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  1. Not that simple...Logical but practically challenging. New cars, hybrid or otherwise, are too expensive to purchase. So much so that it might be cheaper to just pay the extra taxes and keep the old car running. Lets not forget we are talking about people who use their old cars because that is what they can afford. So if you set an age limit like 13 years...then you have to make sure that cars that are less than 13 years depreciate enough that it can be affordable for those who had older cars. By putting an age limit it might actually drive up the price of second hand cars that are lesser than a certain age limit and drastically reduce those that are nearing the age limit, which again would have consequences. Even then people might actually have to down grade the category of car. People are not going to do that (i.e. better to drive a 15 year old Corolla than a 1 year old Wagon R) so there are going to be some issues there. Then...even if people were willing to down grade...that means a large number of cars need to be bought down. Seriously doubt the country can afford that ever considering the foreign currency drainage that would be needed. Then there is the other fact..and this is the bigger one...bad condition does not necessarily mean the car is old. There are plenty of Vitzies and Allions and Premios that are only 4 or 5 years old that are death traps AND are running on poor tires, brake pads, etc...because of poor and cheap maintenance. But yes...there needs to be some discouraging factor for people who can afford it to go for a new car....but having done that there also needs to be some mechanism for those who cannot afford a new car to be able to fix up their cars properly at a reasonable price. A stringent inspection and road worthy certification would be needed so hat even if the car is old..it is road worthy. As for accidents....yes....as some other have mentioned...the bad drivers need to be taken off the road and properly trained and re-licensed.
  2. Well...some people would not have money to fix it properly and others will not care. So perhaps establish something like MOT/Shaken inspections so that they people are compelled to fix it. But then there is the case of not having money....perhaps give tax credit ? (which maybe even can be linked to small loans?) I don't know....the cars cannot be simply ripped off the road.
  3. As much as I dislike the abundance of crossovers in every shape and size..I must admit..this does look pretty nice and elegant. Looks much better than the CHR, Yaris Cross and Raize (for me at least)
  4. Feeling Cross about all these Crosses... ...and we have another one. Just a month or so after the Yaris Cross...Toyota unveiled the Corolla Cross ! Although it carries the Corolla badge it looks nothing like one and is more like a shrunken RAV4 It was launched in Thailand with two power options...1.8L gasoline or 1.8L Hybrid. The Corolla Cross uses the same platform as the new Corolla and the CHR. Its slightly longer, wider and taller than the CHR. Following the launch in Thailand, other markets are supposed to get them with more market specific specs.... Toyota had been hinting of a crossover that slots in between the CHR and the RAV4 with its C-UV concept...so now we have it I suppose.
  5. @kmeeg....Yes..here is another amazing off-road video....
  6. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    Bingo ! Yes ! Came before the +4
  7. The Korean brands have come a long long way. Their design teams are lead by (or at least have one or two) ex-engineers from the likes of BMW, Porsche, etc...They do seem to have a wide portfolio that appeals to a wide audience (from grand pas to ricers to speed freaks). With the Korean automotive regulations opening up to modifications (which was apparently illegal up to a few years ago). The issue I have with Korean cars is..for some reason they do not seem to age well. Even the vehicles from 4-5 years ago...they just show age. I am talking about cars that have been taken care of...it doesn't rattle or anything....but it just looks old...so hopefully that has changed with the newer models.
  8. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    Nope....one of you gentlemen are close though. LOL...even so..what are they leaned against ? But no...I did not do that....but there was a tme last year (or before) the car was "kota uda" as it got its wheels refurbished
  9. Models change all the time...an introduction of a new model of a car does not kill the previous model (in fact the Vitz was the Yaris..the car was called VItz only in Japan). What will kill the demand and resale-ability of the car is how well you take care of it. If you do not properly maintain it by servicing it and doing preemptive maintenance accordingly by using proper parts and labor..then your car is going to be a heap of junk. If you do not properly inspect the car when buying a buy a junker...again..you will have trouble reselling it. So...at the end of the day what makes a 2019 Vitz resale-able or not is dependent on you and not what Toyota does. If you take care of the car and how much you will be able to ask for it would depend on whatever the prevailing tax structures, etc...for vehicle imports and usage of the country at the time you are selling it. A few final points for you to think on: - Cars are depreciating assets. Even if it has a Toyota badge...it depreciates...so ask for a reasonable price. As long as the price is reasonable for the status of the car..it will sell. I say this because owners of cars like the Vitz, Axio, Premio, Allion think their vehicles are better investments than gold and ask ridiculous prices. - Obviously the new Yaris has newer technologies and a new platform that is far more exciting than the old Vitz. So..if your budget does allow it..try to purchase the newer model. Having said that....right now the prices of the new Yaris are a bit inflated because of the "new" factor. Delivery times for the car is 3-4months (last time I checked) and maybe even more now because of COVID-19. So people who are getting their cars early are selling them off at a premium. Same thing happens in Sri Lanka...the local car sales are hiking up the price just for its newness factor (also the fact that new imports might be severely restricted for the next year or so).
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    Quick Trivia 3

    Okay....two hours have passed and keeping it moving....here is another one off in SL
  11. Well..they put the same engine on a Mazda 6 and their crossovers..sadly they were not offered in Asia for quite sometime and some still do not get offered with the high power engine. So you never know...
  12. So it is confirmed ! The big news to be announced on the 8th of July by Mazda (which they have been teasing about since May or so)..is that there will be a Turbo charged hot version of the Mazda 3. Would be nice if it made it to Asia.... https://jalopnik.com/the-2021-mazda-3-turbo-will-get-at-least-227-horsepower-1844278962?fbclid=IwAR23Y8vbX23k994zac5j4h_LwYmEF-UlkItUoovOlWtRb5sch_7dSqbrBCE
  13. So curiosity got the better of me and checked the quick site for prices of the new Yaris...the G grade seems to ask a 5.9 - 6.1 mil price and the X anywhere between 5.3 - 5.5. You could always go check and see what the bottom line price is. The car sales people might be desperate enough to give some significant price cuts (I don't reckon people are buying cars liek they used to with all the curfews and pandemic business)
  14. Well..we are going to have to agree to disagree. I have used one for a month after moving to Japan (could not use my own car because I could not get to it due to quarantine requirements ) . The ProBox and Succeed are pretty much the modern day elephant backs and KE72s and EE92s....Not much different at all (and I have gone in one in Malawi with bad roads..it was not any better or any worst than any van variant with leafs in the back)....and no...it is not like a Nissan Atlas Believe it or not I have used one of those too out in the fields (well a Cabstar). Have they changed the formula ? Yes....it has been made a bit more utilitarian than the old vans. But they have also made it more sensible for commercial use. I loved driving this thing. Since the wheels are so far out it was very chuckable and easy to manuever. The lack of all the cladding meant really good visibility too. It chugged along with 3 large suitcases, 3 hand-carry bags, 2 kids (with child seats) and two adults with no fuss at all. Settled for this over the new Corolla Touring wagon because it simply could not handle more than 2 large suitcases and when the kids seats were put on there literally was no space for even a back pack in the back. If a person wants a simple vehicle with space and minimal passenger use and is not looking for sedan like comfort ..then the Probox is a good option (its utilitarian. hassle free and simple..and if you want...easily customizable). If a person is looking for predominantly passenger use and do not need much utility out of space and want sedan like comfort..then a Touring wagon/Fielder/Wingroad would be better (passenger use and comfort is what its designed for). I have stated this earlier. Sri Lankans have a bad habit of taking and putting cars out of context and then demonizing it. Just like how people buy a 600cc kei car; expect it to have 1500cc sedan like performance and then saying that the kei car is a failure. @HaeylM.....As for your bit about the refinement and the evolution...sorry but you have left out a few key things that paint an incomplete picture For starters..you need to realize than in Japan you get this body configuration as vans, classified for commercial use; and passenger vehicles, classified for passenger transport. Passenger vehicles can be for private use or for business use. Business use is for fleets (sales reps, taxis, etc.., i.e. still predominant use for passengers and their luggage, not commercial use with heavy pay-loads, etc...) Now... What we Sri Lankans considered as WAGONS with the KE72 and EE92 were NOT wagons. They were vans for commercial use (or shop hop use as you put it). They had leafs in the back and had very utilitarian features. Along side these vans; they had wagon variants. The E70 series wagon was the KE73G and it came in GL and DX trims. They had plusher a interior (not very plush compared to modern or even 90s standards but plush for its day), suspension was a bit more refined (softer leaves) and the GL was even offered with faux wood paneling . The E90 series Touring wagon came as the AE91G and pretty much had the setup of the E90 sedan. This came in in L and G touring wagon trims. In addition to the Touring Wagon, the E90 was also offered in a Business Wagon which came in L and L Extra grades . The E100 Corolla followed the same strategy as the E90..van, business wagon and touring wagon. For the most part Sri Lankans got familiar with Touring and Business wagons only with the E100 series and this I believe has lead to the misconception that Toyota "wagons" got significantly refined after (or onwards from) the E100 series Corolla. Now true the E100 and the successive Fielder got improvements over the others due to technology and material changes/upgrades. Not because there was a change in direction or focus. It was not a case of the E70 and E90 series (and even the E100) being unrefined and simple/ basic and there was this major evolutionary refinement later on with a paradigm shift. That statement seems to be somewhat based on just pure comparison between the Fielder (which was a wagon) and the E100 Touring Wagons against the E70 and E90 van variants. Wagon to wagon there was no ground breaking "refinement" or ideology. In fact at a certain point the refinement of the Corolla/Fielder just started going down. (On a side note...the E100 was over engineered as the Toyota engineers wanted to create a mini Lexus LS and the entire range came with far better interior and exterior build than any other Corolla up to that point and many other Corollas after that.) After the E100 Corolla...Toyota split the van and the wagon ranges. In fact the E110 series Corolla did not get a van/wagon and the E100 van/wagon just continued. With the 120 series and the Corolla getting the MC platform, the replacement for the Corolla van (for commercial use) was the Probox/Succeed (lets not forget the MC platform was larger platform which had implications on vehicle dimensions) and the replacement for the Corolla wagon (for passenger use) was the Fielder. The Fielder, just as in the Corolla Wagon range was for private use or business use. In fact Toyota was just recovering after a recession (which is why the E110 Corolla was all borrowed tech from the E100)...so instead of having separate business and touring wagon ranges as in the past they just combined the two and offered everything in one wagon. As for refinement...ask anyone who has owned a Corolla E100 ..they will stake their life on the fact that the E120/E140 Corollas were plasticy and materials felt cheap (not bad...but a certain thing missing). This applies for the Fielder wagons as well. Lets not even talk about the 160 Fielder/Axio which is based on the same platform as the Vitz/Probox/Succeed). Again...goes back to the initial statement of taking a car out of its context and demonizing it...the Probox is not bad for what it is...and it is in many ways an improvement to what the old VAN variants were. So if someone is looking for a KE72/EE92/EE102 replacement/like vehicle then yes..the Probox/Succeed is a good alternative.
  15. Not to sound rude..but if you have to ask the question..then no..stay away from the Audi. 5mil is quite a good chunk of money. Are these the only two options you have ? Would there be any decent Korean offerings ? Yes..the Vitz name was dropped and now it is called Yaris. Test drove the 1L and the 1.5L (MT). They are both pretty nimble and actually fun. Yes the 1L uses the 1KRFE engne but Toyota swears by the fact that the engine has got some major overhauling and it is not like the previous one (I was quite disrespectful of the the previous 1L ). Only time will tell if these upgrades actually make it better. To be fair...it did feel and sound less cheap and tin can like as 3 cylinders usually sound. The thing did not feel like it had any more or less power but the way it was delivered was much better and coupled with the livelier chassis you could forgive it for not being a fire breathing engine.
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    Quick Trivia 3

    So....with all these props that were covering the car and wide open eyes...seems like you lads forgot to post the next Trivia car Where is @Devinda_Z ?
  17. @Thilina Bandara Herath I have merged the two threads. It will be easier for you and will get more responses if you just have one thread to discuss the vehicle/vehicles you are looking to purchase. Also, it helps keeping the forum organized and uncluttered. All the best with your Kelisa purchase
  18. Yes..ideally the same "type" of shocks are recommended for front and back..left and right....for normal road use. You can mix and match (for example...like when you are doing some mods where the front might have coil overs and the rear will have to remain old school spring+damper). However, in these cases, you do need to do some math and make sure that the reactive/recoil rates, etc are the same. The thing is..with something like coilovers you can adjust them to match whatever is in the rear...and if one was to go with lowering springs with short stroke shocks...you probably will lower all four corners.
  19. Actually I say that all the time....we are still a tribal society with a colonial/subservient mindset. We look for a pack leader who will do things for us. Our pack leader can do know wrong and the other tribes pack leader can do no right. Where the masses are concerned...it is not "our" responsibility to manage things or take initiatives. If we all get deadlocked in a 4-way junction...it is the leaders' fault followed on by the fault of the bus/three-wheeler driver...not the individual
  20. It does not matter if the shocks are KYB or Toyota replacements...if the shocks are standard and the coils are lowering..then it will not work. Irrespective of whatever brand you need short stroke shocks.
  21. If it is bumpy then its because the spring rate is too high. You need to get a lower spring rate and maybe even progressive springs. If your car is lowered what type of shocks do you use ? If properly lowered you should have short stroke shocks. If you do have short stroke shocks, then putting on stock springs will not work (shocks will be constantly engaged and will not compress and decompress that much) as you would need standard shock absorbers. If you have standard shock absorbers...well..it goes to explain why your ride is bumpy (the shocks are always compressed because the strut is pulling it down so nothing gets absorbed). All this is solved with coil overs If you want standard springs then try a place like MM Organization as @Devinda_Z had mentioned. You could try the agent but then they are certainly going to be pricey. As for used parts...no idea...you will have to walk around the usual areas. I kind of feel as if they will want to sell you the entire strut (for some reason I have mental images of piles and piles of entire struts at these places) but then you can always negotiate your way in to getting what you want with these guys.
  22. @Devinda_Z...yes but no...quite a few of the members did hands-on projects and had experience that way. Some members actually knew more about specific cars more than the agents themselves. Then there is @Sylvi...and @VVTi who are officially dabbling in the field.
  23. Some facebook posts indicate that it was #100 of 147....not sure if that is true...no matter what number it is..it is a huge loss to automotive history
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