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  1. fiat fan

    Buying BMW E34 or 520i Guide..

    Just found a old pic. Called the guy at the yard.said its was sold some time back. Actually there was 2 very similar looking cars. Sad to see 18-8006 has gotten nastier. Owner seems to have taken the rare and valuable parts out. Notice the alloy wheels it has now? Crappy.. @Octanehead any info about the current info on these?
  2. Bought a Lexus UX for my mother. If anybody is interested in knowing about it, shoot away! Thel wadsa karanwa machan. Towme 15 wada karanwa. Market ekath hodai! 😉







    1. alpha17


      Is it more comfier than the Audi?How is the build quality?

  3. fiat fan

    Buying BMW E34 or 520i Guide..

    This car was(I think still is) in the peoples leasing yard in maradana, that was back in 2010. Guess they never sold it. They used to quote 800,000. Had some work to be done. Buy it and retsore it. But at first it will not be a daily. Ask for 500,000. Because if its not sold for so many years, it means they will gladly let go. Have atleast anothe 500k in hand for restoration. Was a good car, fully loaded too. Rare. But its not a cheap BMW to pose around(for now 😉 )
  4. The prices have taken a dive to be honest. I remember looking at ads for 8 million and above,just recentky. Now its 6 million and up!
  5. fiat fan

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    I feel like buying E34 or E30 for use in SL. But I wont be using it all that much. Hmmm
  6. fiat fan

    SUV with 20kmpl (sarcasm)

    Tried that , but the choice is nasty. Even most high end cars were in bad shape. Biggest issue is the mileage limitations, everybody only has 3000KM per month, I usually need like 6k. Extra kms is hella expensive..
  7. fiat fan

    SUV with 20kmpl (sarcasm)

    Thanks for the suggestions bro!
  8. fiat fan

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Nursing a Semi just looking at it! E30`s are hella expensive.There is a M3 going for 89,000 USD (wtf). Would love to have one in SL.
  9. Hey guys! So I was in the country for a month and was hacked with rental cars! I was thinking of buying a car for use when I visit yearly! I was thinking SUV because we be hauling ass (5 pax) with like 4 suitcases all the time. The budget is preferably around 5 Mil(can strech to 6.5 if absolutely necessary). My options are- 2011 up -Bmw X1 (basic AF and more wagonish,but should be fun to drive right?) 2015 up Tivoli-Already have one in the family,so not that keen! 2015 up Vezi- driving feel is absent, feels weird to drive. Best avoided! 2007 ish harrier. Bit overpriced I feel, but well kitted. Driving feel ? And bit old 2010 up kyron- we actually have a few ssanyongs. They were good cars. Used to own a kyron in 2010 for few months. I used to like the thing. But now I feel its ageing badly. About 3 million, so easier on the wallet and can save about 2 million. Also any others? Fuel and resale not cared for! Reliability should be on the higher end though, but a repair or two is ok! Thanks guys.
  10. fiat fan

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Doug is the type of guy ,to go on a date with a car!
  11. Looong list. But filled
  12. fiat fan

    Breaking News: PreseaLover has bought a car

    My FB feed is way more sane and empty now!
  13. Anybody else living away from SL and missing it badly? I rather be in dsi pol gaha lakuna slippers ,eating a kottu and riding the 138. than be away from SL,wearing gucci and driving bmws!drinking starbucks!


    F u to that asswit who gave that Aussie part last week. Shove that F’ing UTE up ur cucky ass! Begone THOT.

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    2. Crosswind


      Grass is always greener on the other side! 

    3. Hyaenidae


      The Algae's Always Greener ;) 

    4. hrm


      I second that. With all the creature comforts there  still you miss SL badly.

  14. fiat fan

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    The accuracy is alarming!
  15. fiat fan

    LED Light Bar

    Take it to a competant electrician, I got a pair of fogs for my old car.30 mins and 1000 bucks later it looked like factory. The guy gave me a switch off a Nissan that fit like a puzzle!