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  1. Guys, How come the Alto Lapin hasn't hit the shores that much? Looks nice and the interior is pleasant. Much better than the boxy one. Also I feel like lowering it and “do some upgrading” would do wonders

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    2. tiv


      And since they have a religion called wagon R

    3. Hyaenidae


      Honestly, I'd go for the boxy Alto rather than the Lapin any day - it looks way better (esp the turbo one)

      but that's just me :)


    4. iRage


      Lapin had a Turbo variant as a limited package. 

      The Lapin is more expensive than the standard Alto so that might have been one issue...I suppose the thought is that if you are going to spend that much on a Lapin they might as well go with a WagonR series car which can get some tax benefit because of the Hybrid system.

      In Japan...people go for the Lapin just for looks (especially the younger crowd) and Suzuki offers a hell of a lot of aesthetic  modifications. Some have even converted them to old American truck looking things and wood panel station wagons. 

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