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  1. Rumesh88

    Toyota vios oil bulb on and off

    I do not think the sludge issue is due to Toyota oil. It is the result of not changing the oil on time. In fact if the recommended service interval is on the basis of 5000km or 6 months whichever comes first, you can stick to it provided 80% of your drive is out of city limits or on express ways. Like me if your daily drive is 80% in city limits then you should change your oil well before you reach 5000km mark. Once for years I as driving a distance of 10km but it took more than 45 minutes. Under such conditions you should change oil after 3000kms. As for the question whether there is a sludge formation in the engine, just check the OCV screen (filter) - a small filter 8mm dia X 30mm length - to get an idea. If the OCV is clean enough then that's an indication that you need not worry about it. Cleaning sludge is an extensive (and expensive) job if done properly (do not believe in those oil flushing) Do a few frequent oil changes (say in 2000km or so) and you should be OK.
  2. Rumesh88

    Engine Tune Up

    I thought he said that he had done 45000 since he bought the car two years back. It implied that it was a secondhand car for otherwise you have an agent's warranty for two years anyway. So regardless of the total mileage it is time for a tune up anyway. As for the wheel alignment on Sri Lanka roads (except E1 and E2 perhaps) even a new car needs realignment of wheels every 10000kms or so.
  3. Rumesh88

    Corolla 141 vs Allion and 121

    As for 141 you haven't searched enough in the forum, http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/13835-corolla-141/ http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/4536-corolla-141-fuel-economy/ http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/10714-toyota-corolla-141/ If you read these threads you will understand the reason for low demand for 141.
  4. Rumesh88

    Engine Tune Up

    Well I guess you car is due for a tune up (precisely it is just a clean up). So I don't think you have a reason not to go for it.
  5. Rumesh88

    Coolant Issue...Suzuki HT51S

    Carefully check the upper sealing surface for cracks or dents causing a small air leak.
  6. Rumesh88

    Recommended Fuel for Axio hybrid 2017

    Toyota hybrid engines are based on Atkinson cycle. The effective compression ratio of these engines are 8:1 while the expansion ratio is 13:1. So it is obvious that these engines are designed to run on lower octane fuel compared to similar engines running in Otto cycle. There is absolutely no point in using octane 95 in these engines.
  7. Rumesh88

    Car rack service Toyota Corolla 121

    I faced the same problem in my 121 and got it repaired from a place in Udahamulla. Used the car for 2 more years and sold it four years back. If it is just the Teflon bushing then there is no need to replace the rack. However, these cars are now more than 15 years old so a reasonable decision can be made only after an inspection by a mechanic.
  8. Rumesh88

    Warning Light On The Dash Board

    If you cannot complete even 5000kms in six months period you need not use synthetic oil. Just use mineral oil and change it in six months.
  9. Make it a point to inspect tires once in every month or so as a preventive measure. Within course of last one year period I found three nails stuck in the tires but only one needing a puncture repair but that too was done in advance. If not for the inspection I could have easily got into trouble on the road.
  10. Rumesh88

    Nissan FB 14 Car Shutting down issue while driving

    But you can judge the RPM by just listening to the engine sound can't you? All you need is to observe whether RPM goes up in cold start and then if it comes down slowly over few minutes.
  11. Rumesh88

    Nissan FB 14 Car Shutting down issue while driving

    Does your engine rev up to about 1500 RPM on a cold start? Did you get the PCV checked/cleaned?
  12. Rumesh88

    Oil level drops

    No. An engine flush would not solve the problem if the sludge is on oil control rings. Most sensible thing to do is to run as it is using the same oil (SAE40) and do the oil change in shorter intervals unless of course you decide to go for a complete engine cleanup/overhaul.
  13. Rumesh88

    Oil level drops

    You may have sludge formation on the piston rings (particularly oil control rings) as well. Also it is possible that the engine is worn out (in spite of what your Odo meter says). You can get an idea by doing a compression test but that would not indicate a problem in oil control rings.
  14. Rumesh88

    Oil level drops

    In between two services how much oil do you have to fill up? Any noticeable sludge formation in the cam area or on OCV filter?
  15. As for the first item (oil leak from valve cover gasket and timing chain O-ring) I suggest you to get the PCV valve checked/cleaned/replaced (as the case warrants) at the same time. If PCV is clogged up or faulty it can cause positive pressure inside the crankcase and will aggravate possible oil leaks.