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  1. Since rats came into the picture - any of you have used Liqui Moly Marderspray (attached a pic) to keep away rats? One of my friends told that a car service place recommended this to spray to the engine bay, tires and bottom of the engine bay area once in 14 days to keep rats away. But he didn’t buy it and was using the rat kill cubes. Is using this spray effective? Or are there any risks of this to the engine parts? If anyone has used/ using this please share your experience/ thoughts.
  2. Thanks @iRage I also like it without any additional body kit and unnecessary bells & whistles. No intention of doing any modifications. BTW, anyone can please explain what is the small liver/ switch like thing below the dashboard and steering wheel (left side) of the C-HR? Attached pics. I tried to search and find what’s that in owners manual and on Google but couldn’t. Curios to know what is that and the functionality/ usage of that.
  3. @matroska - YOM is 2017 and mileage just below 18,000 km. It was 6.25 mil when I bought around 3 weeks ago (little bit exceeded my budget).
  4. Thanks @vag2 @iRage - Hope I can use these tyres for another couple of years (~ 20,000 km more as current odo is just around 17,500 km) without a major risk/ issue? BTW, when should I start my full service? Wait till the odo hits 20,000 km (will take slightly more than 2 months)?
  5. Update: Bought the C-HR. Thank you everyone for helping with your advises and opinions. Attached some pics while he is waiting for his number plates to be fixed
  6. Update: Bought the C-HR. Will post some pics in other thread. Thank you everyone for advising and share opinions...
  7. Attached a couple of pics of tyres to see those small cracks.
  8. Thanks @iRage for explanations. Regarding tyre cracks - Those are not visible until you peep near the tyre and carefully observed. Yes they are slightly above the tyre walls - the angeled/ curved edge between the tyre wall and the outside Tyre surface. That area not touching the ground. But those crack like things are merely visible (tiny/ hairline like). I thought it’s due to the tyre is getting old (almost 3 years). (I saw this while when I try to determine the tyre wear out in order to guess the true mileage in case of odometer tampering. Tyre wear out ratio seems to be ok when I compare with my previous car’s tyres. Those also Bridgestone tyres and those were there for around 4 years with 40,000+ km riding. But didn’t experienced that tiny crack like things - may be I did not observe.)
  9. Update: I got the manual verification report from https://jpcenter.ru/ It's tally with the auction sheet given and seems there are no issues except a minor scratch in the body. Car's photos are ok. There is a small comment on comments section, when translate it Google translator shows it as "body kiss", don't know what is that ☺️ (attached that image for just reference marked with red squares). While inspecting the car no doubts were there except, - Bridgstone tyre edges had little hairline fractures like tiny cracks (can be ignored). The sale guy said those are due to the temperature difference in Japan's winter season and here while idle for few weeks - All 4 wheels are alloy wheels and I noticed little bit of dust like rusts on the inner area of alloy wheels. He said that also normal. (I have noticed in this my previous car too, when it idles for few days this little rusty dust is coming and once washed they go away). Hope this also normal.
  10. 2 more things while I’m in the process of checking the C-HR. (1) When I searched on the jpcenter.ru with the chassis number by paying 10$ it was not found. So I paid another 10$ and requested a manual search report. It will take 24 hours. Is this a normal case or any strange thing? (2) When I checked the engine compartment of the C-HR, behind the coolant tank (in front of the drivers side windscreen) 3 black color sealant/ glue like patches noticed as in below image (circled with red color) When I asked seller said those are coming from the factory. Can anyone/ CH-R owner please confirm on this?
  11. Hi @iRage BTW, got to know a JAAI Certificate is not available for this car and instead of Bureau Veritas Certificate is available, - Is this ok/ any issue? - How to verify whether Bureau Veritas Certificate is the original? Hope you can help here...
  12. Hi, In case JAAI Certificate is not available instead of Bureau Veritas Certificate is available, - Is this ok? - How to verify whether Bureau Veritas Certificate is the original?
  13. Thanks @iRage for quick reply. The CHR is an AWD. Verify auction sheet - You meant do it online thru https://jpcenter.ru/reports by paying 10 $? Or is there another way to verify?
  14. Thanks a lot @ghostwriter and @Hyaenidae... very useful info.
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