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  1. I have a contact of a person who brings down used batteries from Japan. If it is only a few cells that needs to be replaced then that could be a good option. However, with a whole battery perhaps you will have to take a chance with the warranty offered. You can talk to him and see how it goes. If you are interested send me a PM.
  2. Toyota Corolla Thel Higana Edition (Or My Take On An Axio Hybrid)

    Well after 47500kms from zero mileage point and over three years from the manufacturing date I decided it was time for a transmission fluid change. Bought a 4L can of Toyota ATF WS and with a 10mm Allen key and a funnel attached to a 5/16 clear hose of 1m length in hand set about changing ATF. First unscrewed the filler plug so that just in case I failed to do it I could still drive the car. Keeping the filler plug hand tightened to prevent fluid from gushing out, unscrewed the drain plug and drained all fluid. Although fluid was slightly dark in color to me it looked like it could have run for another 10000kms atleast. Dropped the clear tube behind the engine to reach the filler hole keeping the funnel close to inverter coolant tank and began to fill after fixing the drain plug. In fact the filler hole can accomodate a bigger tube but you need some clearance for the air to vent out as you go on filling. It took little more than 3.5L before fluid began to overflow. I was doing it alone so I spilled quite a lot of fluid. Fixed the filler plug back and I was on my way again. I know I should have taken some pics but it is not that easy to handle a camera or a phone after you get ATF on your hands.
  3. Nissan N16 Sylphy

    Whether there is a logo or not (anything can be printed including Rs. 5000 notes) you will have to trust the seller. If you are that paranoid go for the cheapest option and hope for the best.
  4. O2 sensor alarm

    Just to add a line to what Davy explained, sometimes our maka basses have a habit of bypassing the check engine light by connecting it in parallel with another indicator which comes on with the ignition key and disappears once the engine is started giving you the false impression that CEL is working. Keep that in mind too.
  5. Accelarator doesnt work

    Was there a fault code to suspect Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) sensor? Or was it replaced just on suspicion?
  6. Nissan N16 Sylphy

    Go to [email protected] Motors, Kadawatha, Next to Post Office.
  7. Nissan N16 Sylphy

    For such a common car model why try a reconditioned water pump when you can buy a new one?Never try a reconditioned part for a water pump because this is a critical part, failure of which may result in a costly engine overhaul. If it was your AC compressor you could have used a reconditioned part because worst that can happen is a replacement with another compressor. You should be able to get a original Nissan part (I guess the part number is 210104M525 but get it confirmed from the shop) or a genuine GMB replacement (GMB part ref: GWN73A again get it confirmed). Ask around, you should be able to get the price.
  8. Nissan N16 Sylphy

    Looks like your water pump is on its way out. These cannot be repaired. Just replace with a genuine pump. Do not take chances or wait until the problem becomes more serious. With your cooling system it is a risk NOT worth taking.
  9. Rear wheel sensor comes built into the hub. That is why if that's faulty you need to replace the whole hub. But you need to be sure of that. If you can get the car scanned you can read the stored codes. If a wheel sensor is indicated in stored codes then it is a good sign that that particular sensor is on its way out. Other thing is sometimes our maka basses tend to permanently bypass alarm indications on the dashboard. Please keep that in mind too. Then you wouldn't know even if an alarm appears. Another thing you can do is to keep applying brake very lightly lightly from a speed of about 40 kmph until the car comes to a stop over a distance of about 100m. Then you can observe if the noise occurs below a certain speed.
  10. Compare the noise when cruising at 60 kmph and apply brake to reduce speed to 50 and when cruising at say 15 kmph and reduce speed to 5. If you get this noise only at low speeds, let the car run at or below 15 kmph on a empty flat road for about 500m and check if you get an ABS alarm. If you get an alarm, it could be the wheel sensor on one of the wheels. If so mechanic's advice to change the hub is correct. Post your observations.
  11. Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    Doesn't make much sense to me either. Good luck anyway cos you can save a lot if it works.
  12. Doctors with common sense do exist but rare.
  13. Need help, regarding an Issue

    In that case as #ajm suggested above get your brake booster checked. As for a DIY booster test refer to explanation in this thread - http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/15409-break-issue/#comment-245590
  14. Need help, regarding an Issue

    Losing ABS alone is not a serious thing as long as you take care to keep enough clearance from other vehicles, drive below 60kmph and most importantly roads are dry. These days the road conditions allover the island are not that favorable I'm afraid. As for the engine warning you can still run the car but depending on what the error code is the car could be in limp-home-mode or safe mode. If so you would get a very low fuel figures. If the fault code is only for ABS and the rest of the system is OK, you can drive safely subject to conditions mentioned above. By the way other than the fault indication how do you say you miss ABS? (cos for ABS to activate you should brake hard enough for the wheels to lock - something that usually does not happen unless the road is slippery).