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    Buy a GTR one day. Former owner for 3x R34 skylines wish I can drive those one more time.
  1. charithrac

    Shelby Mustang Cobra In Sri Lanka

    and its crashed !!! just today 1st of May 2014 in baseline near Narahenpita Police Station
  2. charithrac

    50 Rolls Royce Ghost's To Be Imported

    you might be correct, one of my sources said car was spotted with Dhanuka Ramanayake (for those who dont knw him, hes the one with the red SLS AMG) apparantly he brought it in.
  3. charithrac

    50 Rolls Royce Ghost's To Be Imported

    Id bet an oil change will cost a fortune since its 12 cylinders . Spare parts well need to be imported since there is no RR agent here. Fuel consumption again unless you got goverment contacts its gonna be pricey because its twin turbo too. I read on cruise it shuts off number of cylinders to save fuel but when do you ever cruise here. All in all its for ministers. Lets all pay taxes on time so they can ride on these
  4. charithrac

    50 Rolls Royce Ghost's To Be Imported

    looks like one is already here for commonwealth
  5. charithrac

    What's The Fastest You Have Gone?

    was told that 280kmph was done on the SLS AMG on motorway by Dhanuka Ramanayake
  6. charithrac

    Mercedes Sls Amg

    the one on pic? thats a SLS for sure, and so is the silver one I saw. SLK is small and nofing like this. I can name a supercar mile away, but this one is a gullwing my mistake.
  7. charithrac

    Mercedes Sls Amg

    theres a silver one too not sure whos it is
  8. charithrac

    Mercedes Sls Amg

    SLS AMG Roadster (Not gullwing doors) - spotted Max TV owner I believe driving this at racecourse.
  9. my fronts in need of change lol after doing some screeching launches, tires have worn out now. Cost 30,000 just for front two, Maxxis 195x55x16
  10. I own a 2006 Swift sport and fuel economy isnt that bad unless you drive it hard. Ride is bumpy cause suspension is stiff on my 2006 model. Fuel economy is bit better on the 2012 model, ride is little softer on the 2012 too from my experience. Both 2012 and 2006 got same engine but 2012 can hit 220kmph top speed whilst 200kmph on 2006. I dont know how the Automatic version performs as mines a manual and the 2012 version Ive tried was a manual too.
  11. Hey Guys I got a swift sport 2006 manual. Looking at doing a turbo or a supercharge upgrade. There seems to be lot of videos and upgrade kits available, Id like to know some good upgrade shops in colombo that I can visit and get some advice from. Thanks
  12. charithrac

    Subaru Brz Ra In Sl

    saw this past embilipitiya area