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  1. @jwenn is ur punto an Indian one?
  2. BTW Asanka, The parts and repair manual will be really useful in future
  3. LOLC did the Indian Punto. You can take it to Wheels Lanka in Peliyagoda (former Euro Motors for Italian Fiat Punto) they will look in to that..
  4. The manual punto KN-95** was there for repair. Not in a good shape though. There are some dents on the fender and the front bumper.
  5. Hi Crosswind.. I put my car for a full paint and there was this K*-266* car.. same car as mine.. with leather interior and with panaromic roof.. but it was in a bad shape though
  6. Yep it's a common problem with all the cars in sri lanka. Better take it to the agent wheels lanka in peliyagoda. It's the best way to fix it
  7. Yup.. True enough.. I spent more than 400k on this. The milage was 65000 now it's 100000. Did some major repairs. But still worth it. Coz it's such a nice car. Most of these cars are not properly maintained. After that the repair cost is high. Better to check the history of the car by anyone who maintained it.
  8. I actually don't know a place. But it's available on eBay. Most of them are used ones. There is a serial number which should match. It will cost between 15 grand to 25 grand. Mine was replaced but not functioning properly
  9. It's not euro motors now. GP is serviced by Wheels Lanka peliyagoda. They will do the service. The rear door problem is with all the puntos
  10. Euro mortors is pretty expensive. Take it there and call that guy and tell him to look in to that matter and ask him to tell what the problem is. He is a really busy guy. You should call him.
  11. There are many versions of punto. The grande punto is the 5 door hatch back one. As far as i know grande punto production was stopped in 2009. After that they came up with punto evo. The new facelift version is just punto and its a 3 door hatchback.. i have not seen the new version in SL
  12. Yep.. sometimes on bristol street and sometimes duke street .. why?
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