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    Townace 3C Turbo Transmission Prob

    Kick down cable it was!! it had snapped, got it done in a couple of hours. saved time and money on diagnosing, and of course was saved from being taken for a ride and played out by our honest garages!;p thanks alot for all the advice guys especially nilantha n harshana.
  2. bobmarl

    My Complete Noah Build

    yup there is an rpm sensor on the engine. I have wired everything on the dashboard up with the old wire harness, my guy fixed the 4th port compared to e 3 ports that were there as u showed in the pic and individually did e wires. He even took a line from the rpm to the ecu but it didnt work. so i would prefer not to replace the harness. u said the wiring can be done via a circuit from the engine/ecu? Who can do this for me? Contact number please?
  3. bobmarl

    My Complete Noah Build

    I ve got the right meter board, the cut off is at 5000rpm. The electrician says he cant wire it cos its the 3c turbo engine. If it was a EFI engine he says he can wire it easily. I would like to know where I can get it done via a "circuit from the ecu/ engine" as u told before. Please can I have the contact details of any guy who can do it for sure. Thanks
  4. i have been looking into buying a toyota camry 2002-05 model, it comes with a 2.0l or 2.4l petrol engine. I considered this cos i prefer a slightly bigger car and its fully loaded and this seems pretty reasonably priced at around 2.7mil. And also has e toyota reliability. Want everybodys opinion about its pros and cons? Also if anybody knows its fuel economy in the city and outstation for both engine versions, obviously i dont expect anything much. Thanks in advance..
  5. bobmarl

    My Complete Noah Build

    Thanks alot bro! I think I better get a wire harness..is it freely available n how much would it cost? any recomended shop in delkanda? Yup my meter is a diesel meter. Is the 3c non turbo meter (thats the EFI engine right?) compatible with the 3c turbo engine? was just wondering if i ve ended up with a 3c non turbo meter..mebe thats why its not working? Machan what do u mean by connecting the engine wiring properly when doing the diesel conversion? Is there any way i can check if its been done properly? I get around 11kmpl outstation, 8 in the city. what abt u? Also I see u dont have the e-brake as a foot pedal, urs is the usual handbrake. Were u unable to find a foot brake or is that how it is in ur version?
  6. bobmarl

    My Complete Noah Build

    Good job on the Noah build bro! I too had my kr41 converted to noah about 2yrs back including a 3cturbo engine fitted. Its a pretty good job but its not as detailed as yours:) Anyway ive got most of the major stuff done. I have done it to the field tourer model. Recently I got the speedometer changed, its the blue one with an rpm meter. It comes for this version. But the electrician is unable to wire up the rpm meter. He connected everything else but this. The ECU was changed with the engine. But I did not change the wire harness. Is it possible for him to wire it without changing the wire harness. The engine has an rpm line and its the new ECU so it should be possible right? Also I was wondering if speedometers are selective for EFI engines and etc. If you have any idea about the wiring please help. Btw have u got an RPM meter on yours?
  7. I have a kr41 townace which i converted to diesel with a 3c turbo engine 2yrs back. Its a good unit and has given no probs until now. It has an auto gearbox. Now there is a delay when upshifting of gears regardless of whether I accelerate hard or lightly. The 1st gear wont change until 20kmph however lightly I press the accelerator pedal. 2nd at 38kmph, 3rd at 56kmph and O/D at 68kmph and these speeds are fixed. It used to not be like this before, in the sense if I accelerate lightly the gears shift very early. Its a problem when driving in the city because the engine is revving unnecessarily. When driving quick its not a problem at all, the engine power and acceleration is all fine. I noticed this problem right after the recent service. but no atf change was done during this service. The atf has been changed in the previous service and its good. Please advice what I should do coz my regular mechanic is clueless. Thanks loads.