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  1. premio 260 2008 and above
  2. GayanR

    ECU issue in Toyota Vitz

    This is a car not a living being
  3. The name Vitz is the phonetic Anglicized spelling of the German word Witz which means "wit" (however, its principal meaning in contemporary German is "joke")
  4. GayanR

    Car around 3.3-3.5 mil

    allion two forty
  5. Never buy a used car from car sales
  6. GayanR

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    Definitely, those are rust buckets.Absolute shit of a paint job
  7. GayanR

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    No I was talking about the later one.mazda 3.
  8. GayanR

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    Dude buying a mazda that old is certain death.
  9. GayanR

    Can this be fixed?

    For sure those service center guys used their favourite high pressure water machines on those doors interior.
  10. GayanR

    5.5 million car options?

    premio 260
  11. GayanR

    Help needed

    It was just my experience with the buyers😂Try selling as it is.According to the them whole boot need to be replaced.
  12. GayanR

    Help needed

    That dent can lower your car value by around 2 lks
  13. GayanR

    Vezel Hybrid 2014 DCT Issues

    25k odo🤔