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  1. Honda Fit gp5 S 2013 or Toyota allion 2007/8?

    Dude. Maybe you should stick with boobies instead? I saw that you comment negatively in most of the recent threads. Seems like you have no idea what you are on about!
  2. Buying first car under 1M

    True that. The fiat punto is the best for that budget. It has all the things OP needed. And it will not be a econobox used by 1000`s of know it all idiots.
  3. Audi, bmw or benz ?

    Get a Jaaaaaag *Clarkson face and voice*
  4. Any Audi S4`s or RS4`s in Srilanka?

    I am bro.
  5. Audi, bmw or benz ?

    Hey, Im offended. No they are not. Audis are one of the most expensive of the regular cars in the states. They are more expensive than a Benz.
  6. Any Audi S4`s or RS4`s in Srilanka?

    Thanks for the link. Actually I used to own a B5 for about 5 years. I loved that car, still my favourite car to date(which is a saying because I drive a camaro now) Yeah I will be buying another one!
  7. Any Audi S4`s or RS4`s in Srilanka?

    Thanks for the info. Any idea why we do nt have any? We do have some M cars right?
  8. Now that @Komisiripala is back, who thinks AL is gonna boom again? VVTI should also come back(Last I saw him was at that Consumer Association page on fb)


    yehh for R

    1. Komisiripala


      VVTi is always around. He’s on my last update about the katu drags. Go see the naaki uncle!

    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Haha he was having a blast at the CA fb page. 

  9. Hey guys. I started a thread after a long time. I was wondering if we had any Audi S4`s or RS4`s? Or any S or RS Audi actually. Any Converted cars? I would like to buy one, or covert one(I am aware that its expensive and time consuming) YOM or model is irrelevant. Older the merrier! B5 is my favourite though. Thanks guys. (Typed on phone, sorry)
  10. ### So long 2017 and Welcome 2018 !! ###

    Congrats to the winners. And Happy New Year Everybody!
  11. parts fot fiat 1950

    Nelum Motors Panchikawatta? There were 2 other shops in Panchikawatta, I seem to have forgotten the names.

    They ask 3.95 Million for that Baic car. It has a 1.5 liter engine with a 4 speed autobox which produces 84HP. lol. who are they kidding?
  13. Hi guys. Just curious, Do we have any Audi "S" or "RS" cars here? Im not talking about the "S line" cars. Also any converted cars? Thanx guys.
  14. European cars and Sri Lankan People

    oh yes. I still feel the new bmws and audis,etc cant be matched to the old girls. The new Audis specially are like freaking boxes!
  15. Good place for Audi Engine Tune up

    An Italian tuneup usually refers to a process whereby a motor vehicle engine is run at full load for extended periods in order to burn carbon buildup from the combustion chambers, spark plugs, and exhaust system. Take it on a trip to matara, redline the RPM and touch 200kmph. thrash the girl around the bit. let the engine work hard for some time. all the carbon and stuff will be gone. also the fuel system gets cleaner. I have achieved better power and fuel economy after doing this. I took it to kandy weekly ?.. The bends were what made me happy! BTW is it a B5?