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  1. LOL want me to move to the blog am I right?
  2. HAHAHAH! Good one Blood horsepower levels have definitely increased, but more importantly after a proper setting up the ride quality is amaze balls compared to before on the springs and the handling characteristics are just super! The increased stiffness has even improved feel in the steering and made braking much better. I dont know if my car qualifies for Stancelyfe neither have I noticed any increased interest from women.... but that maybe because my woman is always in the passenger seat now
  3. Just realised that I havent updated this thread in many months, And that most of my pics don't seem to be showing up Anws, briefly put. I ditched the Lowering springs and installed D2 fully adjustable coil overs! <3
  4. Sorry no, no idea of selling atm
  5. Replaced my sunroof beading as well as the previous one was fouled up with compound residue and it started to pop out a bit. Looks super duper now! Managed to get some heated mirrors fitted as well. Yet to find out if they work though
  6. Did a few things over the weekend. Managed to get a 8 button OBC and got that connected up. Made a massive difference to the interior as the original analog clocked looked totally out of place. I havent connected up the check control yet as that needs more sensors and extra wiring.
  7. Not the most exciting engine bay but its clean sadly let down by a nasty Bonnet underlining. 25k for a brand new one, but I was so lucky, the guys who look after my car had a used one and insisted I take it for a price I couldn't refuse!
  8. Some where down the line the original documentation was misplaced, so was a very happy bunny when my friend found me this! Its from the UK, so exactly how it would have been
  9. Managed to find these on Ebay. and this tasty tax disc holder
  10. Since this thread hasn't been updated in a long time let me bring you guys up to speed! Shall start with the interior, its not 100% but a lot of minor things have been done ! Since the car was completely stripped out, managed to pull the carpet out and dye it BLACK. It was a dull grey and it was looking past it, slapped 10,000 bucks for a 5 litre can of Carpet dye and did it myself! WELL WORTH IT Redid the hood lining to match as well, in a fabric very similar to the ones offered by BMW themselves Upgraded the Stereo, not the fanciest but now running Infinity components in front and 6x9s at the back. Was lucky to source an adapter for the rear that converts the standard 4 inch speaker mounts to work with 6x9s. No need to cut and hack the parcel shelf! The biggest step up for me was converting the Non original AC to factory spec digital climate control! Since this is a UK car, it only came with a heater which was converted to AC locally. It never worked. So threw that rubbish away and got down all the bits required to convert to a fully functioning BMW ac system. This included the cooler box, the fans, the condenser, the compressor, receiver drier unit, piping, control panel and re did the wiring to work to factory specifications. Got new chrome rings for the gauges and some aluminum pedal covers. Also got the M Tec II steering wheel restitched and re wrapped in leather. Keen eyes will notice I got the stitches in the M colors, was an official optional extra from BMW back in the day. A friend was good enough to donate a genuine M gear knob which is slightly shorter than the standard one, which has improved shifts and shift feel immensely. Oh forgot to mention that I installed a short shift kit as well!
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