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  1. I think modern cars are designed such that they are well within the said acoustic levels.
  2. Gona

    Express-Way Updates

    But Sunday Times reported it as E-03, Typical sri lankan journalists http://www.sundaytimes.lk/130728/business-times/sri-lankas-newest-beauty-e03-the-katunayake-expressway-54045.html
  3. Gona

    Express-Way Updates

    E-03 is the code for CKE
  4. Gona

    Express-Way Updates

    MPs play havoc on expressway MONDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2013 23:12 Two parliamentarians, who had tried to show their high-handedness on the Katunayake Expressway, were forced to withdraw following interventions by the security forces personnel. The parliamentarians who entered the expressway violating the restrictions were from the Western and North Western provinces, sources said. One MP had removed road barriers and entered the expressway, but after the police were alerted the moving vehicle was brought to a halt and sent back. The other MP had entered his vehicle to the expressway insulting security officers and not heeding their orders. However his vehicle was also taken out of the expressway after security forces personnel intervened. The Transport Ministry said this kind of irresponsible acts resulted in hampering the progress of work on the expressway which it hoped to complete swiftly. The ministry said nobody was permitted to use the expressway which is due to be declared open next month. Source: http://www.dailymirror.lk/top-story/35518-mps-play-havoc-on-expressway.html Both are my relatives
  5. Gona

    Dcd Milk Powder Issue

    Show is over guys! Fonterra resumed operations today. Looks like they love Sri Lankans (or their money) a lot.
  6. Gona

    Express-Way Updates

    CKE is lit up all the way up to the end. Chances are higher to damage a lamp post during accident. The authorities will charge the repair cost of the lamp post which will be well over LKR 100,000/= in addition to the other damages to the road.
  7. Gona

    Express-Way Updates

    It is worth to note that accidents in CKE can be costlier than E-01
  8. Gona

    Why Kia Owners Sell Their Suvs

    Me too ..... Said Damith's father to Damith
  9. Gona

    Temperature Increase In Fb14

    So ... Its a design fault by VW
  10. Gona

    Dcd Milk Powder Issue

    Just don't drink the damn powder they ship here. Nothing will go wrong in your health
  11. Gona

    What's The Fastest You Have Gone?

    Yes it is, Disco 2011 has a wind boost button. once you press it wind energy to kinematic conversion system pop up and Wizzz.... there you go at 207kmph
  12. Gona

    What's The Fastest You Have Gone?

    let me modify it ...Holding each others privates (If Available) singing "rambari kiyapan umbe nombare"
  13. Wow! he has that nice cheese ball figure !