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    Honda Insight 2019 vs Toyota Premio 2019

    The G Superior came only in the 2L variant and that too was abolished a little bit before the facelift. So for a little while the 2L only came as G grade and now it has G and G EX Package. As for the 1.5L G Superior....there is a legitimate G Superior PACKAGE offered by the dealers. i.e. Toyota dealerships offered a dealer option package for the highest grade 1.5L variant. It basically included the cosmetic dealer options the dealers would put on the 2L G Superior grade. So there are somewhat legitimate 1.5l G Suprior packages but they go as F grade something, something. The G Superior package adds about 200,000yen (on average) to the standard 1.5L F grade. So when importing to SL with tax the package costs nearly 500,000yen more (~700,000LKR). So to make more money what the local car dealers did were they just got cheap chinese parts (or used parts from Japan) and then added them on themselves to 1.5L F grade vehicles and still sold them at a 700-1mil extra.
  2. iRage

    Corolla AE110 vs Cefiro A33

    You are comparing bananas with apples. The Corolla is an econo sedan designed to give A to BE transportation economically and in fair comfort. The Cefiro is a luxury barge focused on moderate luxury travel from A to B (the performance variants hardly made it to SL). If fuel economy is a high concern the Cefiro is not for you. If you want a luxurious/cozy ride then the Corolla is not for you. True, the Cefiro has been prone to issues due to local conditions, but taken care of there really isn't anything catastrophically wrong with the car. Remebmer every car has on the planet has little design niggles. The Corolla E110 might have lesser of those design niggles but that is because the E110 brings in a lot of the old tech from the E100 series Corolla and other Toyotas that are older (so Toyota had plenty of time to fix those because the tech was old). No matter which car you buy the biggest concern ou should have is if you will be able to find a unit that is honest and in decent condition. Plenty of these cars (both models) are fixed up to look shiny for a quick sale after having lived harsh lives at two different ends of the spectrum.
  3. iRage

    Premio for permit

    No rumour. Its stated as such as the Corolla gets larger. The Allion/Premio filled the same size segment thus far
  4. iRage

    Baleno bonnet

    Uhhh. How badly is it damaged ? Can't the old one be fixed? If the inner skeletal web frame is damaged it gets tricky but still doable.
  5. iRage

    Premio for permit

    Toyota Lanka imports will be a bit hire in price than other third party importers. If Toyota actually imports from Toyota U-Car shops in Japan then the cars are guaranteed to be road-worthy in Japan, thus you know it is in good condition (first you need to check if the car is an actual Toyota U-Car stock). Also, if I am not mistaken Toyota Lanka might give a warranty that is backed by Toyota (i.e. Toyota's U-Car warranty probably applies). So you need to check. Also, even if the car is not a Toyota UCar stock, it is hard to imagine that the Toyota agent would actually go to the extent of tampering with mileages, etc...so the probability of what you get is what you see is rather high (i.e. the car would be more honest). The other car sales are NOT agents...so do not call them agents. They are just third arty car importers and car sales....you really can't rust these guys. For every 10 cars they import 9.5 of them are junk cars that are fixed up (on the cheap) and then shipped over here.
  6. iRage

    Is Hyundai Sonata good?

    Hmmm...if fuel efficiency is a concern..then this is not the car for you 9which in the Sl market is probably one of the factors the thing is cheap). Had a the joy of using a few of these as long term rentals and work assigned cars in SL and a few other places (4th & 5th generation). The 2.4L variant was pretty damn quick. You feel a bit scared in those things on bendy roads because considering how fast these things accelerate and fast it can go you feel like the car will not turn and just launch itself off the road (not that handling is bad). The 2.0L variant was ok....I would reckon the 1.8L variants would be a bit under powered. In SL there were quite a few of these brought in so you will find support through the agents, but do not expect to pop in to any parts shop in Panchi and find parts (like for a Doctor Sunny) These tend to show its age, but I have seen quite a few well maintained examples in SL. The ones I had in SL (5th gens) one had dashboard cracks and the other had a sticky dashboard surface (which probably was leading to cracks). Not sure if it is there in the 4th gen. They are nice and heavy cars that are quite comfy with plush seats and the usual bells and whistles.
  7. iRage

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    No. No. No. I was just joking
  8. iRage

    Prius 3rd gen (30 ) 2012 ABS

    what I am curious is what is the ABS unit ? The modulator ? The sensors ? or the entire system ?
  9. iRage

    Prius 3rd gen (30 ) 2012 ABS

    What do you mean 3rd Gen but not 30 ? The 3rd generation is the 30 series...there is no other series number designation for the 3rd generation. If it is W40 then it is from a Prius Alpha, if its W35 then its from a Prius PHEV and the parts shop just tagged it as Prius (the Prius alpha does not have 3 generations, its just that most of the car is based on the 3rd gen Prius). In case it is the Prius Alpha/PHEV then the system is pretty much the same as the Prius W30. So it would just be a matter of calibration (?). If it is a 20 series system (the 2nd gen 20 series was sold along with the 3rd gen 30 series as fleet/business models for a few years) then it might not work or would require some "bypass" work by our homegrown geniuses to make it work (where the success might be really good and long term or hokey and very short lived). The 3rd gen had ABS with EBD and VSC/TRC integrated. EBD distributed brake force to the wheels depending on vehicle weight, momentum, vehicle yaw, etc...in order to brake effectively (and has ECB built in). The system was also integrated/built-in with the VSC/TRC, as these were made available in the entire Prius range. The 2nd generation had a different and a system with less features. The 2nd generation only came with ABS with ECB and optional VSC. So you got the ABS with ECB braking system and then a separate VSC system that were linked to each other. This was because VSC was available only in some grades. ECB is not the same as EBD. What ECB does is depending on the vehicle speed and pedal pressure in regulates the braking intensity to stop optimally (note there isn't a brake force distribution). So if you step on the pedal with pressure X at speed A the brake force applied will be different than pedal pressure X applied at speed B (ECB is just a fancy abbreviation for what every brake-by-wire/electronic braking system does). Because of the two separate system the W20 Prius has a whole lot more sensors and regulators that the 30 series does NOT have..and the 30 series requires inputs from vectors that the 20 series does not necessarily have. So..yeah....to get the older system to work with the newer car would mean playing a bit of a bypass game.
  10. iRage

    Car Vibration Problem

    So the the engine vibrates like its going to come to a stall ? 300 is quite low (especially if the AC is on). Just for curiosity...is your fuel system (tank, lines, filter, etc...) clean ? I have come across a few cars (including a Soluna I owned) where the fuel tank had sediments in the bottom which got itself in to the fuel lines clogging everything up and retarding fuel supply. Then there was one car I had where one of the rubber seals closing up the tank had worn out and water was seeping in to the tank (yes..the car started acting up only during rainy seasons...took almost three years to sort it out). So needless to say the fuel was mixed with water and then subsequently dirty/rust. Fuel pressure was fine because the seal just had a very slight break.
  11. iRage

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    at the time of first release of this video a bunch of Subaru and Toyota engineers had jumped off the rainbow bridge in an attempt to take their own lives
  12. iRage

    Turbo charging a primeo

    Not really A brand new Premio 2.0G ËX Package" which is the highest grade of the thing you can buy starts at 2.6mil yen and at delivery it would cost about 3mil yen. a 1.8L is about 2.2-2.4mil yen at delivery and 1.5 anything up to 2.2mil yen. The new Corolla is a replacement for the Premio/Allion/Axio and the prices are supposed to start around the 2.0mil mark (this was the starting price range of the Axio Hybrid range) and the petrol's started around the 1.6mil yen mark. So in Japan it is expensive for a Corolla (in fact some industry experts speculate that Toyota will have to put out something like the Vios sedan in Japan to replace the Axio). The only advantage when bringing them to SL is that the taxes would be a little bit lesser because of the small engine size. The photo you posted is just an old rendering. Out of the two face designs Toyota has confirmed that Japn will be getting the following front-end other front is this :
  13. Not sure what the regulation in SL is as everything is as most things are in a grey area over here. In most countries the requirement is to have it in the middle with the exception of cases where it is placed on the side by manufacturer design (for example if placing it in the side is required for safety or performance reasons). So in most countries painting the number plate on the side of the bumper of riverting one on the side is not acceptable. It needs to be relocated properly and one needs to have justification (such as installing an extra radiator/cooler which should pass technical inspection) to do so
  14. iRage

    Turbo charging a primeo

    These things are probably going to be expensive...the hatch at delivery costs nearly 2.7 - 2.9 million yen !
  15. iRage

    Vehicle permit - What to do?

    I would say you should stick to the EK and fix and do some sensible modifications to it. A decent EK2 is pretty rare in SL and many enthusiasts will drool over it till the end of their days. Even if you sell the EK and try to buy another car, your choices are limited (especially in finding something that feels better). Also, you have no idea what the condition of the new car would be....
  16. I don't get this....most of the crossovers get 6-8kmpl in the city..which is not that much lower and even the same as most of the sedans around so it is not that more expensive than a sedan (granted the subsidized price of diesel and an old diesel getting lets say 10 ? in the city would provide per tank wallet-friendliness). Been using CRVs and RAV4s in SL for ages and it has not cost that much more nor less than the sedans the company has. You really don't have to rev that high....most of the power comes in at about 3500revs and most of the torque comes in at about the same point in most of these crossovers, the former of course does help in SL driving. The diesels of course gets most of the torque around half those revs whilst the max power will be reached around the same as the crossover. So yeah..it is not about power but torque in these situation. Also, with the CVTs, when driving on the highway these things settle down at a rather low rev range. The issue is going to be finding a good example of these old diesels...people do not want to get rid of good ones and when they do it is typically on the higher end of the price spectrum. So, the bottom line is, considering what the vehicle is going to be used for and how often; the question that the OP needs to ask himself is if the requirements for an old diesel really justifiable when considering the long term total cost of ownership (so you would need to balance out costs of maintenance of high mileage diesels vs a mid mileage petrol...). Also, if you are looking for a easier car to drive around town for your parents...then some of those crossovers are easier for them. If you think that was bad....you should try the new one in pure petrol form To be honest I don't think the 2L was bad in the T30...what let it down was a twitchy gearbox which was not geared to handle a heavy, boxy body. So driving around town was not the easiest. The CRV and RAV4 of the time were similarly powered the 2L variants). The RAV4 had a slight weight advantage and the CR-V had a pretty sweet engine and a good gearbox (although the weird hill climbing thingy was a bit of an annoyance).
  17. Interesting....by descent or not once a citizen of Sri Lanka, he/she is a citizen of Sri Lanka right ?
  18. iRage

    Turbo charging a primeo

    If you have a 1NZ-FE engine..theoretically it is possible and a bit easier than you might think. The Corolla Axio TRD GT (the actually fully tuned one by TRD, not the one you find all over Sri Lanka which is just the dressup kit 90% of the time and 10% of the time actually has the suspension upgrades); came turbo charged. and what they turbo charged was the Axio X which came with the 1NZ-FE engine and manual transmission. It came with a custom ECU. The Axio GT TRD out of the factory had 150hp or a bit more....as opposed to the stock 110 something. So, if you can find those components you should be able to fit them in a Premio....but I am not sure if the ECU would actually work with the Premio....so you would need to figure that out. Finding these TRD parts is going ot be hard and pricey. Why not go to a place like WickedEP and ask what they can do ?
  19. Okay....not really...but I think I understand what your friend was trying to say....the 30 series RAV4 petrol has about 195hp and it is actually pretty quick. The CRV is around the same and also pretty quick. The X32 series X-Trail has a 2.0L NA engine and is pretty underpowered for the vehicle size. The Hybrid is a little better. The difference between these and the diesels is a matter of torque. Even the diesel variants of the above crossovers have much more torque. So under load the diesel variants have a bit more grunt. but then again the old diesels you a re looking at have a very narrow power and torque band as well..being diesels they are low down in the rev range. So that makes things a bit easier. To be honest...if all you are going to do is go on moderate trails and just road driving..the crossovers would do rather well... All these crossovers fall withing the 6 - 8 kmpl range in the city and 12-15ish on pure highway driving. But if you look in to how much you are planning on driving and the possible maintenance that would be needed for maintaining an old unknown diesel engine..the total cost of ownership might end up being equal (i.e. the cost of fuel and maintenance etc would equal out between the two vehicles even if the petrol cross over does a bit lesser on fuel because you wont use the car that much) Also, the corssover would be much easier for your family to use around town when you are not there.
  20. Well...still it was some engineer who decided to put it in there...that thing (5L) barely makes a 100hp. The 5L was originally intended for the 3-door, which was later on dropped. I don't think the 5L did that well in any market. I would be surprised if they still offer it anywhere.
  21. Citizenship selection depends on the other country as well. In SL it used to be 20 (which I had to do as I was born abroad). Not sure if its changed now. Either way if the other country is lower then it will be that. Yes. That is a way. But once the kid renounced citizenship, the property is now owned by a foreigner
  22. What I am referring too is when the SL spouse is still SL and then passes away. The ownership falling in to the foreign spouse goes through this grey area sort of thing because the spouse (and sometimes even the children) are foreigners and there are certain stipulations when it comes to things like foreigners owning land (as opposed to a condominium/apartment) . Yes..there are property taxes that become an issue as it falls in to multiple areas (foreign ownership, inheritances, etc...). So there is a lot of paperwork and lot of going back and forth and knowing our system it can take a long time before the ownership is transferred fully to the people who are left behind by the deceased. Sometimes its easier for the kids if they are able to retain dual citizenship. It has to be noted that with all of the above (even immigration)....the authorities are quite courteous and helpful throughout the entire process (where property is concerned I do not have direct experience but only know through friends). Most of the time the issue is that there is nothing there in terms of policy or are no longer relevant. Nothing official, partly the statement is from one of big accounting firms when they were consulted during some investments and accounts from what friends have gone through.
  23. What you are missing is....if a person has lived in Sri Lanka for decades with his/her family and renewing the spouse visa....that person would have sufficient skills in the local language and would have integrated quite well in to SL society (you should know that there are KOICA/JICA/peace-core volunteers who speak better/cleaner Sinhala than most of our new age kollo who mix and match sinhala and english). In fact all the foreigners I know in this situation are far better citizens of Sri Lanka than most of the locals in most of the neighborhoods I know, mine included ! Any country, irrespective of whether its in Europe or other parts of Asia, recognizes this. In fact anyone who has lived legally in these countries under a spouse visa will have no problem meeting these requirements (if you are a shady character you are not going to be able to get legal visa without flags being raised, even in Sri Lanka. You are confusing long term spouses living in this country with short term-entrants trying to get PR (kind of like putting them in the same boat as the Sri Lankans trying to emigrate to the West or down-under) You looked at the application requirements for PR in Japan....you can get PR if you have been in the country for X number of years under a long-term stay visa (which can be a Spouse Visa, Work Visa, Investment Visas, etc...). Depending on the type of long-term stay visa you are coming from the requirements change (eg. language proficiency levels, savings requirements, etc...), the only thing that is common is the tax, which if you are employed have to pay income tax and pension fund to the city and the prefecture on a consistent basis without defaulting (if you default you have to give a proper reason as to why). The other taxes they talk about (I think what you misread as what they get) are mainly things like road taxes and specially health taxes which is not something the government gets but something for the individual's benefit (its something almost everyone on long term visas have to pay). For the record, I, just like every Japanese national. pay only 1/3 of the medical bills (a maximum of 27,000yen for anything), my annual health service tax is a lot lesser than what my max paying amount is. Only things I have to pay for is if I decide to stay in a private suite in the hospital. So no..the taxes you saw is not for the benefits they are getting (those are different taxes)...it is taxes for the things you would actually use...like actual roads and public car parks and health services (at public and private clinics). I do't get why you mentioned paying taxes in a rather negative tone, anyone living in a country and using its public services and infrastructure should pay taxes (foreign or local). In most of these countries the taxes do not go towards feeding 5-star 4 course meals and funding luxury cars to politicians, so paying taxes actually is in the person's best interest.
  24. Aha....I was not paying attention to the details...I thought he was talking about the following when he mentioned 70 Land Cruiser Okay..so if he is talking about the 90 series LC Prado then yes..not many body swaps (that I know of). The Land Cruiser...basically you had the old school 40 series which was the military Jeep style workhorse. During that time Toyota also launched a passenger oriented variant which was the Land Cruiser wagon (the J55/5x) to compete with the Nissan Safari which was more passenger friendly. The wagon variant went on to become the J60,J80,J100,J200 series Land Cruisers (which we now call the Sahara, etc...). The J40 in the early 80s was replaced with the J70 series Land Cruiser which again was workhorse type jeep. Although a workhorse many people (at least in Japan) were buying it for passenger use as well as commercial use (dual purpose) because it was reasonably priced (compared to the more luxurious J60 and J80 series station wagons of the time). Needless to say the J70 was a bit too harsh for Japanese roads and with changing regulations for passenger vehicles and the release of the Mitsubishi Pajero (which was as capable as a LC J70 more passenger friendlier than the J70 but nimbler and cheaper than the J60/80) Toyota decided to release a "station wagon" variant of the J70which was workhorsish but also had some creature comforts and somewhat softened up to suit city use. This was called the Land Cruiser II (came in 3 and 5 door variants) and was sold in Japan and some other export markets....later on the LC 70 station wagon (now called the Land Cruiser II) was called Land Cruiser Prado in some regions including Japan. As time went by The Land Cruiser Prado became its own little lineup just like the full sized station wagons (J80,100,200). It was placed right in the middle; not as plump and luxurious as the full sized wagon and not as bare-bone and harsh as the J70 jeeps. Thus, overtime we got the J90, J120 and J150 series LC Prados. During this time the J40 replacement, the J70 still continued production to this day in various forms (2-door, troop carrier, truck, double cab). What is interesting is although Toyota introduced the Prado with the hope of replacing the J70 5-door station wagon, there still was a demand for the J70 5-door series wagonvariant. So Toyota keeps on making those as well till this day. So that is the whole LC story in a moderately long paragraph...there are quite a lot of things missing...but I believe it gives the general idea.
  25. The Montero/Pajero V60 series is actually pretty comfy. I personally do not like the seats as they are a bit too benchy for my liking but they are nice and plump. The thing...when in good condition...moves like a bat out of hell....compared to its rival models and alternatives in the price range you get a lot more for the price. The Montero Sport...well its bouncy but not too bad, but bouncy...decently put together...feels heavier and a tab more plasticy than the likes of the Fortuner. I like the ride of the Fortuner better. The Fortuner feels more grounded than the Sport. Don't forget the Fortuner too is based on a truck chassis... The old 70 series Land Cruiser..yes for its age its surprisingly comfy. Yes..there are plenty of 70 series land cruisers (II and Prados) that have had the body swapped. Quite a few military 70 series LCs that have gotten restored with new bodies around. Some are legal with proper permits and amendments to books...most are not. Buying an old diesel...well...as with any engine it will require preemptive maintenance done and should be fine. However, the fine part depends on how well the thing has been taken care of. Some people swap the engines out as they start showing age related issues...a few rebuild them. Either way, you need to check what has been done. I am guessing you want a large diesel SUV for the size (to carry the entire family) and for the long runs ? I guess something like a RAV4, X trail, Vitar, etc would be out ? Even if it looks like a SUV with the rear mounted wheel and such ?