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  1. CNX

    Japanese Car News

    Could be a blessing in disguise
  2. CNX

    Japanese Car News

    It may be the end of an era for Sri Lankan motoring. Unless they offer a 1.2 CVT later or the present tax structure changes, the new version of the corolla which dominated the Sri Lankan market for over 30 years will end up being more expensive than a BMW 3 series, mercedes C class or an Audi A4!
  3. CNX


    AWD definitely better but will have a lower 2nd hand market and slightly reduced fuel efficiency.
  4. CNX

    Service Interval 5000 miles or kms?

    Depends on the conditions the vehicle is used in. In Sri Lanka most agents recommend a 5000km or 6 months interval which is fair enough given the traffic, dust, hot and humid conditions. If you do a lot of long outstation runs you may be able to stretch that a bit. In Europe, it is common to have service intervals in excess of 10000 miles. However the traffic and environmental conditions there are totally different and even after 10000 miles the air filter for example looks brand-new accumulating less dust than running 5000km in Sri Lanka.
  5. CNX

    Engine Braking

    I can't see any benefits of engine breaking. Besides being costly to repair, it can potentially kill you when traveling downhill or on slopes due to loss of steering & brake power and will be a real hassle if happens in heavy traffic.
  6. CNX

    Budget 2019

  7. CNX

    Toyota vitz 2016 safety

    Depends on how you drive. If you are gentle on the throttle, it delivers excellent fuel economy. However, if you are a heavy footed driver who wants it to perform like a 1500cc car, it will give worse fuel figures than a 1500cc car.
  8. CNX

    bus import

    To work part-time as a conductor
  9. CNX

    Vitz Ksp90- Whistling Sound From Silencer

    I had the same problem. It turned out to be due to deterioration of a rubber pack where two springs are attached to two screws fastening the silencer tube to the muffler just to the front of the right rear wheel. The noise disappeared after applying some grease and has not reappeared for more than a year.
  10. You mean like Volkswagen and Audi diesels?
  11. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="sasika" data-cid="284385" data-time="1444526783"><p> I think you should study more on this aspect. Diesel is both cleaner and economical than petrol. At least Euro Diesel engines</p></blockquote>
  12. CNX

    Toyota Vitz Service Requirement

    You have to change CVT oil every 40,000 km. Make sure you use original Toyota super CVT oil. It costs around Rs. 12,000 to get this done at the agents.
  13. CNX

    Topping Up Coolant

    It is essential to use the proper coolant. For example, Toyota super long life pink coolant, which is factory filled in new vehicles, need not be changed for 10 years or 120,000 km. Therefore, better not mix and contaminate it.
  14. Confirm whether correct plugs were used. Denso iridium tipped ones are the original equipment. ECU has to be reset to clear error codes after plug replacement and throttle body cleaning.