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  1. found a set of oem springs.asking price is 16000/- is it fair price?
  2. It came with these yellow springs.About 1 inch lowered with normal shocks.I could live with it but since i replaced the shocks with kyb Now it’s too bumpy.
  3. Yes i went with the classics.It’s no different than the excel g.Not so soft.Very bumpy
  4. I do have the same setup.To be honest it’s very bumpy on the road.I’m looking for oem springs.From where i can buy the originals?
  5. Actually my one got lowering springs😬It’s bumpy now.
  6. damn i can only think how hard it will be for you to choose a wife
  7. Hi guys.Where can i find a set of coil springs for my allion 260.Any place to buy brand new or do i have to visit panchikawatta?
  8. Thanks.I read it.So it’s seems the classic is softer than the excel g?
  9. front 13000 per shock,I didn't ask the rear one price as i though of going excel G for the rear.I came across this pdf.Looks like it's a decent shock? http://kybservice.su/ckfinder/userfiles/files/KYBJ_SHOCK_ABSORBERS_2018.pdf
  10. Yes I'm looking forward to give it a go.It's a japan one though
  11. Hi guys,So recently went to check on kyb shocks for my allion 260.I have had experiences with excel G from T**s previously which is not so good but livable.But now they have a variety called KYB klassic from japan which is specially designed for older cars like allion,121 as they mention.I asked a garage guy about them and he said they are close to oem shocks than the excel G in terms of comfort but with less handling capability than the excel G.I wonder If any of you guys have experience with this shock.🙂
  12. Thanks,pls let me know.It is hard to find a proper garage
  13. without going with anything ahead first replace your battery.It is high time.8 years.This will fail at any given moment and you'll end up middle of the road
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