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  1. It is essential to use the proper coolant. For example, Toyota super long life pink coolant, which is factory filled in new vehicles, need not be changed for 10 years or 120,000 km. Therefore, better not mix and contaminate it.
  2. Confirm whether correct plugs were used. Denso iridium tipped ones are the original equipment. ECU has to be reset to clear error codes after plug replacement and throttle body cleaning.
  3. It is now run by Toyota Lanka for their Pirelli tire business.
  4. It has EBD, VSC & TRC as standard equipment on all models.
  5. So now we have unlimited speed roads for the super cars and motorcycles!
  6. The best option would be to follow crosswinds advice. There are places at Panchikawatta that do it. No hassle with the RMV. Its illegal though, so be discreet with your enquiry.
  7. SLIC and Toyota Lanka has a special arrangement. Got some work done without any hassle at all. They approve it on site and directly pay the company in full.
  8. 90's Corollas are solid cars and their engines and transmissions can last a long time without major issues. However as they are at least 15 years old they are in that precarious period where the rubber parts begin to perish. The result will be frequent niggles such as small oil leaks, suspension noise etc requiring frequent visits to the mechanic. Nothing serious though and not very expensive to fix provided you have access to a good mechanic and don't mind the hassle.
  9. What I posted was verbatim off the manual. May be the Toyota guys should change their wording based on your expert opinion.
  10. According to the Toyota owners manual you should not use oil or grease on the nut or bolt.
  11. Most probably someone forgot to tighten the nuts properly. When installing aluminum wheels, check that the wheel nuts are tight after driving your vehicle the first 1600km (1000 miles). If you have rotated, repaired, or changed your tires, check that the wheel nuts are still tight after driving 1600 km (1000 miles). Never use oil or grease on the bolts or nuts. The nuts may loosen and the wheels may fall off.
  12. The G grade has AC with climate control, RPM, a more informative LCD display, multi function steering, leather wrapped steering and gear knob and a few chrome inserts as standard. You can add some of these to the X grade for a premium, hence the confusion. Just check the Toyota Japan web site for more details and pics.
  13. CNX

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Absolutely correct. You got the point. Congratulations! Anyway I'm happy for Lamborghini, they used to be just fast tractors!
  14. CNX

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Nowadays a Jag is just an upscale TATA! Only less reliable.
  15. Aqua does 37 kmpl in the JCO8 test cycle according to Toyota web site.
  16. CNX

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    You need to have a broader view on this because passive smoking kills too and the laws will not protect friends and family of a smoker . The other issue is we have 'free health' in this country which means the tax payer has to foot the bill when these guys end up in hospital with heart attacks, strokes, cancer etc utilizing scares resources.
  17. CNX

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    I guess this is another strategy by cigarette companies to indirectly fight against the pictorial warnings, diluting the message by dragging others in to it. Don't get caught. The fact is that cigarettes cause more health hazards to the smokers as well as those around them than any of the other things mentioned. There is no safe limit for smoking, even one cigarette is bad for your health where as drinking in moderation or the occasional burger will not cause any problem.
  18. You can't judge average fuel economy by driving for one day as it depends on so many factors. Give her some more time and see whether a problem really exists.
  19. That's great. Congratulations! Do post some pictures when you get her.
  20. There could be several reasons for less Lancers being imported. The current Lancer has been around for 7 years and will probably be replaced soon. One could buy a used one in good condition for around 3 million, sell the permit and save around 1.5 million while having the same car. The new Mazda 3 would appeal to most people who want similar driving dynamics as the Lancer as it is competitively priced and is all new.
  21. Shouldn't be an issue if the correct oil was used and the correct procedure was followed. However since CVT oil change is a bit tricky and as it is critical to use genuine Toyota CVT oil, a potential buyer will have peace of mind when you try to sell your car at some point if it was done at Toyota Lanka.
  22. You buy BMWs and Mazdas for handling and road feel. If you don't want them go for a Toyota where road feel is non existent regardless of the brand of tire!!
  23. Toyota Lanka are after all the agents and their work is usually quite good. A bit expensive though.
  24. CNX

    Toyota Recalls

    It was wonderful to note that we have members who are so up to date and update the others on the forum as soon as these information are posted on the Toyota web site. Osaka Dude on the other hand with all his inside information from Japan it self is 7 weeks late, wakes up from his slumber and opens up useless threads with old information as if it is brand new and discovered only by his genius!
  25. CNX

    Toyota Recalls

    Stale news. It was posted on Autolanka on the 9th of April by Ruslan and iRage on a Prius recall thread ironically started by you! http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/15973-toyota-prius-honda-fit-vezel-recall-information/page-5#entry259821
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