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  1. speed8

    Quick Trivia 3

    Correct, your turn.
  2. speed8

    Quick Trivia 3

    That's an EU spec Corolla E110 right?
  3. Fuel economy does depend heavily on the type of traffic as well. If you're always crawling bumper to bumper and sitting still with engine idling for a long time, there's no way to get a decent figure with an ICE car. Also, auto cars of this vintage are worse on fuel compared to their manual counterparts. Our own Pulsar doesn't do do more than 10 kmpl either in the same conditions.
  4. speed8

    Quick Trivia 3

    Correct. Seen one for sale sometime ago, I believe there's only one or two that made it somehow. over to you @Davy
  5. The GRMN FR Sports Concept Platinum looks straight outta Ridge Racer. I'm curious to see what the final product will look like.
  6. speed8

    Quick Trivia 3

    1942 Chrysler Windsor?
  7. speed8

    Quick Trivia 3

    Man, I hate these people who ruin unique cars like this. It's one thing if it's a common model, but knowing it's the only one of its type in the entire island... it's truly heartbreaking! 😭
  8. speed8

    Quick Trivia 3

    Correct! It's a 307 CC to be exact. Your turn, @GK_007
  9. speed8

    Quick Trivia 3

    Not quite there yet, and yes we do have at least one...
  10. speed8

    Quick Trivia 3

    Is that a 2nd gen Toyota Mark X G's\GR Sport? The details seem to match...
  11. Well that's something unexpected. And Cyan Racing's behind it... hmmm
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