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  1. fiat fan

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Amen 🙏
  2. fiat fan

    Mg 6 Turbo Petrol

    Hey guys. Back after some time. We never pulled the trigger on the MG. I saw a couple of 2015s loaded going for 2.9m, what does everybody think? Feel tempted to get it!
  3. fiat fan

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    They all look fab. But that E30 just blasts everything else away. The e46 M3 is also very tasty. The rest urrghh not that striking. Pretty thats for sure,but nothing to go nuts over. I strongly believe cars made before 2010 was better. Specially 80s, 90s and eaarly 2000's. Mordern cars might be more reliable,small pampering details, tech infested,safer and better daily cars. But nothing can beat those oldies. Gimme buttons over screens anyday!
  4. fiat fan

    micro kyron-5 speed

    I'm guessing ECU.
  5. fiat fan

    Any Horologists with us? Watch lovers?

    Wow you got some nice pieces. The bond will cost an arm and leg nowadays. Even I buy most of my watches on sale overseas. Is it me, or do Tissot have very good quality and extremely good value? Post some pictures in the free time if thats ok. Im sure everybody will like that 🙂
  6. Hey guys. Hope everyone is safe from the sad attacks going on. We will get over this tragedy.stand strong! So the reason I started this thread was, I wanted to see if we had any watch enthusiasts. I myself enjoy the marvels of a good timepiece. Though I am an amateur and never claim to be a pro horologist. I thought that maybe we could have disscuss and hang out in this thread to all watch related things. Getting bored of thel higanna posts(you guessed it). I acquired a few pieces along the years. Some great,some not so much. It is a very expensive hobby. Mainly due to prices increasing recently 10× because of social media goons who just dont value the piece. They dont care about nothing but the brand logo.But proudly show it off on Instagram and brag(ow bro rado ekak, suppa bande, elada bro?). Im sure we have many pro horologists with us in AL. If you have time. Please share your prized possessions with us. Thanks guys
  7. Guys.

    How good is a 2000-2005 pajero /Montero ,off road? 

    Like a v6 petrol version.

    Can it do what the 120 prado does?

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Thanks. Yeah we were planning a off road trip. Will a 110 stock defender do better? Mild is what we had in mind. But mud bogging would be fun. We have the choice of Montero or Defender.

    3. tiv


      Stock 110 would do wonders, even at mud bogging, will need a good set of tyres though. unless they are thoroughly done up or in a new state, reliability will be a concern. Comfort is out of the question though, if you are planning to go into mud, take another backup car as well because even a competition level off roader can get stuck given the right conditions

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Thank you brother. We took a 150 prado with some mud tires. Damn that thing can do wonders. Sadly 99% of them run in tarmac.

  8. Guys, How come the Alto Lapin hasn't hit the shores that much? Looks nice and the interior is pleasant. Much better than the boxy one. Also I feel like lowering it and “do some upgrading” would do wonders

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    2. vag2


      looks classic. i doubt if it will get pedestrian safety approval in western markets due to the vertical front. I think that is why the old mini had to taper off the front grill.

    3. iRage


      but kei cars are not designed for Western markets...they are for Japan by Japan. 

      In Japan the frontal pedestrian safety requirements are more to do with height and non forward pointy shapes and does not mandate a slant. 

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Thanks for the answers everyone. Sadly due to the nex tax scheme. We will stick with the current car.

  9. fiat fan

    Suzuki StingRay Seat Heaters

    Seat heaters danda epa ban thel pichenawa. (This was from a real convo. Befriended him)
  10. fiat fan

    Importing Spares from Ebay

    Yes bro. In the Q3. Lexus comes with JBL.Actually the new lineup of Audi`s now come with B & O. But personally, I like Bose better. Bose just has that punch in bass,which is heaven. You wont regret it. ps. Try to replace the speakers with Bose as well.At least on the rear 2. Soo worth it.
  11. Hey guys! Whats the best Kei car for about 3.3m ? Its for an old lady. Dont like the wagon R. Thanks

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Thanks guys. Wbt the honda N wgn? Do we have the N one? Also I found a Mitsu EK?!

    3. tiv


      Haven't seen the N1, N wagon is like a wagon r, 

      Same with the Ek wagon, personally I love the ek as it shares parts with the mitsu line and agent support is there, pulling power of all of the above are behind the wagon r, thus why there is a following.

    4. matroska


      The Mira is OK - a bit under-powered but ok for an old lady. The cheapest would be the Kei Alto. 

      Hideous as it may look something like a spacia might be something the elderly prefer as it is relatively easy to get in and out of the car. [P.S : I think it's pricier than the Wagon R - i don't know the price of it just a thought that it would be good for an elderly person ] 

      The best looking one would be the EK IMO. 

      Non Kei - I don't think you can get an unreg vitz for 3.3. A passo maybe for around 3.4... Axia maybe?  

  12. fiat fan

    Importing Spares from Ebay

    Have one in my car. Not sure of the model though! Very nice indeed. Can make a lady go 💦 with the right track 😜
  13. fiat fan

    Buying BMW E34 or 520i Guide..

    Just found a old pic. Called the guy at the yard.said its was sold some time back. Actually there was 2 very similar looking cars. Sad to see 18-8006 has gotten nastier. Owner seems to have taken the rare and valuable parts out. Notice the alloy wheels it has now? Crappy.. @Octanehead any info about the current info on these?
  14. Bought a Lexus UX for my mother. If anybody is interested in knowing about it, shoot away! Thel wadsa karanwa machan. Towme 15 wada karanwa. Market ekath hodai! 😉







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    2. MrCat


      which in engine? 2.0t or hybrid? cant really read the badge at the back :D 

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      @alpha17  It sits lower than the Audi, so better comfort and more car-like. But I prefer the Audi,because the driving feel is much better and it feels like a suv. The Lexus has more tech inside along with the safety stuff(God I hate that beeping), which my mother likes. I prefer minimal tech. Just me the road and 15 Bose speakers for me. 😁 

      I honestly cant see any difference in build quality. Both are top notch.

      But surprsingly, almost everything on the lexus is optional(and very costly). The base doesnt even have gas struts for the hood 🤷🏼‍♂️.


      It starts from 31k USD and all the way to 46k.. ours has all the options you ever need and it was 37k.

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      @MrCat Its the 2 liter NA. Dont like them hybrid stuff, it drives boring as it is!

      We got this at launch. So there was no hybrid at that time anyway. Sadly AWD was only on the hybrid, but we dont really need that in Cali. 

  15. fiat fan

    Buying BMW E34 or 520i Guide..

    This car was(I think still is) in the peoples leasing yard in maradana, that was back in 2010. Guess they never sold it. They used to quote 800,000. Had some work to be done. Buy it and retsore it. But at first it will not be a daily. Ask for 500,000. Because if its not sold for so many years, it means they will gladly let go. Have atleast anothe 500k in hand for restoration. Was a good car, fully loaded too. Rare. But its not a cheap BMW to pose around(for now 😉 )