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    My Little Project - Bmw E30

    Just had a look at the picture. It says 316 not 316i isn't it? In that case (unless the 'i' has fallen off or I'm not seeing it in the picture) it may be a M10 carburetor engine with a timing chain
  2. CNX

    My Little Project - Bmw E30

    If it is a M40 engine, better change the timing belt if no records are available
  3. CNX

    Vitz Fuel Consumtion

    In heavy Colombo traffic it may take an hour to travel 8km and your engine would be running with the AC also switched on for an hour which would consume a lot of fuel though you have not covered much distance. Since traffic is not standard it is very difficult to give kmpl figures in heavy traffic.
  4. CNX

    Windscreen Cracking

    Mr. Sylvi Wijesinghe will be able to help you. He repaired a small crack on my car windscreen a couple of years back and did a very good job.
  5. CNX

    Toyota Vitz 2010 Air Bags.

    Air bags are marked on the A, B and C pillars as well as on the side of the front seats in addition to the 2 on the dash and steering in the 8 air bag model
  6. CNX

    Car Security System

    Installed a steel mate more than 5 years ago. Its still working fine.
  7. CNX

    Auto Gear Fluid Problem In Allion 260

    No need to replace sensors. However you CANNOT use normal auto gear oil. Please use Toyota Super CVT oil only. The agents are probably the best place to get it done as changing the oil is a bit tricky.
  8. CNX

    Red Or Green Coolant For Toyota Cars?

    Use Toyota Super Long Life pink coolant. Available in 2L & 4L packs.
  9. CNX

    High Coolant Temperature Warning

    The vitz has 2 coolant temperature warning lights, one green (low coolant temp) and one red (high coolant temp) . Both come on when you turn on the ignition key. The red one should go off a second or two after starting but the green one may stay until the engine has warmed up to the normal operating temperature. If the RED comes on while the engine is running you are in trouble. Stop immediately and get expert help.
  10. CNX

    Car Audio Problem

    You need to find the correct map disc or you can download the loader file for your car audio from the internet (search using the code name of the player eg: NDDN W56) , write it on to a DVD and insert instead of the map disc. Pet.. Lanka used to do it for a fee.
  11. CNX

    Happy Birthday Harshan Senadhira!!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  12. CNX

    Good Service Station

    C&M Service Station on the Kiribathgoda-Wattala New Road does a decent job.
  13. CNX

    Vitz Player!!!

    You will not be able to change the language but the player will work fine if you can find the correct map disc to enter in to the player. You can also do a google search and download the file and write it on to a dvd and use the player. Petc. Lank. will do the job for a fee but probably won't give you the disc.