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    Japanese Car News

    Wait what ? I was 97.5% certain and convinced that the Gasoline variants that came with the L15B engine (right from the time the car was launched) came with a CVT. It was the Hybrid which came with the LEB engine that got the DCT. If you look at any spec sheet you will see that Honda specifically says 1.5L i-VTEC+i-DCT and 1.5L i-VTEC. So I don't know why in Sri Lanka people got 1.5L gasoline Vezels with a DCT As for the Insight price. Well..the starting price for the Insight was 3.2mil yen or something. 3.6mil yen was the high spec one...so it is pretty much the same price as the Prius and for the slightly higher price, Honda seems to be trying ot justify it by emphasizing that it is a bit more premium (hell I would pay the extra bit of money to have a car that looks normal as opposed to something that looks like....well the Prius).
  2. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Yes...pretty much all the Japanese manufactures have been toying with driverless cars for public transport. Even for the 2020 Olympics Toyota hopes to have driverless cars in the village. They are even pilotting driverless buses in certain areas (but the driver sits behind the wheel for peace of mind). At CES2019 I think there was a driverless Lexus GS as well.
  3. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Toyota Mexico apparently posted some pics of the new Supra (seems to be official) a few days ahead of time. the pictures apparently were taken from a presentation/session at the Tokyo Auto Salon. I suppose its not much different from what we have all been imagining it to be... v ..and the GR Super GT concept shown at the Tokyo Autosalon going on right now ..and....Toyota showcased a GR version of the Daihatsu Copen and finally...another production run of the Mark X GRMN. Thisi time they will put out 350 units...what is different from the previous GRMN (100 units made ?)...different gearing of the rear plus some engine tweaks and nearly 220 additional welding spots
  4. iRage

    Project toyota ke-72 dx wagon

    Well..beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally I so not find that lifted KE72 nice...just looks out of place. There is one with slightly oversized wheels that look much nicer (but no lift) That lift, for the most part is done using blocks on the leaf springs. For me it just ruins the car's ride-ability because when there is no weight in the back the rear just bounces all over the place. Also with a height adjustment using blocks; a engine upgrade might not be that wise as the rear might just spin out unnecessarily. What kind of a power upgrade are you looking for....putting in something like a 4A-GE would be the easiest and for that car it is more than enough. If you are looking for more torque then...there are some boosted options. Either way they are costly. If you want a hassle free car that will get you anywhere you want without concern of getting stuck....as others have said...go buy a Hilux or something. The modifications you plan to make on the Ke72...well if not done properly (which costs) its just going ot make the car unusable and would defeat the intended purpose of the mods.
  5. iRage

    How rational the Carbon Taxes are ?

    I am all for encouraging people to use safer and more environmentally friendly and efficient cars. However, this just seems like an incomplete band-aid job of policy making (or are there other policies in the making that we don't know about ?) and seems to be just another way for the government to fill up its tax income a bit more (for the record I am okay with taxing people as long as the taxes actually go towards benefiting the country and the population as a whole)
  6. iRage

    How rational the Carbon Taxes are ?

    Uhh....lets say electric cars were somehow magically charged without the burning of fossil fuels at the power stations...aren't most people sticking to older cars because new cars are way above their financial means ? Because of the high price of cars, wouldn't paying the carbon tax still be cheaper than actually buying a new car ? Also, if the aim is to discourage people from using fossil fueled vehicles; is there a mechanism to actually get rid of these old cars off the road ?
  7. iRage

    Toyota Corolla KE 50 Bonnet

    Might be tough....Delkanda now is more full of parts for newer cars and cars from the 90s like E100 Corollas...but still no harm in trying...but ask if they know of any yards with old cars and part stripping. May I ask what is wrong with the bonnet ? How badly is it damaged ?
  8. The T30 has a conventional Auto whilst the T31 came with the CVT. Neither of them have inherent design issues in the gearbox itself. The T30's auto transmission had issues with people leaving it on 4WD lock mode all the time and that wearing out the transfer case and gearbox mechanisms fast. Then Nissan made some changes to the 4WD system logic and the gearbox and transfer case (so depending on who you talk to they will say the T30 has 2 types of gearboxes...they infact more or less the same but one has a few revisions.) The CVT on the T31...again...nothing better or worst than any other CVT box. Just required maintenance schedules relevant for a CVT as opposed to a conventional auto.
  9. iRage

    Honda Civic 2018

    Re-playing my broken record again for the 102nd time. Car manufacturers do not make oil. They take someone else's oil and re-brand it. Usually these oils (and parts like oil filters, spark plugs, etc...) are those that meet the minimum specifications required for the vehicle to operate within its indicated thresholds. So getting an oil (or other part) with the manufacturers brand on it does not mean it is the best for the car. Unfortunately in SL good oils are not easy to come by and/or are unreasonably expensive. Toyota is known to have used brands like Castle, Mobil and Castrol. Now there are certain cases where the manufacturers get the oil makers to manufacture special oils for them. eg. Honda's diff oil in the past had to be Honda oil because they used a proprietary oil (plenty of Gen 1 and Gen 2 CRVs have burnt out rear diffs because people used non Honda oil). Also, the likes of TRD, NISMO, etc...get manufactures to make performance oils; which again have a bit of the manufacturer's own R&D/proprietary knowledge in it. So...don't be afraid to use oils that are not manufacturers oils.
  10. iRage

    Toyota TownAce Chassis Number

    No idea if there is a legal requirement...but I have come across several painters (including my guy) who masks the code before paint. When asked why my guy said it is to indicate that there has been a color change and that at times it is easier to get the book change done and also stated that sometimes when doing a color change properly several layers of primer, paint etc..needs to be put on (I believe sometimes its a matter of lazness of the painter as well) which results in the numbers getting filled up and being unclear. Therefore the paint needs to be cut which in turn looks like someone has been messing around with the chassis number.
  11. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    Actually this was called the Corona Mark 2. Its just that in some markets like the US they silenced the Corona part and called it Mark 2 for marketing purposes (to distinguish it from the smaller Corona). Mark 2 became a full fledged name by itself only with the X70 series in the early 80s for Japan and then the rest of the world replaced the Corona Mark 2 name with Cressida with the X30 series. Then some markets (middle east and some Chinese territories, Taiwan, etc...) got the Mark 2 as the Cressida Hardtop (called Mark 2 Hard Top) or when the Cressida was getting retired.
  12. iRage

    Please Help Me to Find those parts!!!

    Well I am pretty sure you can find most of those parts at used body shops...although they still might have scuff marks etc...not because the parts were used hard but mostly because of how our "parts kollo" in Japan strip the parts off and how or guys store them. As for the teak paneling..there are pretty decent places in Sri Lanka that redo teak plating (KarbonClub did mine but now they go by something else) . Why not get one of them to re do it? You might be even able to resurface your scuff plates. As for the handles...I would say just buy new ones....if you can get someone to buy it in Japan and mail it to you that would be the cheapest. The steering wheel parts...do they even sell just those parts ? I think you might have to buy the entire unit.
  13. iRage

    Court fines

    The fine itself is not that much (presuming there are no other charges against you and the accident itself was not premeditated/other person's fault)...a few years ago dad got charged with the same thing because one of those crane trucks which was parked came rolling down (driver was outside the truck pushing it out of a mud puddle) and hit him on the rear passenger side door and fender. The time wasted in going to the court house, waiting for the case to be heard and then paying a lawyer to stand next to him cost him more than the actual fine. You might want to go there with someone. When I was charged with the latter about 18+ years ago I was held in a separate area so I could not go and pay the fine and had to ask the office driver to pay it (don't know if that still is a thing)
  14. iRage

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    Well..anyone who knows me that I am a Toyota-fan....I have have owned about 14 Toyotas Again...I am not saying that the Corolla is a bad car....in fact its down fall and what makes it a not so value for money (which is what the OP asked in the first place) is the fact that it was well built and even no matter how much abuse it is being put through it will keep running. Also, if you read my response with some proper thought rather than a pre-disposed defense; you will see I explained why the Hondas and the Mazdas tend to be a bit better maintained. and yes....if the OP wants comfort the Nissans are much better as the ride is much more cloudy
  15. iRage

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    You missed my point...like I said... "The Corolla is a nice, reliable, no frills car just like the others on your list and yes it does have the typical Toyota reliability and robustness of the past." But in Sri Lanka..it simply is not worth it because of the prices people ask for. Yes, the car is tried and proven but; decades later, after how most of the cars' multiple owners had taken care of them the "reliability" and "robustness" that you refer too also has diminished (use of cheap and easily accessible parts, maka baas work, etc..used by people who know nothing about cars and maintained it based on the service station Jonny's and down the road Ranjith baas's advice...) So the high price that people put on it because it is a Corolla is not justifiable when you consider the fact that the reliability and robustness actually has diminished and for a decade old car it will have (or not have) the same issues of its competitor models. Also, now cars actually do depreciate in SL.... Also, it is unfair to say that the Honda and the Mazda have not proven itself as they have and both the Civic and the 3 of the era have been as reliable and robust as the 121. In fact the Civics and 3s have faired a lot better than the Sunnaes. Its just that the masses in SL never knew about it because they followed the stories of the car salesmen and the baases. So they never got sold in ship loads over here; so you do not get cheap parts all over the country (which by itself is a good thing because owners had to go get proper parts). In fact, I believe most of the Civics and 3s of the era have aged a lot better than the 121 because they were built with a slightly higher finish (dashboard materials, etc...) As I said in the end if one can find a good, honest one then yes go for it..but finding one will be quite hard..also it would be a high price.
  16. iRage

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    I strongly believe the Corolla is NOT good value for money in Sri Lanka. The Corolla is a nice, reliable, no frills car just like the others on your list and yes it does have the typical Toyota reliability and robustness of the past. However 99% of the Corollas are abused to death and because of Sri Lankan vehicle mythology they are unreasonably priced. If you want value for money....my vote goes for the ES and the 3. They are as reliable and as nice as (or even nicer than) the Corolla, a tad more fun to drive than the Corolla, depending on the spec you even get a few more fancier gadgets than the Corolla. You could more easily find a better condition specimen at about the same or even lesser price than the Corolla. If you find a 121 with a proper service history and in good shape there is absolutely nothing wrong in getting one and I would say go for it...but finding one of those are really really hard to come by.
  17. iRage

    Honda Vezel RS 2018 vs Toyota CHR 2018

    In SL people buy either one just to follow the herd. At the end of the day they are both decent cars (they both will have some issue or the other as there is no such thing as a perfect car) and the choice should be a matter of personal preference. To me I liked the 1.2L Turbo engine of the CHR and the way it handles. I liked the the Vezel because it was a much more involving ride (better steering feel) but didn't like how the Hybrid choked and the gasoline variant suffocated under a heavy load a lot sooner than anticipated (for it was claimed to be). If I am not mistaken trim level to trim level they are both pretty equally equipped and the differences are mainly dealer options that were bundled up during order. The CHR is funkier and the Vezel is more practical.
  18. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    Well....it actually was made between the mid 80s to the mid 90s
  19. iRage

    Can this be fixed?

    I've seen them use liquids that smell stronger than gasoline to wipe down the upholstery....so those things melting out the glue is not surprising I suppose...
  20. iRage

    Merry Christmas To All

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year Ladies and Gentlemen ! Appreciate the year that has been (for as much as it could have been), party hard and drive safe !
  21. iRage

    Can this be fixed?

    Yes..there is a plastic sheet...but sometimes the cuts on the plastic sheet to let in door handle components, etc...through do start to sag after some time and the water vapor does get trapped (especially in high temp and humidity places...where even the thick plastic sheets start getting messed up). Again..not that common but it is prone to that. Also, in some cases the plastic sheet does not get put back on properly if people remove it for various reasons.
  22. iRage

    Can this be fixed?

    There are little water drain holes on all the doors (they are not even holes..they are like slight slits in the weld...). These, in combination with air vents, help water that gets dripped in to the door get drained/vaporized out. Check if those holes are clogged (they have a tendency to get blocked with grime after some time). When the water gets trapped inside the excess humidity inside the door kind of starts soaking up the door cars and material. As this happens the glue sort of gets messed up and the upholstery material starts to wrinkle like that. Sometimes this also effects the mechanicals and electricals inside... Depending on the door design of the model/manufacturer and this can be a common occurrence in high rain and humidity areas. Also, check if the window beading (especially the bottom one which wipes the windows when they get rolled down) are not worn-out. When these get worn out the water does not get wiped off properly as the window gets rolled down and too much water goes in to the door. This can also happen if for some reason the humidity inside the car (either because of the area but most likely because of how it is parked) is quite high.... But yes..those can be fixed quite easily....if you are brave enough it can be an easy DIY job as well (I believe @Davy did a thread about fixing up door upholstery sometime back). If not just take it to any decent "seat cover" guy....
  23. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    WAIT ! We have a Mazda Cosmo in Sri Lanka ????
  24. iRage

    Sting ray, Axia, wigo

    Quite true.....I was back in SL last week and had a rented out standard Alto....I actually loved the thing. I had previously driven only a RS Turbo in Japan and this was the first time I drove the standard for more than a day. It had a bit of a lag from stand still (which you can get used to and learn to adapt to after sometime) but whilst going in city traffic it was nippy and quite nice to handle (manageable oversteer and didn't feel like a bread bin trying to roll over like the Maruti Altos). So yes...the kei cars are fine for what they are built for.
  25. Thanks for this Now I need to check if converting a foreign driver's license requires the same I suppose I need to check if I am eligible to convert my foreign driver's license as i have an old SL license as well. If not I suppose it will be easier to just use an International Permit