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  1. GayanR

    Japanese Car News

    Hmm next year will be very interesting😳
  2. Do not buy vitz.When raize comes market will take a massive hit.
  3. GayanR

    Japanese Car News

    I wonder what will happen to used car matket in that range.5m premio/allions/vezel/grace/axio going to take a hit
  4. GayanR

    What is the best choice?

    Go for yaris and wait till next election is over
  5. so can we expect used 121 price to go up by 1.2m?😌
  6. GayanR

    Honda grace ex yom 2014/12

    negotiating because it needs a tune up and a set of spark plugs.😓 You should get a brand new vitz not used ones.
  7. GayanR

    Toyota Allion 260 Pro's & Con's

    Do not buy from a car sale and make sure they have service records including previous owners.If not you might get a lemon allion.
  8. GayanR

    Allion 260 and 240 fuel consumption

    Get the 260.You'll regret buying the 240 as now it's outdated.Even though you got a good one you'll regret when a 260 pass you by.
  9. GayanR

    which battery i should use

  10. GayanR

    New Defender Design??

    No more V*P morons.
  11. GayanR

    car wax

    Meguiars is far superior product.But 3m is good too.Spray wax last around a month and it only takes like 10 min to apply.If you don't wash the car frequently then go with the liquid wax.It's upto you can't go wrong with either.I would say meguiars spray wax is far better than the 3m one specially on a black car.
  12. GayanR

    car wax

    You can get the meguiars quik wax from daraz online flagship store,there's a discount going on.Most of the products priced same as 3M.Get their wash and wax product too or 3m wash.Beccause harsh soaps can strip off the wax layer after 2 3 washes.
  13. I'm inpressed as it went like a 4*4 without scraping anything
  14. He might be one of those lucky few🤑