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  1. The guy started off by saying he does not want a Vitara because of low resale value...which is why I said the whole stories of "no resale market value"is just utter rubbish that is spawned by car salesmen. This is exactly what they said about Mazdas until they started bringing in Hybrid Axelas....this is exactly what they have been saying about Daihatsu's until now when the Daihatsu comes with a Toyota badge on it. Even the Raize does not have parts in SL...so wth ???
  2. ...and another case where the actual use, practicality of the car is overridden by cheap looks and the fuel misers get their hands on it. The thing is...with AWD systems present these days....no one knows that it actually gets used because it is not for just going off road. Average drivers if they have it do use it...it is just they never realize that they do. Even starting off from a stand still at a traffic light the system does kick in...
  3. I would not advise you to go for a Hybrid since you are not driving it enough for it to make sense. But look in to other pure gasoline vehicles. To be honest the Raize does fit your profile....although....I would say not to rush in to it. I believe most of the C-HRs are being sold becuase people rushed in to it thinking because it is a small engine and a Toyota it will do like 19-20kmpl...the "thel higanna" types who feel for the car salesmen's stories went for it and now selling it off....it is not because there is anything inherently wrong with the C-HR. As for this whole resale business....and "market naha" stories...it is utter bs. As long as cars are properly taken care of and are honest and reasonably priced (taking in to account depreciation) they sell ! There is no one in the country who is stuck with a Vitara or any other car brand for that matter because of "market naha". The issue is Sri Lankans dress up cars like Toyotas and Nissans and then try to sell it at a profit after using it for 10years and putting about 120000km (but sold as 60000).
  4. Well...it is supposed to be the same displacement of a 1300cc - 1500cc car...so as any 1300-1500cc car I believe it will do around 9-10ish depending on how much he will be stuck in traffic...but it seems like he will be mostly doing long distance trips (granted uphill) so he would be getting a bit more towards the upper end of that spectrum. But since Japan moved away from the JC08 model for advertising fuel economy...the fuel economy is pretty close to real life efficiencies (previously what people would get in real life was up to 70% of what was advertised); granted, in Japan the average city speeds are much greater than in Colombo. Well....I would say no to the 2WD....if he is going for the 2WD..just go for a hatchback. The AWD variant will be quite useful on hilly roads during the rainy season and if he wants to go on some light trails in some parks the AWD will come useful... But before anything and everything....he should just wait for the car to land and see if it will work for him or if there are other options. The closest the OP can use to compare the Raize to existing models would be a Terios/Rush. So...go get in a Rush..drive one and see if you like that and if you find the cabin space comfortable. The Raize will feel a bit more refined and a bit more direct (if the TNGA platform in other vehicles are anything to go by) and then that is it.
  5. I am actually proposing an AWD if you need an AWD..if not (i.e. you are going for a 2WD) there are enough of other options that are comfier and has better road presence and more economical to run. My point was it is pointless to stay away from an AWD when you go for a SUV just because it does 1kmpl worst than the 2WD variant. In the long run I do believe the AWD variants have better demand than a 2WD variant (purely speculative and based on our experience selling off AWD variants and our friends trying to dispose 2WD variants). As for the others...well the issue is people over here bite the bait, line and hook because our guys decide to buy cars based on price and glory factor. Again, for the OP....your budget gives you so many options...including proper, well taken care of SUVs (granted it will be older) or crossovers (i.e. I am sure you can find a agent maintained CR-V or something that was imported under a permit or something for your budget)
  6. You are asking for opinions on a car that NO ONE in SL has actually seen or touched. Fine..I saw the car in person but I have not driven or ridden in one so again...makes no sense to comment on anything. If you are concerned so much about fuel economy...then go buy a Hybrid or a kei car. Not a SUV of any size ! I keep telling this in every Raize thread....the car is the same size as a Vitz...a little bit larger..but that is it....because of the boxy shape it looks larger, but its not, and has a better utilization of space. That is it. Ride wise..it is probably going to be the same as a little hatchback...so if you hated travelling in an an aqua or Vitz because of its small-ness and the bounciness due to its small-ness..this is not going to be much different. If you are going to go for a 2WD version..then go for a Vitz...because that is what it is (well...a Vitz with a 1.3L engine so it will drive a bit better than the 1L variant)....just taller. If you are going to go for a SUV looking vehicle...just go for a 4WD variant. The thel higannas who want the looks of a SUV will always defend saying an AWD Vezel, CHR, RAV4, etc....is pointless..but those who have an AWD variant will know versatile how useful AWD is. The AWD variants of the CHR, Vezel, RAV4 are not that far off in fuel efficiency. The AWD system in this is not necessarily designed for off-roading..but to just get you up and down a snowy or muddy or wet road, just like an AWD Corolla or Vitz or Corona or Allion. That is it...so the engine will be sufficient. As for resale value...how the heck would anyone know since the car has not even been mass sold in Japan yet ? Right now there is a huge demand for it in SL..but after sometime..who knows ? Some people are going to get turned off by it (and will be grumbling and looking toget rid of it) and some will keep on lusting for it and make having one the sole purpose of their existence. Also, if your budget is 4 to 6 million, which is quite a lot for a young new car owner, there are so many other options in the hatchback, sedan and crossover market that are actually sporty and youthful. You just have to look beyond the average Vitz, Aqua, Allion/Axio. Even the Vitz/Aqua for your budget; you should be able to find sporty variants...
  7. iRage

    Government Permit

    `Yes....car sales people. So...call them and ask....pick up the Sunday paper and go through the classifieds..there are plenty of car sales offering vehicles for permits.
  8. iRage

    FB 15 Auto Gear issue

    You will have no idea what the condition of the reconditioned gearbox will be. Most of these reconditioned gear boxes you find at parts shops are not reconditioned. They are just stripped off of cars and sold here. The reconditioning part will have to be done by you or just put it in your car and just use is as it is. If you are lucky it will be good if not your reconditioned gearbox itself will need re-reconditioning. What I would say is take your current gearbox and recondition that one. That way you will know what the initial condition of the gear box is and what you have done to it,
  9. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    The Nissan Teana and Nissan Juke exits the Japanese market....so no more Joke..however to take its place, Nissan will be releasing the New Kix in Japan. No word about a replacement for the Teane though (yet)
  10. iRage

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Well...even for the US....the scoring mechanism really is not reflective of what the true reliability is....even if a person calls to find out to find out how to store a radio channel or call to ask what the red button on the remote key is...they get counted in to a failure call. Secondly, Mazda has been doing quite well in terms of reliability for a long time...it is just that Americans have discovered Mazda only since recently
  11. But please do remember that the 1L engine in the Vitz is somewhat of a lazy grumbly dog. The 1.3L Vitz (or 1.5L) is a lot lot lot better. 1.3/1.5 will be a little bit lesser fuel efficient than the 1L variant, but it (1.3 and 1.5) is totally worth it as it is a completely different car that is much nicer to drive.
  12. iRage

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    Uhh...guys...just so you know... Glanza = radiance in German Goes with the other grades they had like Soleil.... As for Vitz..yes..that is a derivation of the German work for wit but can also mean joke. I suppose they called in Yaris in europe because they did not want the car to be a joke Stella is not a play on the word Stellar....it is the actual Latin word for Star...which is what Stellar means too
  13. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    On other Japanese car news....apparently the new Mazda 3 is not hitting the sales figures Mazda had been hoping for even 6 months after its release. The new 3 does feel nice..the interior is simple and elegant I like the back..but I really do not like the new front end with the black bezel....at TMS the 3 sedan was blue...and with the black bezel the dang thing looked like a Kree
  14. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Honda Thailand is announcing that it will reveal the next gene Honda City on the 25th of November...so I suppose that means we will see the new Grace as well
  15. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    The new Yaris is a pretty car It is actually a bit more prettier in reality (something that seems to be happening with Toyota cars since recent...even the Supra is far far far nicer in person than in pics) No new specs have been revealed (nothing new than what was publicized before) but it is confirmed that the car will go on sale in Feb 2020. I suppose pre-orders would start soon (if not already)
  16. iRage

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    Yes ! Vitara is pricier because it is much more car ! The Vitara used to be a competitor for the RAV4 in the past but now it has been re-positioned as a competitor for the C-HR. Oh right...the Daihatsu Boned... Well..this is their very first car that is based on their DNGA platform...which is pretty much a derivative of Toyota's TNGA platform. So lets hope some of the niggles have been resolved. A typical japanese play on English words that is just ridiculous... Raize comes from the the car being Raised and the active lifestyle it gives you leaves you surprised and amazed (or some balony like that)...Thus..Raized....
  17. iRage

    Toyota Axio X grade Trims

    I am sorry but what @sathyajithj99 said is not accurate. You simply cannot determine the grade of a car by the features/accessories it has. Especially with Toyotas. So do not waste time lookng at what accessories it has and stuff. Whilst each grade comes with a set number of accessories/features as standard and options, Toyota sometimes let buyers in Japan mix and match options. Also, at times they released special specification models that were a mix of everything. The ONLY accurate way to figure out the grade of a Toyota (JDM ones) is to go by the frame code (not the chassis number); the frame/body/model code. It for your Axio it would be something like NZE141x-AWDSDK this is just a random one I did. Here are the Model codes ! G : CVT : DBA-NZE141-AEXEK MT : DBA-NZE141-AEMEK For special specification or limited edition models there would be a -<some letter at the end of the code> X : CVT : DBA-NZE141-AEXNK MT : DBA-NZE141-AEMNK For special specification or limited edition models there would be a -<some letter at the end of the code> The code used for X Limited was : CVT : DBA-NZE141-AEXNK-X MT : DBA-NZE141-AEMNK-X
  18. iRage

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    Do not get me wrong...this is not a bad car....but it is not a replacement for a CH-R, Vitara, Premio/Allion. If you are okay with a Terios like car..then sure...it will be okay...but for 1000cc...also remember this is the same 1L 1KR-VET engine from the Thor/Tank. It is an updated engine that came in the 1L Vitz (1KR-FE). The 1KR-FE was not very good but seems like the 1KR-VET has been much better so far. Also, the 1KR is a Daihatsu engine...
  19. iRage

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    Oh hell No ! I saw this at the Tokyo Motorshow (see the Japanese Car News Thread for a long discussion). This is pretty much the size of a Vitz but taller and maybe like 10 or 15 cm longer. The interior is decent but does not have the refinement of a CHR nor the spunkiness of the new Yaris. The seats too are not as huggy as the CHR. But it is not bad. This is a Daihatsu....not a Toyota...a Daihatsu with a Toyota badge and bits and pieces from Toyota. So finally Sri Lankans are willing to embrace a Daihatsu after about 3 decades (albeit they will be doing so without knowing and be in denial forever) Toyota calls this a passenger car with SUV LOOKS ! Not a mini SUV like our car salesmen keep harping about. This is NOT a competitor or an alternative to the CHR or the Vitara (even the Vitara is larger than this). This is much smaller. This is an alternative for a Vue or Kwid or a Redi-Go (i.e. a small crossover if a Hatchback does not cut it for you) Most of our Sri Lankan car buyers are going to go for this because it is cheap and looks like a 4WD (so gives them added excitement and ego strokes). This will not be as comfy or as refined as the CHR or the Premio/Allion which some people are thinking of replacing with this This is the replacement for the Terios/Rush. Ironically neither the Terios nor Rush did that well in SL (except for the few permit imports) but this will probably be a hit because it is cheap due to the low engine capacity and the taxes that it will attract.
  20. iRage

    How to Wash an EFI engine

    Uhh...don't wash it ? Use compress air to blow off dust, etc...and then use a damp cloth or an engine wipe (the towels have a mild cleaner to remove some of the gunk, etc...) to wipe everything off. If you must...use a steam cleaner with a directed nozzle to clean off some grime around the block, engine bay body, etc...but do not directly put it on the electronics/sensors/etc... Engine degereases are intended for cleaning up heavy build up of gunk or oil leaks....using them on a plain engine surface and possibly getting them on rubber and electronic components is a bit over kill and it will spoil it. Also, most degreases require you to wash the degreaser off with water. Not a very wise thing to do. Also, the degreaser and the gunk is going to get on your drive way and it will be a pain to clean it up later on. So...clean engine = air compressor + damp cloth.
  21. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Ideally this should not create a hit as they are cars in two different categories. But because Sri Lankans buy vehicles strictly on budget..yes Allion/Premio will take a hit....but then after those who buys this desperately makes up stories to protect their virility and intellect of buying this; I think people are going to realize that this is not a decent replacement for a comfy sedan. Seriously...it literally feels like a Vitz inside but higher. On the other hand there is no Premio/Allion anymore and the replacement model is going to be a Premio that is pretty much a dressed up Corolla with a large engine. So that is highly unlikely to come to SL....so those looking for a proper sedan will lust after the used ones. Especially those with 3-letter numbers. @Crosswind...yes the Rocky/Blizzard were nifty little no nonsense off roaders. It is sad that Daihatsu used the Rocky badge on a boxy hatchback. At the very least, they should have done a little bit more stripping down so that it remains more utilitarian than a mini-soccermom-city-hauler. Better yet...they should have offered a proper 4WD system.
  22. Yes...you will cause damage... and yes there is a safety mechanism....
  23. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    So all of a sudden we like Daihatsus
  24. iRage

    Toyota Vitz 2016 to 19 Review

    I have not heard of a GR but there is a GR Sport. Gazoo Racing tuneups come in three levels. GR Sport is the entry level sporty variant and is equivalent to what used to be called the RS....sure it comes with disk brakes and slightly stiffer suspension than the normal grades and a bit of more welds. Some GR Sport vehicles have a slight tune in the ECU to make it feel a bit more responsive. The next level up is the GR Sport GR. This is what is commonly called GR. This has more sportier suspension, more welds, more braces and some vehicle models come with paddle shifts, etc...and the ECU settings would be a bit more intense. This is kind of like the TRD phase 2 vehicles or TRD spec'd vehicles we used to have. The highest level is GRMN...this is like all out tuning with everything from the engine to the suspension is completely redone and does not look or feel anything like the stock vehicles we are used to. This is equivalent to the special limited edition TRD performance models that used to be around. I have only heard of a GR Sport Vitz in Sri Lanka....the one I know of was a Hybrid when imported but was converted locally to a gasoline variant As for the Vitz in general...yes...the 1KR engine is a dead mule....has always been so even in the previous models. The larger capacity cars have a completely different character. The 1L Vitzies in Japan are usually fleet cars or entry level cars used by beginner drivers who want a bit more space than a kei car but want the cheapness of one.