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  1. RRokz

    Nissan Leaf No Sd Card

    Hey... Thanks for replying.. contact him and he also haven't any solution. by the way can any one upload content of SD card(file(s) or image file)?? I'm going to do kind of Exp..
  2. Hi guys, I reacnetly bought Nissan Leaf recon one and i have issue in Setup issue is <No SD card>. I know SD card is Identical for My car. But any how i wanna carete SD card. can any one know any contacts?? or any way..??
  3. Im willing to go to Nissan Leaf, Reasons are, reduced tax in 2015 interim budget No much long-distance journey for me.(Max would be Nittambuwa-col) I have commercial electric line. FCVs will not come to srilnaka sooner with reasonable price. Please share your thoughts. Its grate if Leaf owner can share experience.
  4. Guys.. I'm willing to buy 2010 Honda insight. i have one concern with Hybrid system battery since almost 5 years old. what would be the cost for replace battery ??
  5. Any one knows good place to Repair my Hyundai car repair near Colombo ?
  6. RRokz

    Daihatsu Pyzar

    Hello Gyus, Need small help regarding Daihatsu pyzar. I want to know that spear pats availability of pyzar in sri lanka.
  7. hi Thanks for reply, about vechile it has EFI Engine New shell GB-XXXX Maintain records 2nd Owner done 130000KM, 2000YOM Petrol Mint condition Idea abt price?
  8. ppls, I wanna know about Market price of Peugeot 306 1.4cc 2000YOM Petrol normal car.... . waiting your quick responce
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