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  1. Recent topics don't appear in the recent topics column, topics with recent replies appear there.
  2. Hi guys, Slightly OT, but does any one know a place to buy an active carbon air freshener / purifier?
  3. I have seen a lot of Isuzu double cabs used in farms in Ambewela when i was there. Pretty serious machines according to the people who use them there considering the terrain.
  4. Not correct. Yes it has the 2N-FE engine, but they do come with electronic throttle control. Mine has it and the user manual confirms it as well.
  5. This is because the Yaris has an electronic throttle control. its quite slow to respond when picking up uphill from a stop.
  6. Any good place to do a caster adjustment?

  7. I dont think the ELM-327 scanners work with JDM models. These scanners communicate with EOBD whereas JDMs use something else. This is out of personal experience with a few JDM and nonJDM cars and information from the internet. Could be wrong though.
  8. Well. I took my vehicle there earlier this year due to an issue with it. Got the injectors cleaned and inspected the fuel pump. The mechanic said the filter is clogged and since the filter and the pump come as a single unit, it has to be replaced. So we replaced it with a chinese one but since the problem did not go away, I took the vehicle to the agent. The original pump was perfectly fine and the problem was something else. So replaced the chinese one with the original. They were very careless in removing the fuel tank and nearly closed the air filter chamber with a screw driver inside it. They are the local agent for Asnu and the owner is trained to handle the machine. Only them and D*MO have the Asnu machine according to Mr. Perera. Im due for an engine tune up on Feb. Im thinking of getting the injectors cleaned from them but the other things to be done at another garage. Dont know how practical that is though.
  9. They have a garage in their back yard. Mechanic there removes the injectors and does other cleaning up work. Only Mr. Perera ( the owner ) operates the Asnu machine. Spark plugs are also available at a shop nearby. The final bill will be for all these work including any replacements. Injector cleaning part is 100% satisfactory, but I could not say the same about the mechanics.
  10. Well this might be true with you and your associates with the same mentality. But there are more than enough people who'd choose a stick shift over an auto. I am one of those who opted for manuals over auto. Owned only one auto over the years and the only slight advantage it had was when being stuck at stop and go traffic.
  11. Not agreed. There are some very lazy fellows there as well. There is not much of a difference to service depending on weather it is Ceypetco or LIOC imo.
  12. There are many people who dont get down from their vehicles even when bying from road side vegetable and fish stalls. May be the the ownership of four wheels has hit their heads that bad. Any way the occational near to rotting fish or the carrot will end up in their bags. This same scenario happens at the fuel station where the owners do not get down from their vehicles. People will cease the opportunity to snatch an extra buck at some time. The frequency and intensity one does such an action would I think will be determined by the level of his upbringing. As VVTI pointed out, there are two sides to such stories. Best thing when fuelling is to take cash with you, get down when fuelling up, pay only after the pumping is completed and the cap is properly closed. There are so many vehilces running with fuel lids not closed and fuel spilled on the body.
  13. Quite the opposite to what they really are. Had several unpleasent experinces with the Wattala head office about five years back when doing the three initial services, and a dash board issue. Was compelled to take the vehicle recently to the Maharagama branch, and experience was very unpleasent. If you have a repair invoice, take a look at the labour hours they have allocated. Pathetic. By their estimates, they would be able to attend to about ten vehicles a day maximum. By the way I stayed at their workshop for a little time until I was told to stay out. Pity the owners who leave their vehicles there.
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