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  1. The owner was away when I checked last. You mean the H series red car yes? Also pretty pricey.Actually very! 2.7mil The regular B5 moves from 15-20. I guess Quattro demands a premium,but still!
  2. Wait I missed your comment?my bad. Always had this in the back of me mind. Best car I ever owned(sentimentally).
  3. Sorry guys my phone is having a moment.didnt mean to spam this thread with 6 replies.It doesn't want to multi qoute and keeps adding letters to my sentences,among a bunch of other things.So yeah. Thats sucks. Im sorry for the confusion, the white car above is my EX(pre facelift-jayasuriya model) car. The new one is a facelift red 1.8T. Will post pics soon. My plan is to do a S4 B5 conversion. Its gonna be a slooow,painfull and an expensive project. I'm planning on buying an S4 from UK and shipping parts over to SL. They are really expensive though. In the beginning I was gonna do a custom S4 build, but since this will be the only S4 B5 in the country.(original or conversion) I will be keeping this 100% Stock. (sources say we do not have ANY Audi S or RS versions ,regardless of model ,age etc. Guess its not as popular as a M or AMG) Lemme just leave this here. This is my end goal(cleaner and better) Thank you
  4. Yes its a pre facelift. It was mostly non turbo 1.8 untill 97'. The ADR went away in 98' if I recall correctly. Sorry I'm still hazy on the engines. Which B5 do you have now? Brave man to have/have had multiple 😅 Sorry I couldn't reply to this bit. The white one above ik n the pics is my ex. I now have a 2001 A4 1.8T. Red 😩. Cost me a packet, I sold my ex for 1.25m (to a sale, part exchange). The car is in good nick though. But I'm having this a project car,so not really picky! hahaha The pain of owning a B5(any 90s or early 2000s audi for that matter) can be put in few words, very costly but still breaks weekly. Literally. Bad maintenance is the biggest caveat, most people buy these because they are cheap and expect to run like a maruti.
  5. Its a GK no. I had this untill 2015. And then it went to kandy and galle. Not sure after that. Was up for sale in galle around 2018. The advert had 6 kids sitting on the window sills on a school parade. The suspension was busted in that pic. Its on its way to the pearly gates sadly!
  6. Its the jayasuriya model bro. Notice the halogen non crystal lights and grill ? The facelift is waay better.
  7. Thanks. It does. Much more modern looking than competition. Jeremy clarkson picked the A4 B5 over the E36 3 series even plus another v6 ford. Yes most were manuals. Auto is also not that favored in the b5 series everywhere!
  8. That is on my mind. But im planmkng a s4 b5 conversion. Already looking at units in the uk. Jesus the B5 models are harima ganan. Most s4s are in the 15k to 20 plus british pounds! 🤷‍♂️
  9. Got an audi a4 b5 bro. Only got pictures as of now. But its in my home now. My Bestfriend got it for me.
  10. Incase anyone is wondering wtf I'm doing. Lets say I have another A4 B5 in my garage. Dont wanna spoil the fun!
  11. Dont tell me u have a Canibeat sticker on ur windshield, along with samurai lip and jdm tow strap!
  12. So Iv decided to open thread instead of a status update. (BTW its my 400th post for the 8 something years I've had this profile,used to have another profile since 08'. But I dont even remember the name on that) Ok peops. I got a story for u gents. I used to have an Audi A4 B5 since 09' upto 2014. Loved that car to bits. Gone through more men than a maradana hooker, but less than a model in SL. Treated badly,not run for years,ignornat bighead owner, etc etc. This was the Jayasuriya model A4 back in the day, he won a 95' for being man of the match(pic attached) Not the base base model,had a few options in it. But it was a 96' model year(the b5 came out in 95) so it was kinda old and sad looking because just after two years, the 97' came up with a facelift that really put it out there(bastards). I posted a few pics of my own car. I'll post the rest later as I need moment in the office 😏 I don't know why, but it said Audi A4 Limousine in a sticker in the boot!
  13. U have the same handle on elakiri too right? @AVANTE we got a spy from the maxxa boys 😄
  14. See? Destiny... Bro I was gonna have an Alfa in kandy, BMW should be a breeze compared. Get the FD1. The FD4 has 2kmpl less and literary no options what so ever. The whole point in buying an FD1 is the value for money and looks. You get these only on fd1 sunroof pedal shifters Cruise control(fd4 can be done aftermarket) Leather(most) Double din panel included(99%)(aftermarket ok) Climate control ac with the small screen was standard. Im getting old, I cant remember the rest. So yes. Get the FD1, get a mugen bodykit, coilovers, straight pipe, cold air intake and a hard on! Imagine going to kcc in ur raybans and honking at ol class chicks 😉. Possible convo - wowww patta wandiya ayyee. Ayya beat ekkuth tyla nee!Race karandako. Shaaaa patta saddai nee. Mawath daan yannako watayak. Oyata kenek innawada ayye? See? Buy it bro Vtec kicked in yo!! Actually iVtec kicked in yo!!!
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