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  1. I'm planning on a family trip to tangalle. From Kandy to Tangalle. I have 2 routes in mind 1. Kandy - southern highway road 2. Kandy-galigamuwa-rathnapura-angunakolapelessa-tangalle Is there any other better routes, (road condition & less traffic) Which route would be better regarding road conditions and less traffic Appreciate your help.
  2. Can someone provide me with the complete manual for the j series. Even a PDF maybe....
  3. I've send it.sorry for the delay. Hope it will be of help
  4. I have a PDF of workshop and chassis manuals. It has parts of electrical wiring. Can upload if you want
  5. Yes, it was regarding the emmision certificate. I took my revenue from a rural area secratariate office.mine is the first hybrid they did. They didn't know about the registration certificate. So, I got to call RMV to clarify things, and when I did the guy from RMV said it is mentioned as hybrid on the registration certificate, putting me in more trouble. ultimately the divisional sec had to come there, and give a call to RMV to clarify things. so i had a slight confusion regarding how hybrid is indicated (RMV did print my personal details incorrectly in the CR 3 times, that's why I was suspiciuos). thanks for helping me to clarify things.
  6. How does a hybrid car is indicated on the registration certificate. Does it says hybrid some where, mine says "petrol/ele" in fuel type category. I'm asking because I met with a problem while getting my revenue license.
  7. this is very true. the first priority should be to get the injured to the proper medical attention. the problem with transportation is with the lack of knowledge amongst general population. if we can establish a proper emergency response service like 911, or educate at least 25%-30% of the population about basic trauma management, the problems with patient handling and transportation can be avoided. I do think non of the above bodies should attempt what you are saying. SLMC is the regulatory body which is responsible for keeping registration of doctors,dentists, pharmasists, nurses (few years back), and supervising their proffessional and ethical conduct, supervision of medical colleges and dental college etc. GMOA is a trade union, a trade union must involve in activities which are for the benefit of the members primarily, that is why it is concerned about vehicle permit, (vehicle permit has a long story as to why it was given in the first place, how it evolved to the level where it is now, why and how docs are entitled to vehicle permits etc..) kids schooling issues (mainly in association with 4 yearly transfers), to have a proper regularization and quality control in PMC (check SLMC report on PMC, and have a chat with a 3rd year student of the PMC you will get to know why it is needed)
  8. nadisha

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    this is definitely kandy - mahiyangana road. uda-dumbara - hasalaka segment is difficult to drive, some times you have to cut the lines even if you are going at 40kmph.
  9. nadisha

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Magnum, Where did you took this pic. Kandy - Mahiyangana Rd????
  10. nadisha

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    finally found it....!!! Man those panda fans.....!! Hilarious.....
  11. nadisha

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Damn....! I can't find this panda FB page...
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