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  1. guys, is the ETC in action for all the highways, or just katunayake highway?

  2. Ok guys. I really want to buy a sporty car. Max budget is 3.5 million. Give me some options guys. Thank you

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    2. AVANTE


      Oh, Romeo is a boat sailor it seems :P

      you can get brand new parts for the 156?

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      @iRage no worries bro. Will do once I bring her home.

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      @AVANTE hahaha this is a TA bro. Much stiffer and sharper handling. Nothing german though. Still a sailorman 😛

  3. The Stig driving a Korean car? LOL JK KIA has a higher market value bro. Not just Sri Lanka,the whole world pretty much. Kia is considered the sporty ang hip brand. Hyundai is seen as old people transport. Try a Sorento bro.much better vehicle. Get a 2011 onwards. Look for the fully loaded 1-10 option model or 1-14 option model on facelift version. Can be had for 5million. Haggle Hard. Cheers
  4. fiat fan

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Agreed. Shame though. The focus hatch is a much better car, just a tad expensive than the fiesta . The loaded titanium focus has a spec sheet that puts a German car to shame.
  5. fiat fan

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Im assuming there are lot of - patta machan. Maxxa. Thada thada. Eka wasi. Mage ekko. comments too
  6. fiat fan

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    The ST lineup is a whole different ball game. Cant be compared to the regular models. To be honest bro. There is a major demand for hatchbacks and mini SUVs. Towns are crowded parking is bad.traffic is HORRIBLE. So even the yanks are buying tiny cars/suvs The focus hatch is a fast seller. Also very well respected among tuners. The fiesta attracts all the boy racers. Like the guy above.
  7. fiat fan

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Fiesta is like literally the shittiest car ever. Not even the yanks buy it.
  8. fiat fan

    Looking for an old fun to drive car :)

    All Part of the fun bro. Restore as you go
  9. fiat fan

    Looking for an old fun to drive car :)

    Wbt a Mini? Bit over your budget though. Easily the best fun to drive car by a mile.
  10. fiat fan

    Car for Rs 2Mn

    I know plenty who can, they are not in either side. But mostly agreed.
  11. I'm betting 99% of the buyers will get the TV.
  12. Maybe, but sometimes u gotta keep it real
  13. So I just noticed, we have post approval for any post with a senstive word? When did that happen? And why is "KG" written in sinhala term a red flag?

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Oh I forgot. I need the red plate in front with the engine no and chassis no. 

    3. Hyaenidae


      How do you know if a 15-year old car is really "in showroom condition"?

      Plastic-wrapped seats.

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      I know a lot of people who still have the poletheyene 10 years later 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  14. fiat fan

    Land cruiser BJ75 ex-police

    Dude really?