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  1. GayanR

    121 car

    G limited is limited
  2. GayanR

    Toyota Premio 2015 G superior Gearbox mount

    superior one must be expensive
  3. will it increase the second hand japan car market?
  4. GayanR

    Axio vs Vios

    allion 260
  5. GayanR

    Help in finding a sexy car for a complete beginner

    mazda 3 2008๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. Don't get mad.other members will comment down the line.I just recommended a vehicle since you were asking for a vehicle upto 6m๐Ÿ™‚
  7. ๐Ÿ˜‹ Bro I just recommended the ideal vehicle.Z grade because it is better than G superior.I knew the final result he will end up not liking the audi giving away the premio.
  8. just buy a premio.
  9. GayanR

    Honda Fit GP 1 battery health

  10. GayanR

    Mazda 3

    average 9-10 city out 14.The engine is very rev happy and beautiful gauge cluster.I had a hard time driving normally without trying to do racing here and then.Always ended up doing around 8.5kmpl.
  11. GayanR

    Mazda 3

    I sold my mazda axela in one day after advertising.Even though i liked the car it was too bumpy for my liking.I felt every small imperfection on road.Mazna motors is a good place if you know the owner if not the prices are astronomical.Loved everything about the car except the bumpiness.It takes a toll on body after a long trip.Had some rust issues under the seats and steering bore.dust like rusting
  12. GayanR

    Axio vs Vios

    change your mechanic.
  13. GayanR

    Axio vs Vios

    It's average millage for a 2008 one.Go for that one or find a lesser millage one if you like.millage can be only proven if it has service records going back to the year of import.Look at the condition of the car and service records rather than millage.
  14. GayanR

    Kia Stonic offerred by Kia Motors Lanka

    Doesn't dct fail in sri lanka regardless of the manufacture?or is it happen only on honda dct?