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  1. I've previously posted a previous discussion regarding Caldina as an Ideal vehicle for both my entrepreneur business and for family use. Looking at the second hand market it seems that almost all of them seems beatup/ abused or not maintained right even though its a very good vehicle but still seems to be not tough as the good old Corolla wagons (CE 108s and G Touring etc). So I've got to bin the idea of going for them. It seems that painfully my budget needs to be raised by 1Mn to go for a much more reliable choice, so I've ended up choosing either an Isuzu 4 wheel Cab (late 90s model) or a Hilux 2 wheel 4 door (LN 85/145). Sure people praise the reliability of Toyota Hilux 4 wheel versions(LN 106/107) but I've seen plenty of 2 wheel 4 door versions on garages but my dad still insists to go for them (just because Toyota is the dominant brand with parts available everywhere). I know that Isuzu cabs are fuel efficient workhorses (only if maintained right) but then again they're slow and has issues on re-conditioning the body etc. So the bottom line is... is Isuzu 4 wheel late 90s model better than Hilux 2 wheel 4 door version (LN 85/145) when it comes to 1. Robustness/ Reliability 2. Fuel Efficiency? 3. Running/Maintenance Cost? 4. Spare Parts availability.
  2. Come on guys plz tell me if Gtouring is more tougher/reliable than Caldina?
  3. So ppl Caldina vs G Touring which is more reliable/ solid?
  4. Would they even fit into my budget? (407) Not the most economical running workhorses aren't they? I'd rather go for a Volvo wagon. ANyhow back to Gtouring vs Caldina which is better?
  5. I forgot to mention one last vehicle. How about G touring and L touring? is Caldina far better than G touring? The reason why I'm asking is that the interior plastics on CE 106s are far durable looking to Caldina and every time I look at elephant backs they seem to be less damaged at the same age compared to Caldina's. But overall, is Caldina better? When I checked Curb Weight G-Touring 1190Kg Caldina 1410Kg Theoretically does this means G touring can handle more weight and has better fuel efficiency? Which is more spacious? looking at other threads G touring has more space than L Touring. But is Caldina more spacious which is heavier?
  6. That's the sad fact. It's so hard to do a vehicle search because of the improper naming.
  7. Thanks for your reply kmeeg your link helps to pickup somewhat idea, Crosswind your reply helps too but then again I'm confused to see some people having their double sized 4X2 for sale as single cabs and single cabs sometimes sold as wagons which is really confusing. Basically I was looking to search for a 4 door single cab ideally with a carryboy or a lightweight canopy but ended up with no results. I've been doing this search for years and I always get the wrong results. Few weeks back I asked a from Scotty Kilmer the same question and he ended up saying 4X2s are generally known as "Pickups", 2 Door pickups are sometimes called "Pickup Truck" and 4X4s are called "Off Roaders". It seems here we use an entirely different way.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm going to ask a very confusing topic of what's the actual name of what's what. Let me break it down below. It's so confusing to do a vehicle search on what exactly we're looking for. Correct me if I'm wrong I think we all Sri Lankans have confused names on what is what. Sure we call generally call them cabs but what's the proper names for the types below? 1. What do you call the tall version of a cab which has 4X4? e.g.- LN 106 2. What do you call the tall version a cab which has 4X2? 3, What do you call the short version of cabs which has 4X2 e.g. LN145 4. What do you call the short 2 door long body version of cabs?
  9. How about Mitsubishi Libero? Looks decent but is it any better?
  10. Thanks for the reply Kush. I never knew that there was a TD version. BTW how was the fuel economy? Plus on what kind of terrian/ geography did you mostly travel? Finally how was the parts availability?
  11. Hi ppl, I'm looking to buy a reliable station wagon which should have a low running cost for both my entrepreneur business and for daily traveling to the office. My budget at maximum of around 2.2mil which of the above would be the best choice? Is Toyota Caldina Diesel reliable as good old Corolla Elephant Backs? Back in the years I've seen my Physics teacher carrying piles of Tutorials on his trunk running up and down the country throughout the whole week without a breakdown that's why I'm thinking of Caldina.
  12. chamath1

    D21 Pathfinder

  13. chamath1

    D21 Pathfinder

    Can someone please tell me this vehicle's opinions. My concerns are; Reliability (FYI I'm not a hardcore offroader but may have to take rough roads) Fuel consumption Affordability (Compared to D21,Strada Cabs) Common mechanical issues Suspension related problems Spare pats availability.
  14. chamath1

    Adding Canopies To Your Single/double Cab.

    Thanks for the replies guys. But I still didn't get the answer for the question. Who in Sri Lanka sells and installs Hardtop canopies? Plus who sells Carryboy products? I have two pickups, L200 Single Cab 2008 Model Hilux Single Cab 2005 Model
  15. chamath1

    Adding Canopies To Your Single/double Cab.

    Do you know anyone who sells and installs good hardtops in SL? For an example anyone who sells hard tops from Carryboy brand?