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  1. Yes, the language can be changed from the menu without any issue. There are YouTube video's as well for guidance.
  2. It's a pleasure mate. Good choice. CHR is probably the best value for the permit and a much nicer car than the regular Toyotas with a nice interior and great handling. Gives decent gas mileage too as long as you keep the revs down. Happy motoring!
  3. CNX

    Alloy Wheel Repair

    AlloyGators are not recommended for machine polished or diamond cut alloy wheels.
  4. Toyota Lanka uses 0w-20 for the CHR
  5. For most down sized turbo engines the manufacturers recommend 0W-20 oil. It's the same for the CHR as well. As it's the only grade recommended I think it's best to stick to that. For some cars and older cars the the owners manual used to suggest different grades depending on ambient temperature but not for the new CHR or CRV.
  6. Nowadays most cars don't need an elaborate break in and the factory oil is good enough for at least 5k km. The 1k service is usually just an inspection to see everything is working fine and to reassure customers. As for the oil, anything mentioned in the manual should be okay. Synthetic oils are usually better.
  7. CNX

    Toyota Vitz 2009 Gear Box repair

    Better get a trusted friend with some experience in vehicles, preferably a vitz with a similar gearbox (I assume CVT) to drive it and see whether it really has a problem. If the car has been properly maintained with timely CVT oil changes, it is unlikely to cause problems at 80k km assuming the milage is genuine. The other option is to take the car to the agents to have a look. Your local 'makabass' may take you for a ride if he gets to know you have no clue so better avoid them.
  8. CNX

    Toyota Raize

    If you are driving in Colombo during rush hour, you cannot do justice to the car by measuring fuel efficiency in kmpl. May be hours per litre?
  9. CNX

    Eclipse Cross

    Make sure you use distilled water rather than deionised water which we find commonly as battery water.
  10. It's standard practice in many other countries for budget motor insurance. They call it black box policy. They track when, where and how long you drive, where you park the car, sticking to speed limits, excessive acceleration and braking and give you points. If you are a careful driver, not doing late night driving or regular long distance driving and park in a safe place at night, you can get cheaper rates.
  11. Yes it works and is safe. Also works for bird droppings.
  12. CNX

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Yes. The tires with more tread depth should be at the rear. This is because if the rear tires loose grip before the front tires, the car will spin out of control. If the front looses grip, the driver will feel it early and can make a correction to remain in control of the vehicle. Sadly in Sri Lanka many people and tire shops believe it's the other way round!
  13. The difference of 2.1 million is the price they pay for a permit in the black market.
  14. With a 1.2 you get the full value for your permit as the tax is 3.85 million and the permit is only 3.6 million. If you go for a 1.5 gasoline Axio the tax will be very high and not worth it. There was a 1.3 gasoline Axio but it is not as good to drive, not that economical and probably has a lower 2nd hand market.
  15. For a budget of 5 million assuming you have the 3.6 million permit, you can go for a zero milage 1.2 T CHR or the 1.2T corolla manual transmission. The 1.2 gives the best value for the permit as the tax comes to around 3.85 million so you end up paying only 250000 as taxes out of pocket. The other options are hybrids such as Vessel , Axio hybrid.
  16. CNX

    Why Honda?

    Toyota is the automotive equivalent of a Bosch fridge. Cold, uninspiring and guaranteed never to go wrong (if maintained properly). Most owners probably are just as cold and uninspiring and there is nothing much to discuss as things hardly go wrong.
  17. CNX

    MG ZS 2018 vs Rav4 2007

    Why not consider a Toyota Rush/Daihatsu Terios? You will be able to find a newer car than the RAV 4, which will be more reliable and durable with better resale value hopefully than the MG.
  18. CNX

    Japanese Car News

    And better visibility for the back seat passengers. If you are under 5ft 6inches the only things that you can see from the CHR rear windows are the sky, treetops and rooftops!
  19. CNX

    Japanese Car News

    50mm longer than the Vitz
  20. CNX

    Japanese Car News

    150mm longer than the previous generation Rocky in the picture
  21. CNX

    Japanese Car News

    It's 55mm longer than the Yaris and 365mm shorter than the CHR
  22. If you drive like a granny it will give excellent gas mileage. However, any attempts of spirited driving will sink the fuel efficiency below that of a 1.5 sedan driven in a similar fashion.
  23. CNX

    Japanese Car News

    It has a ground clearance of 185mm, up to 4 usb ports, 360 camera etc. Probably more practical than a CHR with better visibility and similar boot space. The interior is not as upmarket as a CHR though and probably will not be as good to drive. Will be a good alternative for anyone considering a Suzuki Vitara or a Toyota CHR.
  24. CNX

    Japanese Car News

    New Toyota Raize, 1.0 Turbo 3 pot, compact SUV for under 2 million yen. Likely to be hugely popular in Sri Lanka.