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  1. Guys.

    How good is a 2000-2005 pajero /Montero ,off road? 

    Like a v6 petrol version.

    Can it do what the 120 prado does?

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Thanks. Yeah we were planning a off road trip. Will a 110 stock defender do better? Mild is what we had in mind. But mud bogging would be fun. We have the choice of Montero or Defender.

    3. tiv


      Stock 110 would do wonders, even at mud bogging, will need a good set of tyres though. unless they are thoroughly done up or in a new state, reliability will be a concern. Comfort is out of the question though, if you are planning to go into mud, take another backup car as well because even a competition level off roader can get stuck given the right conditions

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Thank you brother. We took a 150 prado with some mud tires. Damn that thing can do wonders. Sadly 99% of them run in tarmac.