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  1. GayanR

    car wax

    Meguiars is far superior product.But 3m is good too.Spray wax last around a month and it only takes like 10 min to apply.If you don't wash the car frequently then go with the liquid wax.It's upto you can't go wrong with either.I would say meguiars spray wax is far better than the 3m one specially on a black car.
  2. GayanR

    car wax

    You can get the meguiars quik wax from daraz online flagship store,there's a discount going on.Most of the products priced same as 3M.Get their wash and wax product too or 3m wash.Beccause harsh soaps can strip off the wax layer after 2 3 washes.
  3. I'm inpressed as it went like a 4*4 without scraping anything
  4. He might be one of those lucky few🤑
  5. Hmm but he's a kid to the car world
  6. GayanR

    CVT delayed and harsh engagement to R

    Why buy a second hand allion without expecting any repairs.Lot of allions are hacked more than those 121s.Unless it has a service history of all those belt changes,mount,shocks etc it's going to be lemon car.You got to be really lucky to get a well maintained allion.
  7. What to do.Given the toyotas in sri lanka it is the highest common model we can get at least with decent comfort.
  8. GayanR

    CVT delayed and harsh engagement to R

    What did the toyo guys said after the mount replacement?Did they perform an engine scan?Au...mi..guys use many 3rd party additives when performing trans oil changes.Not sure if finally it screwed the cvt.Did you check the car brakes?Specially the rear rotor brakes.Just before going for any repairs try another oil change at toyo..lanka not auto...mi.
  9. GayanR

    CVT delayed and harsh engagement to R

    The last oil change screwed up the cvt?wrong oil used?Too much oil put in?
  10. GayanR

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    Vitz is fine.But the engine noise is hard to get used to.
  11. GayanR

    Allion 260

    If it came with it it should have the healight adjustment switch near to your winker mirros switches.
  12. GayanR

    2007 allion or an unregistered vitz

    Allion is a better car in many ways.Hardest part is finding a home used genuine car.Never buy from a car sale.If you are in a hurry get the vitz or else you will have to spend few months going from ad to ad to grab a good allion.
  13. Sinhalese are people who lived under kings with strict rules.They never knew how to manage and think for themselfs.It is hard coded in their genes.Only way is heavy penalties and imprisonment.
  14. GayanR

    Vitz 2016 sudden "hiccup"

    It's very annoying to drive in city traffic.There's a pause and the car jumps forward and the moment car leeps forward the speed is too much than you wanted ,again you have to break soon.Feels like a noob manual driver.I drove a same allion without any issue.So it's not my driving style either.