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  1. fiat fan

    Servicing Audi A!

    I used to service my A4 B5 at carepoint (watched them like a hawk while doing so), did repairs at senok and vishwa Motors.
  2. fiat fan

    Nissan Dayz recommendation

    I dunno about the car, But that name itself is a big no no for me. Chick- what do u drive? guy- Nissan Dayz Highway star X! chick- ayyeh amma phone eka gatta, aye mata msg krnda epa.
  3. fiat fan

    Audi A1 or the Honda civic 2018 hatch

    Big time Audi fan / Owner. But the A1 is a POS on wheels! Just a fancy Alto with the badges on! (Iv had one as a rental in UK) The civic is much better than the A1.
  4. fiat fan

    Breaks Getting stuck after car wash

    Its normal, it happens when the disks get wet and dry with the hand break on! Leave the handbreak off if possible, or gently move the tires with the foot when parked. You should be ok! Audi or maruti doesn’t matter, it happens in all of them!
  5. Daihatsu Copen, yay or nay?

    1. terrabytetango


      Only if manual. But I would suggest manual S660 instead.

    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Hmm I had the same thing. Any other convertible for around 5 mil?

  6. fiat fan

    Any Audi S4`s or RS4`s in Srilanka?

    Sorry for the late reply brother. You have good taste, even though its a diesel its still an awesome and your doing it for cheap(WIN). I was thinking of buying a S4 and sending the parts to SL. But damn they are expensive. Right now my plan is to buy the best B5 I can find (kind of rare now with Audi Q2 and A3 trashing classifieds). I like to see pics of your baby if you dont mind! Cheers!
  7. fiat fan

    Any Audi S4`s or RS4`s in Srilanka?

    Just an update on this thread as Im sure all of you are bored to death with 1000cc madness,etc... So I did some digging around and yes, it seems @Supra_Natural is correct! There are no Audi S or RS versions in Sri Lanka. But I did see to or 3 badged cars(found from sources). So I thought of going ahead and buying an Audi A4 B5 and do a conversion. The real deal mind you.Not the bodykit with a fart can doing 180kmph blasting Tokyo drift! I know it will be time consuming and VERY costly. But I am in no rush. Gonna take my time.I am currently on the lookout for an A4 B5,preferably a 2000 -2001 as they had lots of goodies and had the niggles of older cars sorted. I am willing to pay for a good car with the biggest engine out there because DMV does not authorise engine upgrades more than 500cc from the current engine size. That is my biggest issue right now because almost all A4 B5`s in SL are either 1.8 or 1.9(bummer) and the S4 has a 2.7 liter Bi Turbo V6 (yummy)... I will probably pick an A4 B5 up this year and will progress from there on.. oops almost forgot, have you guys seen how much a S4 B5 goes all over the world(20000 British pounds-bottom end cars)? Gulp Some of my friends and relatives were like ayyo eka dan paranai ne, gamuko Audi A1 ekak(yup I be friended them loosers). Sorry for the long rant but I just wanted to update the thread(hey atleast I didnt ask the fuel economy of the S4). Have a good day!
  8. fiat fan

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    I think the Vezel tried overtaking the Mazda, and the mazda swerved to avoid it or something..
  9. fiat fan

    Toyota from Wasanatrading

    Avoid Wasana like the plague. My Best friend knows them very well, his exact words to me“ganda nan epa, jarama wahana”. Need I say more?
  10. fiat fan

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Damn thats nasty. Both the mazda and the vezel were racing it seems,way to fast for the kandy road!
  11. Mey 1000cc honda /Audi padina “posh” thel higanno mawa pissek kara amme! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      The issue is they buy a 1000cc car thinking its the best sheez out there, and they keep going on and on about fuel economy. Civic guys are stingy than the wagon R guys it seems!!

    3. iRage


      Civic guys are stingier than Wagon R guys >-- there is a scientific principal behind that.  How much money they have in hand (after car purchase) is inversely proportionate to how much they spend on the car. Thus, more expensive car results in lesser cash for petrol...


    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      True that! I know people who even pawned their daughters jewelry to buy a vezel!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  12. I want to commit suicide,do you think its more economical to roll down a mountain in my car in neutral or push the car from outside and jump when it goes over the clip? I dont wont to waste fuel and lessen the resale value!
  13. Its every 10,000 miles for my Audi Q3. But I am not based in Sri Lanka,so it may vary! Also there are 3 things European car owners DONT think or talk about!!! They are - 1.Resale Value. 2.Fuel Economy. 3.Maintenance cost. If you gotta ask or think of it,its not for you!
  14. fiat fan

    Project R - front end

    Am I the only guy who loved the "bug" face?
  15. fiat fan

    Stuck with Gen1 Kia Sportage

    Exchange for iphone X and sell it in SL?