with totally unknown mechanics.
  15. Nissan QG15 Engine issue

    Depends on how serious the leak is. In some cases it is not only the PCV but you need to clean the cam cover internals (I mean oil baffles inside) too. But the PCV is external and can be easily removed tested and cleaned. As a routine I usually clean PCV valves once in couple of years. However your description of the issue is not really clear. Can please you take a picture of the leak and post here?