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  1. unknownplan

    What Would Be The Best?

    Okey I made a spelling mistake with Toyota and I guess all of you had never had a mistake in your life and you are prefect. Well guess wot we call em porschas cz it has a nice rhyme. all you jap car fans wouldn't know eh? Thanks guys you are prefect for this site. I came here to learn something, but you guys are too hot headed and think some +1 and 1000 posts make you know every single shit about cars. Im outta here. say wot ever you want now. xD
  2. unknownplan

    Getting Driving Licence For The First Time

    OKey thanks for you replies. I didnt want to violate the legal process I just thought because of the new system I will be able to get it faster
  3. unknownplan

    Volvo S40 Parts/maintenance

    My bad listen to the pros (More Like assholes)
  4. unknownplan

    Getting Driving Licence For The First Time

    But there site says priority service licence is issued within a week
  5. unknownplan

    What Would Be The Best?

    Okey you win, im sorry if I did anything wrong. But still buy a elentra or a accent
  6. unknownplan

    Which Car To Buy For 15-16 Lac

    My cuz had a mazda Familiya but the fuel consumption was low as 7-8kmpl he said
  7. Hai everyone. Well im trying to get the licence. And as i heard they say I will have to wait 3 months to get it? is it true and anyway to get it faster?
  8. unknownplan

    What Would Be The Best?

  9. unknownplan

    Volvo S40 Parts/maintenance

    LOL yeah I have. actually my dads company had one (think they still have it) when dad brings it home I did sit
  10. unknownplan

    Volkswagen Beetle Ac / Disk Break

    first of all thanks for all the helpful comments, Silvy- I think mine has 12v already anyway to verify? (Im a total noob) Yeah as rameez says I just wanna beat the heat. Well searched around and found a way to reduce the sound and engine heat... Let me present to you Mc-Foil - they say this can reduce the heat and vibrations. Well some pros must be laughing at me for this, I have seen foil inside cars and vans so it might not be new to you well im a newbie as they say xD So i was thinking why not repaint the inside with some laqure based paint to avoid corrosion and then cover it with some Tar Sheets (yeah, wot they use for roofs) this will act as sound deading and will seal off any leaks yeah? And then add foil then sponge finally that fake leather so wot do ya think? and other recommendations for the tar sheet? Something which I can buy locally Hahaha Totally agree with scooter on the last post. And yeah hell no not the engine I love it! Well not totally I was thinking of a matallic paint job and disk breaks. So scooter wot ya think?
  11. unknownplan

    It Is Made Of Gold,but Still......

    The good the bad and the ugly More like no good
  12. unknownplan

    Volvo S40 Parts/maintenance

    Just buy it, it hardly gives any engine troubles actually nothing major, and when it comes to volvo it has some class.
  13. unknownplan

    What Would Be The Best?

    Well buy a hyundai elentra for that budget you get a luxury car plus it can do 12-14kmpl
  14. unknownplan

    Volkswagen Beetle Ac / Disk Break

    Thanks scooter for your advice, well I was thinking to myself and decided to keep it classic, but still wouldnt you think adding ac will not harm its classic value... well ive seen some with AC but didnt see a much difference on the dash. And as Clark's son see the point is the heat. Sure windows are there, but this car dosnt have rear windows, thats a bug most would say but as im still a student im looking at atlest 6more years with this car. Seriously I love german and Italian cars. And as sampath gunasekara says I asked VW motor works but still no reply.and from wot ive heard there prices are pretty high. And thanks again for scooter for pointing me in the right direction, well scooter I dont see me selling this car because of you and its my first car after all. and just like my dad id keep this and buy another for daily use when I have a job xD after all these are not that high in price so why sell it. So dose anyone here think that adding ac is doable at home, if its not explosive that is xD
  15. unknownplan

    Volkswagen Beetle Ac / Disk Break

    Thanks for the fast reply, Yep the book says 1960 and has a 1300 engine. Well we have two with us. One for my dad he wants it to be a classic and have the original look. so what i want to do to my bug is make it a more comfy ride. Well there's a lot of sounds coming in to the car, Well gotta say the engine sounds Nice this is one of the main reasons I want to AC it so automatically it will reduce the sound. I know a bit about sound deadening but couldn't find any sheets here. I went to Pet#o La#ka they said they dont have em now. But I really want to AC it because of the heat coming in from the engine. with the sunny weather these days and engine heat its almost a oven inside it. I saw some sites having kits just for the bug. but none in Srilanka. So I thought of adding a Tata Nano, Mini Cooper or Maruthi AC kit to this. anyone of you think this is doable at home? I mean its basic setup for any car right?