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  1. Dont under estimate power of the new rich, " super isport kaar" crowd thats popped up! Must be those vegan food I had the misfortune of eating these days. 😅
  2. @Vikum Samarasinghe Drop everything. Evo Conversion. @AVANTE unleash thy evoness upon this young car guy. He shall have no sleep or peace untill he goes through it after our many ideas are unleashed on his naive self!
  3. My 2nd post went hidden.hmm any idea mods?
  4. WagonR guy was an idiot. He turned without stopping . His wheels even lifted. Plus the Subaru was waaaay to fast for that road. I guess the GonR is at fault here. Subaru owner is definitely Instagram type wanna be rich kid on insta/car spotters type. Lots of new rich yobos on the street with their expensive cars doing some crazy sh*t. Comments as usual were sad on the post. I make it a point to not view any comments on ANY social media platforms from now on. IQ level of many is worse than a rat.
  5. Inbox. Asking for a friend. Research purposes. 🤭
  6. Could you make it a bit bigger? Soo tiny. Its hard to see.
  7. Close. But not a Targa top. And its actually an S.
  8. Daarn it. You already saw that pic. Your turn!
  9. fiat fan

    Looking for a LEAF

    Had one. Battery drainage is only second to a tiktok/instagram model. Bought for 2.7 in 207 sold for 2.1 in 3 years in 2019 jan. Which is not bad. Ours had 150kms when bought.had 100 when selling. But most of them only hold like 50kms per charge. No joke. Do Not Buy. Plenty going for 500,000 rupees. Even that has no buyers. You will sell it for metal in 2 more years. Period.
  10. fiat fan

    MG ZS EV

    The leaf is cheaper than a Jack leaf now. Dont buy it.
  11. Yes. Its a 2019 Mahindra Bolero!
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