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  1. I really want a 300Z ☹️ 

    But then the Latest one sold went for  8.4M(red-J plates. TT with mods).


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    2. MrCat


      Yeah, I get what you are saying about the design, legacy and the looks ...

      Holy Crap! 30k..?   😮 

      These things were going for peanuts here in Aus, like 5k for non-turbos and maybe 10-15 for Turbos..  Just checked some prices, looks like the recent 90`s/early 2000`s car price hike has hit the Z32`s as well.. Over 10k for non turbos now.!

      R33 Skylines (GTS-T) were like 5k cars, not any more.!  DC2 Type R`s are over 20k now!  Evo/Sti prices are up! Forget about E36/E46 M3`s.!  It`s all going mental!!


    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      I literally have nothing interesting left to buy from the 90s. I wonder if the 400z will really feel like a 90s car. Then again I’m guessing around 15mil after taxes.

    4. speed8


      I'd say we would be lucky to get it for 15 mil AFTER taxes...

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