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  1. did any of you add permit vehicle prices to the equation. government says they have reduced some percentage from the standard tax which is way higher than the permit vehicle tax. so in fact this tax reduction is mostly a numbers game which has no effect on mid to high end car prices. am i right?
  2. RAZOR

    Montero Sports Brake Pad Issue

    minus points.. hahahahaaaaaaaa
  3. RAZOR

    Montero Sports Brake Pad Issue

    not sure why a senior manager would drive a MS instead of a nice comfortable city car or CUV. I own one cause I have to visit sites that dont have proper access roads and so far it has being getting me there in style. the handbrake lever of MS needs to bepushed completely to disengage otherwise vehicle will keep moving while handbrakes partially engaged. This has happened to me few times on first month of owning the vehicle. handbrake indicator lamp is sometimes covered by the steering wheel and as MS has a high pulling power you wont easily notice that handbrake is not completely disengaged.
  4. RAZOR

    Viva Elite Community

    is there a link between mitsubishi and viva elite other than being sold by Unit#d Mot#rs? eg technology partnership etc.?
  5. RAZOR

    Nissan Leaf Launch In Sri Lanka

  6. RAZOR

    Nissan Leaf Launch In Sri Lanka

    I saw on an article nissan leaf was having a high recall rate in Florida and apparently it was due high humidity in Florida which has shortened the battery life of the vehicle. not sure whether they have improved that already.
  7. damn believe me or not its just a typing mistake, should be corrected as ' I haven't done much of off roading but have driven on sand dunes and rocky roads where non off roaders can't go through.'
  8. it feels flawless when off roading. I havent done much of off roading but have driven on sand dunes and rockey roads where no off roader can go through. once on the right gear (superselect 4WD) it gets through efortlessly.
  9. one more pic hmm can't even call this a face lift. more like an after market mod
  10. does this look better? I prefer the old look with sporty honeycomb grill
  11. yeah its has the much needed macho look