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  1. GayanR

    Best Ride for Rs.3.0 Mn to Rs.3.400 Mn

  2. GayanR

    Premium vehicle to buy for 3 - 4.5 million?

  3. GayanR

    Budget 2019

    I can't wait to see the 121 guys
  4. neighbours must be jealous
  5. I don't mind replacing transmission and all as long as it doesn't stop nowhere but in middle of the road.I have seen few vezel owners pushing there cars by hand on the way to Nuwaraeliya.embarrassing.
  6. Can we check this buy getting a full online report from rmv 150/= or do we have to physically visit?
  7. GayanR

    5.5 million car options?

    Did you mistake the people attention as driving pleasure?😛
  8. GayanR

    Honda Vezel gear shifting issue

    You had a problem in 2017 too?Just sell the cart
  9. GayanR

    Second hand car market at present

    Which vehicles do you mean?Look at those 121,allions and premios still asking for out of world prices
  10. GayanR

    Honda Fit Hybrid IMA Issue

    Got depression after reading this
  11. GayanR

    Experts Need your help

    Age doesn't matter in SL.Have you seen those shit old 121,allion and granny old prados go for the same price or above.As long as you get a very famous model you are safe.
  12. GayanR

    Grace 2015 or Axio 2015 or Premio 2012 ?

    Not personal it is fake