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  1. Oil level drops

    You may have sludge formation on the piston rings (particularly oil control rings) as well. Also it is possible that the engine is worn out (in spite of what your Odo meter says). You can get an idea by doing a compression test but that would not indicate a problem in oil control rings.
  2. Oil level drops

    In between two services how much oil do you have to fill up? Any noticeable sludge formation in the cam area or on OCV filter?
  3. As for the first item (oil leak from valve cover gasket and timing chain O-ring) I suggest you to get the PCV valve checked/cleaned/replaced (as the case warrants) at the same time. If PCV is clogged up or faulty it can cause positive pressure inside the crankcase and will aggravate possible oil leaks.
  4. Idle Air Control Valve Issue

    If so while the engine is running on idle (750 RPM) at engine working temperature pull out the PCV while it is still attached to the hose and check if RSO/RSC PWM comes to its values shown in datasheet. Be careful when you pull out the PCV because the rubber grommet may have become hard unless it has been replaced recently.
  5. Idle Air Control Valve Issue

    How is your PCV? Are you sure it is not stuck?
  6. RPM at Drive position

    If the nominal idle RPM for our car without AC and headlights on is 800 then 725 is a tad bit low. When you shift to D there can be a slight drop in RPM but dropping from 725 to 500 is not quite normal. However in an EFI engine the idle RPM is decided by IACV assuming that the air cleaner is not clogged up, there are no vacuum leakages on inlet manifold side and that TPS, MAF, PCV are in order and the throttle is set at its factory set position. Usually there is no need to increase/adjust the idle speed by turning the idle screw from its original position.
  7. Axio 2014 Hybrid

    I have the same car and but I never ever use its Eco mode as I find it makes the car a PITA to drive. Otherwise it is a "reasonable" car. Of course if you are used to driving an ICE car with nippy acceleration perhaps you may find a bit of lack in power.
  8. It would help if you indicate your location so that those members in your area can respond with recommendations. However, ATF exchangers are available with almost all major service stations. Same goes for Toyota T-IV ATF which is freely available at most automotive spare part shops and the agent'. BTW I do not consider use of an exchanger without the use of the drain plug as the best method for a complete flush unless your specific circumstances warrant such procedure. You may go through the following thread for some insights on the complete procedure even though DIY may not be your cup of tea.
  9. Suzuki swift ZC11S engine misfire

    @john cooperNo. It will not show up directly in a scan but one can get a general idea of fuel starvation at idle speed by looking at fuel trim readings when an EGR valve is stuck. (In some engines you have a fault code defined but I donot know what the detection algorithm is) A faulty PCV will not result in any detectable changes in scanned readings. However both these units are easy to remove, inspect, clean, and replace if necessary. @DKing Yes you have two coils shared between four cylinders. This is why it is important to check/replace the plug wire too. If the associated plug wire is open that could result in a weak spark both cylinders. BTW I am unable to recommend a mechanic in your area I'm afraid.
  10. Suzuki swift ZC11S engine misfire

    When you replaced the coil did you replace it along with the plug wire paired up with the other plug? Before you replace the ignition coils better if you can get a compression test done (with a simple hand-held compression meter) just to rule out a compression leak. It sounds more like a engine miss to me so it finally boils down to weak ignition coils, plug wires, or a compression leak.
  11. Suzuki swift ZC11S engine misfire

    Do you have the same vibration even a fter the engine is fully warmed up? There can be several possibilities from a vacuum leak in intake manifold (EGR, PCV) to faulty MAF, TPS, IACV, injectors, sparkplugs and ignition coils. During to tune up most of these parts must have been tested/cleaned. But sometimes EGR and PCV are simply ignored by mechanics. Weak ignition coils are difficult to test so would have to be replaced if all other things are OK. Do you get a cough like sound from the silencer?
  12. Suzuki swift ZC11S engine misfire

    Did they clean EGR valve during tune up?
  13. Machanical problem

    Could be due to a stuck EGR. Get it checked and cleaned.
  14. Stuck with Gen1 Kia Sportage

    IACV can give you P0505 OBD code and turn the check engine light on but not always (perhaps the conditions to trigger the code may be a bit complex). If you are getting a fault code isn't it better to check first with a scanner?
  15. Stuck with Gen1 Kia Sportage

    How about your IACV?