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  1. Goodbye Lexus UX!

    kinda miss you, but not really...


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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      I actually prefer the hybrid rav4. Much smoother quieter and better on acceleration.

      The regular is raspy and raw. Both have 2L 4cyls here.

      My mother wants to go west field and buy an old vw bug(2007s) with the drop top.

      Quite cute and lovable cars tbh. Though I prefer the regular top.

    3. iRage


      Lol....you should talk her in to a light blue paint job with woody panels on the side..maybe even drop in some yellow and pink flowers  :) 

    4. Kavvz


      Wha...I didn't know you rolled around in one of these? Sha! Students these days I tell you! :D So how come you don't like it? Not enough power? But more importantly what was the suspension like? 

      edit: Oh wait! My bad, I confused this with the other new Lexus the NX. My bad, the UX is based on the CH-R right? So what its not sporty to drive? That's strange...it certainly is better looking than the CH-R though...

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