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  1. So there is a V8 Jag S type. Tempted to pull the trigger.hmmm

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    2. AVANTE


      Save your money and wait for something rare to come up in the classifieds. You never know! You got lots of options tbh, search patiently.

      When I mentioned Alto, I actually meant the hardcore japanese Suzuki Alto Turbo Works:  Recaros, 5-speed manual, stiff suspension, turbocharged & intercooled with 15" Enkei wheels. If one can come across an SWK tuned one (Suzuki Works Kurume), its an even better treat! The best part? The whole package weights at 670kg (small, under 700kg, FWD...classic mini anyone?)

      An HKS BFV, a 4-point harness, 175 width sport tyres & a nice chip for the ECU and it will easily keep up with anything less than a 2.0L.  I live for the little things in life😆

      Indian alto is another level though lol. My uncle used to cram all 6 members of his family including his belly into one and go on a trip to nuwara eliya. No, Im not bluffing.

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      That does sound good. But still 660 doesnt give a punch bro. I would say go for atleast 1.6. Maybe a Lancer EX?

    4. AVANTE


      I follow the philosophy of "drive a slow car fast"..in srilanka its very very hard to push the limits on anything above 1500cc. Nothing like driving on the edge! 

      Also, I have seen people the japanese get north of 150hp out of kei cars and my objective is just half of that. Once I do get bored, I would move on to something bigger. Either a 660cc or a 1300cc starlet GT.

      I also have a japanese moped with a 5hp, aluminum, fuel injected, liquid cooled engine of 50-LOLs-CC. And I was expected to get bored but suprisingly I've never been bored with it! But the power is hell lacking when you need to do some overtakes on the A1.

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