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  1. Derrick

    Nissan And Toyota Prices

    And you work in such a place where they hire people like that!!!! That really speaks volumes about your company doesn't it. To add insult to injury, you admit working with that guy! Other members can use that as a yardstick to measure your intelligence!! FYI bought my first car in 1996 (You were 11 years old then)a corona AT170. Since then I've owned and driven Corolla AE91/Nissan Maxima/Cefiro A33/Nissan FB14/Nissan FB15/Accord CF9/Nissan FB12. All older cars and I went through my fair share of engine overhauls/transmission probs/running repairs. Don't have to depend on Autolanka to find out what the market price is of a vehicle. There are plenty of other websites/sunday newspapers and most of all De Silva Motors! So don't you dare judge others' knowledge. I suppose you have already majored in Automotive Engineering and currently reading for your PhD in Mechanical Engineering!!!!!!! And are you sure you fit into this "our community" thing. Once we receive a description of what that is, a majority of us might find ourselves ineligible to be AL forum members.
  2. Derrick

    Nissan And Toyota Prices

    HA HAA HAAAAAA fell right into my trap didn't ya peri and jdnet. Dear AL members, please be kind enough to welcome two more morons into your official "Autolanka Moron Club". Morons because they did reply to, what they call in their own terms, a stupid post. And not only that, they keep replying. And they keep getting suckered in!!! So that makes them the GREAT MORONS!!!!!!!!!!! I've had my last laugh.adieus amigos. p.s: Try not to be so stupid the next time. Thank you.
  3. Derrick

    Nissan And Toyota Prices

    hi peri...my excuse is that i don't pop by once a month. my AL page is open as much as yours. i know we have our share of morons but if you are so repulsed by them why don't you delete these idiotic posts b4 they r posted. its not only "my community" thing that keeps AL going. if that's the case only accept ads from "our community" people and stop all ads from outsiders. lets see how long u can keep ur little AL office going. and by the way pls explain "our community".
  4. Derrick

    Nissan And Toyota Prices

    Well Peri and jdnet......you guys chose to reply to such a "Rock Bottom Poll", took the trouble to even type a few sentences wasting your time and yet see it fit to imply other members who merely just clicked their mouse once to vote 'morons'? wow!!!!!!!!!!! Insulting people and taking personal jabs are traits that are unbecoming of moderators/pro members. You guys should be showing the way and setting standards for this professional AL forum. No malice/disrespect intended and hope admin will see this as some constructive criticism that is long overdue IMHO.
  5. Derrick

    Accord 1998 - American

    Have owned a 1999 Accord (manual) since November 2008. Fuel tank takes in about 60 litres of petrol and I easily get 475 km within Colombo even driving in rush hour traffic. Usually turn the air-conditioner off while shifting from Neutral to first gear (but leave the blower on). I have surpassed 550 km for 60 litres, driving with the AC turned off full time (within Colombo). These figures are possible only if you drive sensibly without unnecessary acceleration/deceleration and using the brakes very gently. Spares are somewhat expensive but last for a long time. Very comfortable car and a joy to ride when you are on one of those long journeys. Handles well and has a good grip. Interior is roomy and elegant. I Haven't changed the plugs yet nor done a tune up but always replace the air filter every 8000 to 10000kms.
  6. Derrick

    Honda Accord

    Would like to get a few more suggestions/advice before making up my mind. Anyone willing to add their opinion?
  7. Derrick

    Honda Accord

    According to a few critics, the resale market isn't great for this model. But I am not looking to sell anytime in the near future either. It has been maintained throughout by the agents (Sta**rd) and as per the current owner the repair bills aren't outrageous. Not so sure about body parts though.
  8. Derrick

    Honda Accord

    Thanks Jaga. Should be able to seal the deal for something in between 1.5 mil to 1.55 mil. Still negotiating.
  9. Derrick

    Honda Accord

    Would appreciate if someone could shed some light on the following car model: Honda Accord, Y.O.M 1999, Reg in 1999 (301-) imported brand new. Well taken care of by the present owner. Pretty comfy. With an engine capacity of 1997CC (manual shift), would it be unreasonable to expect 7-8 km/l in what passes for normal traffic in and around Colombo. The body and engine are in good condition. The only flip side, if one can call it that, is that it is an American model (made in America???) but the registration book states country of origin as Japan. Are there any major issues with this particular model and what can be considered a fair market price. Did try to search the old forums/topics but could not find sufficient info. Any input from you guys is higly appreciated.
  10. Derrick

    Radiator Damage

    Hi Chamath, this might be the easiest solution to your problem: sell the FB15 with the radiator problem and go for a AE 100/110 with a radiator problem. But on the bright side, you would be saving 6000-12000 by getting the AE radiator repaired!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, heard that the plastic top cover radiators are designed so that the plastic would crack if there is a problem attracting attention of the user thus preventing damage to other vital parts. With a full metal radiator however, any overheating problems might go unnoticed for a while thus risking further damage. This was the opinion of some radiator guys and mechanics.
  11. Derrick

    Happy B'day To Pericles

    Happy Birthday Bro! All the very best and may all your automobile dreams come true!!!
  12. Derrick

    Sri Lanka – Failed State, Laughing Stock

    The Sunday Leader (probably Sep/23 issue) had a really interesting 2-page report on this topic. I'm inclined not to doubt the credibility of it as I used to work for the Leader a few years ago and kind of know what's involved in coming up with such a report and the consequences if it is proved wrong. It ended with a note that said more info about this deal will be published in the coming weeks (just so that I get a balanced dose of news, I read all pro and anti-govt newspapers on Sundays).
  13. Derrick

    Sri Lanka – Failed State, Laughing Stock

    We have to accept the fact that "new era" srilankan politicians will never grow up! They remind me of little kids that want candy but have to depend on adults to buy them one. In their (politicians) cases, they have no self respect nor dignity what so ever. Gone are the days when politicians actually did some work to EARN their salaries and perks. What they don't realise when they waste those millions on expense a/c, luxury suites, luxury vehicles etc..etc...etc is that they are robbing you, me, our kids and our families the right to live a decent life in our motherland. Do you think that our moron of a foreign minister or any other MP/Minister would spare a thought for the average citizen who may bring home a measley Rs.10,000/- at the end of a month before spending Rs.300,000 A DAY just for room charges. Now pls don't tell me that that is not a crime. Pls don't tell me that our economy is down because of the war only. We can blame Praba all we want but what about those "instant millionires" that this war has created. Countless numbers of young men in the forces made the ultimte sacrifice so that these "terrorists" could fill their pockets. And then we have these weird off-springs of politicians. One can't expect much from these babies either as their parents never taught them to grow up. They would feel no shame driving around in those fancy cars; its daddy's blood money so lets party. they would feel no shame assaulting another person just for fun; daddy will look after everything. Disgusting. If you want something, go work your ass off to get it and be proud of it. I respect and value our culture so much that my wife and I decided to raise our daughter in SriLanka rather than Toronto. And we will raise our kid here. And we will teach her to achieve her ambitions by working hard and not by resting on her family laurels. Don't think Ranil will do much either to curb corruption or to limit the perks enjoyed by our very unqualified, incompetent parlimentarians. And Mahinda will continue his circus cos he is above the law. We need a leader with balls, great aversion to incompetence and someone who sees material wealth as just that. There are many qualified SRILANKANS in A/L who possess these qualities...........interested in politics anyone?!!!
  14. Derrick

    Traffic Woes

    Hi Hola I have been an avid Autolanka fan almost since 2005 and decided to become a member after realising that it is a great website to meet great chaps. And it has the potential to keep evolving into a tremendous source of not only auto related stuff but a community that can contribute positively to the society. I agree that it is going to be a Herculean task given the mentality of 3-wheel/bus/lorry drivers who do not have even have basic education (most of them anyways) but on the other hand how about those executives/managers/doctors/lawyers/accountants and the like who should be civilised behind the wheel. That should be our target group for starters. I occasionally travel by 3-wheelers myself ever since the pundits introduced the new laws and parking restrictions. There are about 4 3-wheel guys that drive me around regularly and am somewhat proud to say that all of them use their signals, never drive on the wrong side of the road, never run a red light (actually stop when the amber comes on!!!!!!!!!!), and never ever try 007 stunts when I am with them because of months of drilling and "brain-washing" by me. Maybe they revert back to the reckless driving methods when I'm not around (or maybe not) but the point is never underestimate yourself and as Pericles said "Even one person can make the diference". I think there are close to 6000 autolanka members and presumably a majority of them are in SriLanka. If atleast 2/3 make a genuine effort to realise how things can be changed for the better on our roads, it would be a start we are all looking for.
  15. Derrick

    Traffic Woes

    Yes our roads are in deplorable conditions, yes we have dirty cops, yes there are imbecils running the show at RDA, CMC, Traffic Police Service etc. Yet there is one factor that clearly stands out as the main culprit contributing to our traffic woes: drivers. For e.g. We are in rush hour traffic with vehicles moving at snail's pace inches from each other occupying all lanes and the guy behind you decides to flash his headlights urging you to go faster!!! He can see clearly that there are tons of vehicles in front, but oh no that doesn't count. Now what is the connection between this driver and the RDA or the CMC? Isn't his attitude that should be corrected? I can highlight many instances and driving practises we encounter daily on our roads that borders on stupidity to the most ludicrous but it is beyond me why we as drivers ignore this common-sense-approach to driving. I do intend to discuss simple driving issues that cause major traffic problems in future postings. My sole intention is to create an awareness programme atleast amongst us for the time being and will leave it upto the veterans of Autolanka to decide the future and the direction of these useful postings.