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  1. He should not have disconnected the old battery without a back up. No that it is done drive for few more days to see if the idle speed settles down to its previous value.
  2. Just two questions. 1.What is the charging voltage when measured at 2000 RPM with all electrical loads switched on and off? 2. Do you use the vehicles mostly (say 90% of the time) during daytime an on long runs ( say 50km)? For the batteries to fail in the manner described there must be some contribution from your charging system.
  3. Rumesh88

    rpm problem

    Was the battery swap done without a backup?
  4. You need to get your car scanned before blindly replacing the ABS module. BTW where are you from?
  5. When you say "engine oil burning" it is not quite specific. In every internal combustion engine - from brand new to used - there is some degree of engine oil burning. However, as a rule of thumb, in between services if you need to add more than 1/2 L of engine oil then it is a concern. If that is the case first thing to do is to do a compression test to determine if the issue is due to worn out piston rings or due to leaky valve guides. If it is due to valve guides you can get them replaced. But still depending on the age of the engine you may have to go for a full overhaul. I do not see a point in replacing the engine with a reconditioned one. If the compression test fails go for a complete overhaul.
  6. Tech Mate is unlikely to respond because he has not logged in since 2014 October. What is the car in question in your case?
  7. I can't believe I typed 1 and 2. I must have smoked something. Corrections done. Thank you. 3. As for the piston effective piston travel yes the travel is shorter because the intake val.s are open. 4. You don't get exhaust fumes in the intake manifold unless you have an EGR.
  8. The higher expansion ratio in an Atkinson engine compared to that in a Otto engine is a direct consequence of the lower compression ratio. Apart from that, there is nothing particularly done to achieve a higher expansion ratio in an Atkinson engine. The mechanical (ie the effective piston travel ) difference between two engines is in the compression stroke. As for the your comment on expelled gases, it does not contain a particularly high CO2 content. It is just the same air/fuel mixture at the intake manifold.
  9. Just don't go on changing parts when you can read the stored fault codes with a proper scanner. Those codes will give an idea. It could be the EGR valve getting stuck intermittently.
  10. What the reduction in oil volume between service intervals like?Say if it is like 1L every 5000km then you can live with it or go for a oil at next viscosity level like 15W-40. However, just check the PCV valve for excessive carbon deposits.
  11. Please refer to SL customs website. You get a higher duty free allowance if you do your hopping at BIA Duty Free. http://www.customs.gov.lk/traveller/home
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