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  1. Guys what about the 2015 Monter 2.8GL? comes in Diesel and Manual transmission? It also falls within 8 million. 5.6mil for the permit
  2. Thank you guys for the good and bad feedbacks, yeah we do agree that the event was not the best, It was all due to the bad day, But considering the time and effort we had to put to get permission for a non academic motorshow for the school we consider it to be a successful first step, saying that this event will surely take place better next year. This was the first ever motorshow done by a school in sri lanka, and also this is the second year since the automobile engineering club in our school was established, so for now we think we have gained the required recognition in school and other organizations to do better next time. Having to select this day was much of a forced one due to many factors like term tests, ALs, school holidays, availability of the venue and financial feasibility. Yeah we had created letters and all but due to some scene we couldnt handover that, therefore we will surely be doing it the next time. Thanks We had informed the necessary OBAs about the event though.. Anyways , we will make sure we check the racing calender before we take a step on the next years one Thank you Thank you for dropping in I kinda agree, it was not the best due to the bad date. It was Adv#nce Car Audio Damitha ayya's car. He helped us a lot in getting down cars Thank you for the valuable feed back We'll remember this when doing the next time. Thank you a lot Don. It means a lot and yeah this will be an annual event. A lot of guys are looking forward for the event next year, the school children really did enjoy it, the stunts, though the cars might not have been the best, seeing something different from the normal cars on the road were amongst their liking. So we think we made a good base within the school in our first step. Thank you
  3. Yep it is :/ but we had scheduled it earlier so changing the day was quiye a problem. But this will happen whole day long
  4. Hi guys This is an open invitation for you all to come and visit the Nalanda Motorshow 2014 which will take place on the 7th of December at the parliament grounds car park. Please do not consider this as an advertisement. The entrance for the event is free, and will have some of the country's super cars and classics and a remote control car racing track etc. And also, it will be a great privilege for us to exhibit any of your valuable cars if any of you volunteer. Please PM me on that regard. This is the first time a school automobile club is organising such an event and therefore we expect the help from you all autolankans as well. - Thank you -
  5. Only if we had policemen who would not go behind a pillar when such vehicles pass :/
  6. Have to get a goddamn copy of this!!
  7. I say it was more of a F1 car show. They showed it thrice and the commentators said the same stuff. And they had cut down good races in my opinion. The second SLGT and a mini 7 should have been there.
  8. That Rolls is for sale!! :D

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      no no bed roll

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      Sorry for the hugggee delay on this regard!! Its that HU registered silver ghost, that appeared in many classic car functions in colombo.belonged to some architect?

  9. Have to say the thing is funny though!!!! :/
  10. Mean Green Z28, Nice car man!! tell me What you do? and How you do it!! - quoting Will Smith from the Pursuit of Happiness
  11. Pity the guy who probably bought a corolla because its the most sold car in the world. And also ithe fact that Toyota is making big profits! Get your accounts checked man!! big profits never say its the most sold!
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