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  1. To prove Davy's point...I did not bother writing to any of your other threads (apart from the Lexus one) because it was..well...similar to blindly swiniging a bat. In fact I stopped responding to the Lexus thread because all your other threads were contradictory and whatever was being discussed in the Lexus thread was a waste. What is your definition of Premium ? Because for the record... The Lexus (and the Harrier to an extent) are somewhat premium cross overs (at least in the lower end of the spectrum). The Vezel, Allion, Premio, etc..are not Premium models for any of these manufacturers. As discussed in the Lexus thread, RAV4, X-Trails, etc..are also not premium crossovers....it is just that some of them are slightly more well equipped than the other. So again..what is your definition of Premium. For most...Premium in the Japanese vehicle range would mean cars like Mark X, Accord, Mazda 6, Harrier, CR-V (somewhat), etc... Allion/Premio, Axela, etc...are mid-sized and standard sedans.
  2. iRage

    Importing Spares from Ebay

    How to act = sweet and innocent. So not talk back be very friendly. Say your friend had it and because he did not want it he decided to give it to you or something...They might give you a break and let you walk out of it or just put a lower value and tax you on the lower value. Don't forget they probably will see right through you the minute you walk in and ask for the item. So trying to site regulations, etc...is not going to help your cause. Be a nice guy
  3. iRage

    Toyota 141

    Check the user manual. Since it is an export model you should be able to find one quite easily (but make sure you read one for the region). Since the vehicle was developed for the export market and the model you have would have been spec'd for developing markets (Sri Lanka, India, certain SEA countries, etc...) it probably does require just 92.
  4. Looks are subjective...so that is purely up to you.... They are both decent cars....
  5. iRage

    Buying my first car!

    Welcome to the forum Pauline...may I ask...where exactly are you based ? Where will you go to college at ? Because what we can throw about as ideas do largely depend on that...
  6. No...you are not going to get 10kmpl from a 3Ltr engine on a vehicle that heavy ! If it was the hybrid variant you would be lucky to get about 8 if the Hybrid battery and system was like in brand new condition...If you get a 2.4L Harrier (which is the same car..same interior...) then you would be lucky to get about 7... So basically you want to by a Lexus RX for its fancy interior look ? You should look at CR-V....the higher grades came with the fake wood and stuff that will appeal to you
  7. Okay..so you need to get somethings straight first....you are looking at the U30 series harrier. The RX300 is a gasoline model powered by a 3L 1MZ V6 engine. The Hybrid was the 400h which was powered with a 3.3L 3MZ-FE V6 tied in with Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive of the time. The 3MZ engine was used in the gasoline RX330 as well. When the 3MZ ws replaced with the 3.5L 2GR, the 400h retained the 3MZ. To answer your questions: 1. After nearly 10 years the factory battery is not going to be that good (most probably). The current owner might have replaced it..if not it is something you would have to do. Do not count on a 10+ year Hybrid having a perfect battery. 2. What is your definition of economical ? It would get around 7-8 kmpl just as another cross over in its category. For a vehicle with a large engine..this is pretty good. However, this economy can be expected only if the Hybrid battery is in good condition. After 10+ years of usage you have to realise that with the Hybrid system wearing out along with engine, transmission components the fuel efficiency would have dropped (the larger influencing factor is the Hybrid battery). 3 & 4. Why are you buying a Hybrid RX? Why not buy a normal gasoline engined vehicle for that price ? You will not have the old Hybrid system woes. RAV4, X-Trail, CRV...the list goes on....if you want a more comfier, premium feeling cross over of that vintage then I would say go for the CRV. The RAV4 is more lighter and easier to drive. The E-Trail of the era..well it is decent..but simply is a hog.
  8. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept... Supposed to be the blueprint for the next gen SUVs...especially the Outlander. Has a fancy PHEV system that powers the house (one that is better than the current ones...no idea how)
  9. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Toyota showcased a Corolla GR Sport... Toyota's racing/tuned lineup has been a three-tier approach with Gazoo Racing. GR Sport is the entry level sporty variants (equivalent to RS grades in the past) with minor suspension mods, performance focused cosmetic changes, and extra welds for stregthening, etc...the next level is GR (this is equal to G sports and Phase II/III TRD packaged cars)...where the above is a bit more intense...then the highest are GRMN which come with all of the above even more intensified and with a high powered engien, transmission, etc (this is equal to what used to be fully tuned TRD models that were typically homologanation models). GRMN variants are produced in limited numbers. They also showcased a outdoorsy Corolla wagon which is a collaboration with TREK
  10. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    At the Geneva Motorshow Honda revealed that it will be putting out this little puppy later this year....the fully electric car is to be sold in Japan and select markets and is supposed to be a throwback to the old school Honda design
  11. iRage

    Toyota AE70 liftback

    Well....to be quite honest..those cars (including the AE85 and other Corollas) are quite decent with that engine. The engine produced only about 80hp when new but the car bodies were so light that they were quite peppy for it. A little less peppier on the likes of the Corona/Carina but still a fun drive. I would say go for a decent resto on the engine and try to get the 80hp back....and then get the body stuff sorted out. You can upgrade the carbs and get a bot more out of the engine. However, depending on what you want...these carbs can get rather expensive (for example...Weber carb setup can cost more than the cost of the 3A engine)....
  12. iRage

    Wagon (Nissan, Toyota)

    Aha...that is the 1st gen. But decent ones are pretty hard to find though...especially ones that have not had the body messed up (swapped).
  13. iRage

    Daihatsu Mira 2017 Gear Box Replacement

    Uhh....KF-VE is the engine model. Not the gear box. I think the gearbox in the Mira e:S A350 is the 6CA CVT and the automatic/Turbo-charged ones came with a 1AQ transmission
  14. iRage

    Budget 2019

    Even Allions and Axios would get luxury tax...3.5mil CIF means about 2.2mil yen....for that price you are looking at ones that barely meet the age restriction and even then probably base ones. Same fate for all other models as well in the segment...and the Hybrids...so in essence anything and everything other than small hatches/MPVs and Kei cars will get a luxury tax.
  15. iRage

    Wagon (Nissan, Toyota)

    Uhh....the 1st Gen Pajero ended in 1991....are you referring to the 1st Gen L040 series Pajero or the 2nd Gen V20 series Pajero ? It would be a good option if you can find a decent unit. Being an old diesel engine there are issues that come along with that you need to make sure has been attended to or plan to attend to it. If you are actually referring to the 2nd gen, the vacuum based 4WD system needs to be checked properly too. Also, you better check if the body and engine are legit and not swapped
  16. iRage

    Daihatsu Mira 2017 Gear Box Replacement

    What on earth is a 2017 MIra new face version? The Mira did not have any "facelifts" except for changing a light or two. There is: 1. Mira (L200 series) introduced in 2007 and was on sale till 2018. The car remained the same except for changing headlights and some engine upgrades. The 275 was FF and the 285 was 4WD. There was a variant with a 1L 1KR-FE engine sold as the Charade in some regions. 2. Mira e:S (A300 series) introduced in 2012 (-2017) and sold along side the Mira. The Mira e:S was a sub model of the Mira and was intended to replace the Mira. In 2017 a new Mira e:S model was launched (A350 series). The Mira e:S is also sold as a Toyota (Pixis Epoch) and Subaru Pleo. 3. Then there were other sub models like the Mira Custom and Mira Cocoa. So what exactly do you have ? My guess is you are talking about the Daihatsu Mira e:S, but which one ? A300 or A350 ? Either way, all 660cc variants came with KF-VE engine and throughout time it got technical improvements. You should look in to gearboxes of other Daihatsu models that would have the KF engine. However, the KF engine came with a AT and CVT depending on the application (typically the passenger variants came with the CVT and business models with the AT...but later on even some business models came with CVT). So yeah....finding one might not be that easy..but possible. But I am with Davy on this. If the mechanicals are in tact and there is no fluid leakage....why not try to get it fixed ?
  17. iRage

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    Uhh...okay....so you would rather hook up with a 70 year lady who is a old grand ma than a 20 something drop dead beautiful and intelligent lady... <okay..okay....I know...any intelligent lady would run a million miles away from you..but lets just think they won't hypothetically.>
  18. iRage

    car for family use around 1.5mil - 1.6mil

    Note that he says it will not be easy to sell as Corolla...not that it is not easy to sell. People who use and buy Mazdas have somewhat different priorities. As for the choices you have mentioned. I would not advise anyone, including my enemies; to buy a B14 series Sunny (I suppose it extends to Pulsars as well). Our family company had a few and a few of my friends had them too. The plus points are that it was cheap to run..did pretty good on petrol, was comfortable (as most Nissans are)..the seats felt plusher than the the Corolla of the same era...and they came better equipped than other mainstream Japanese cars of in that segment. HOWEVER...they were rubbish bins....in all of these cars...every single thing you can think of broke EXCEPT the engine block (strange enough the main engines were carried over from the B13 series with some mods and upgrades). You name it..it broke...pullies, belts, compressors, alternators, bushings,switches, relays, hoses (even the metal ones), radiator,etc...it just kept breaking. In our company cars and some of my friends' cars we used actual Nissan parts...made no difference...in fact some who used good after market parts had better luck. In one the agent supplied radiator broke 3 times within 1.5 years ! Yes 3 times ! leaving the guy stranded. Finally he went to Delkanda and got a locally made radiator put on which lasted 1 year with no issues until he got rid of it. On the plus side...parts were cheap...any baas walking down the road can fix it...and then it will run again for a few 100km more until something else breaks down (in many ways this is exactly what some Sri Lankans look for in a car). So..if you buy a B14...be prepared to do some repairs at bit more shorter intervals than the norm. The issue is...these cars being this old, it means they would have gone through many owners and these owners would have gone through these repairs...you have no idea how these people would have repaired them. Considering the reasons most people buy them for, you really can't expect much in terms of quality of repair work, etc....so yeah.... Might I suggest the Axela/3, Lancers and even the Corollas before you look at a B14 ? Heck...look at a B13 even before looking at a B14
  19. iRage

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    Well...it says what it is..a Lancer As long as its not hiding behind a whole lot of plastic buckets covering its body..we are all good Since we got the sedans covered....might I suggest a Mitsubishi Rosa ? Coasters seem to have survived a tad better but then for the price you pay it might not be worth it if this is a short term ownership.
  20. iRage

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    So your suggestion is to buy an overpriced FB14 in an oversized, heavy frilly dress 😂😅🔨
  21. iRage

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    If you want any sensible responses you will need to provide the members a lot more details...e.g. What will the car be used for ? How large is your family ? etc...
  22. iRage

    Toyota Aqua 2015 dashboard indicator

    Well the error message says you Hybrid System needs a check and that you should park the car in a safe manner (to seek technical assistance). So in essence it is telling you to stop using the car as soon as possible and go get the Hybrid system checked. So like Davy said...go get it scanned.
  23. iRage

    Timing Chain - Nissan Fb14

    He means that both the B14 and B13 series Sunny came with the GA13 and GA15 engines. However....the B13 came with the GA13DS and GA15DS engines (which are carb'd) and the B14 came with the GA13DE and GA15DE EFI engines. But this was mainly for the JDM market. For the export market the Sunny came with the GA14DS and GA14DE as well as the GA16DS and GA16DE. But even then I thought all of the above engines came with a timing belt...and I checked the parts catalog and it does have timing chains for all the above engines...
  24. iRage

    Toyota Tank or Vitz

    Well..the Tank is a mini MPV and the Vitz is a hatchback. So the two cars are in somewhat different categories in terms of use. The Tank/Roomy design has more headroom, legroom, etc...due to the boxy design. The Tank is in fact a Daihatsu developed car based on the Toyota 1LD concept and is manufactured in one of their plants. It is also sold as the Subaru Justy. 1LD means a single room apartment, so the concept was to make a unified space for the family to travel in Since you are comapring the Vitz and the Tank I am guessing you are looking at the 1.0L Vitz. Engine transmission wise, the Tank comes with the 1KR-VET engine (which is Turbo charged..G-T grades) or the 1KR-FE. The 1.0L Vitz comes with the 1KR-FE engine. The Tank with the Turbo charged engine has a bit more torque and power compared to the Tank and Vitz with 1KR-FE (100hp vs 70hp ? Something like that). Both vehicles come with the K410 CVT transmission. Apart from that the Tank is a much newer design in terms of body/frame and integrating the safety features in to it (in terms of frame rigidity, placement of crumple zones, etc...). The Vitz on the other hand is a 8 year old design that Toyota keeps on teasing about changing (with a new model) but still hasn't. In the Vitz the safety features were added as a second thought just so that it can meet Japanese safety standards.