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  1. Rumesh88

    Vehicle Import Regulation

    Well I will try to answer your questions as best as I can. 1. Opening LC - As long as you have funds in the bank and the documents (shipper's Proforma Invoice etc) the process takes only a couple of hours. 2. The shipper should get the confirmed LC to his bank before he can ship the vehicle. This will take a few days depending on the bank to bank communication. 3. Whether bank will contact the consignee (you in this case) depends on the LC Field 42C. If it is Drafts at Sight which is the usual term the vehicle exporters demand for, the bank can pay the shipper without making any intimation with the consignee. After the payment is released to the shipper the Bank can release the documents at any time. 4. Refer to 3 above. 5. Refer to 3 above. 6. Payment of taxes cannot be done until good arrive at the Bonded Warehouse (ie. Customs). 7. It is the Clearing Agent who handles the process from the point once the documents arrive here (Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Import Permit etc) 8. This area is a bit cloudy.
  2. Rumesh88

    Project A72V

    #3. PCV in this case is a thin tubing unlike the valve you find in newer engines. If left unattended before doing a carb tune up, a clogged PCV will result in a wrong throttle position setting at idle. Why I mentioned this is because most of our mechanics do not bother about it. However, this tube can get clogged up from cam cover end. Best method to check without opening up the cam cover is to fix a tight fitting plastic tube to PCV tube and blow with your mouth. In case if you happen to open the cam cover for any other reason make sure that you clean the oil baffles inside the cam cover together with the tube. Edit: Discussion on a similar thing.
  3. Rumesh88

    Project A72V

    As for the emission test, 1. Do you observe any oil burning ie blue smoke from exhaust when engine is fully warmed up. 2. How about the condition of plugs and air cleaner? Are they reasonably new? 3. Before any clean up/tune up done on the carb check if the PCV breather line (located below the air cleaner spout ) i not clogged up with all carbon gunk. 4. With the air cleaner cover removed check if fuel is atomized properly inside the carb barrel when the engine is revved up. If it comes in large droplets then most probably the emulsifying tubes are clogged up and could be the reason for rich air/fuel mixture. BTW nice to see someone with a passion for Lancers.
  4. You can find some of the manuals on this link http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Mitsubishi/
  5. Rumesh88

    Toyota Aqua Strange Problem

    Was ATF changed at any time?
  6. Rumesh88

    Car loss power when after changeing Gear and Car Sudden jump

    At cold start does the engine rev up to around 1500 RPm and then slowly settle down to around 800? Also when the engine is hot try revving up to around 3000RPM, keep it revved up for 10 seconds and suddenly release the accelerator. Observe if the engine RPM come down smoothly.
  7. Rumesh88

    Mazda MR90 carburator problem

    Just a few questions. 1. Before pressing the accelerator does the engine rev at a lower RPM like 600 - 700 (you may not have a RPM meter but at least you can guess the RPM from engine beat). 2. Do you have the AC system working? 3. Which area are you located? Your location may help someone to give a recommendation on a mechanic near by.
  8. Rumesh88

    Honda Vezel Hybrid 2014 Battery

    This 80% thing has nothing to do with memory effect. It is the design of the charging system in hybrid vehicles to leave a headroom for regenerative breaking when the battery is nearly fully charged and to keep the battery in optimum condition. These batteries do not tolerate over charging. When number of cells are in series they all get the same identical charging current. However the cells are not exactly identical. So over time some cells tend to capture more charge then the others. If the system is designed to fully charge the cells frequently then there is a chance for some of the cells in the same string to get over changed. 20% headroom is left to compensate for this and hence increase the cell life. In fact the memory effect is not so pronounced in modern rechargeable batteries compared to older Ni-Cd batteries. In almost four years of daily driving the only few times I noticed fully charged battery in my car (Axio 2014) was when I was driving from Kandy to Colombo and from Haputhale to Beragala. So it quite normal.
  9. Rumesh88

    Toyota Vitz

    Do you mean you are unable to rev up the engine? Or the car doesn't move even if the engine is revved up? Does the engine stall when this happens?
  10. Rumesh88

    Toyota vios oil bulb on and off

    I do not think the sludge issue is due to Toyota oil. It is the result of not changing the oil on time. In fact if the recommended service interval is on the basis of 5000km or 6 months whichever comes first, you can stick to it provided 80% of your drive is out of city limits or on express ways. Like me if your daily drive is 80% in city limits then you should change your oil well before you reach 5000km mark. Once for years I as driving a distance of 10km but it took more than 45 minutes. Under such conditions you should change oil after 3000kms. As for the question whether there is a sludge formation in the engine, just check the OCV screen (filter) - a small filter 8mm dia X 30mm length - to get an idea. If the OCV is clean enough then that's an indication that you need not worry about it. Cleaning sludge is an extensive (and expensive) job if done properly (do not believe in those oil flushing) Do a few frequent oil changes (say in 2000km or so) and you should be OK.
  11. Rumesh88

    Engine Tune Up

    I thought he said that he had done 45000 since he bought the car two years back. It implied that it was a secondhand car for otherwise you have an agent's warranty for two years anyway. So regardless of the total mileage it is time for a tune up anyway. As for the wheel alignment on Sri Lanka roads (except E1 and E2 perhaps) even a new car needs realignment of wheels every 10000kms or so.
  12. Rumesh88

    Corolla 141 vs Allion and 121

    As for 141 you haven't searched enough in the forum, http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/13835-corolla-141/ http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/4536-corolla-141-fuel-economy/ http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/10714-toyota-corolla-141/ If you read these threads you will understand the reason for low demand for 141.
  13. Rumesh88

    Engine Tune Up

    Well I guess you car is due for a tune up (precisely it is just a clean up). So I don't think you have a reason not to go for it.
  14. Rumesh88

    Coolant Issue...Suzuki HT51S

    Carefully check the upper sealing surface for cracks or dents causing a small air leak.
  15. Rumesh88

    Recommended Fuel for Axio hybrid 2017

    Toyota hybrid engines are based on Atkinson cycle. The effective compression ratio of these engines are 8:1 while the expansion ratio is 13:1. So it is obvious that these engines are designed to run on lower octane fuel compared to similar engines running in Otto cycle. There is absolutely no point in using octane 95 in these engines.