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  1. Just a minor update. Washed and waxed her. So far has been off-roading over 10 times. Performed very well. She’s been to all the parks in the country. 0 issues. But then again my brother is highly experienced off-road, so that might be why its been a breeze. We actually have plans to swap the KE-31 and drop a 4dr6. OR overhaul the KE-31 and upgrade it for more power.
  2. I’m down for a G2G after Corona is done. I guess next year would do. Hopefully the airport opens before that and let’s me in. @Devinda_Z Please don’t! I wanted to tag you. But since you were active, I thought not to. Nobody can forget you or that Z in this forum. Are you still holding the highest no of posts title? Edit. Did a quick check and found out @Pericles has the highest. P.S @Pericles cover photo is lit. 🔥
  3. Whatever happened to Modified fest anyway? Then again Modified cars seem less common and out of trend, So it’s inevitable I guess.
  4. I consider it an honor, That I was able to make you post more awesome restoration threads. How is your Fiat 500 sir?
  5. It’s actually @AVANTE. Guy’s planning on putting a 400 in there.
  6. Ahh no worries bro. Things happen in life! It was around 2009 wasn’t it? Did you enjoy any other fun rides while you were here?
  7. fiat fan

    Daihatsu Copen

    Hmmm... Is it a fully loaded with red/tan interior? What model is this? 2014 is kinda old for one tbh. They went for 25ish before the Virus. 30 might be ok in today’s crazy market, but even then still overpriced. I would wait for more opinions from fellow members.
  8. fiat fan

    Daihatsu Copen

    Wait till at least 2021. Prices would drop.
  9. I’m digging the yellow tbh.
  10. Btw just remembered. Did you end up buying a Rx8,while you were in hillbilly land?
  11. 1st time I’m seeing it! Super cool. Do the germans have this? Also haven’t seen it on any new lexus models.
  12. This guy was convinced that he had more taste than the guys at AR.
  13. fiat fan

    Daihatsu Copen

    Copen is usually like 200k less. unreg went from 2.7 ish to 3mil depending on spec and model grades etc. Can be heavily negotiated, they are “no market cars “ reg went from 2.5mil. Abused and engine’s are tired on most. Also most unreg cars are 2015 and such. Go for something over 2018 for good measure. I would also wait.
  14. Damnn 😍 Now thats a looker! Swinging AC? Care to show us poor mortals? congrats bro!
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