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  1. also...after changing shocks it is customary to check the telemetry of your wheels/suspension. So when you change the tires check the alignment/camber/etc...
  2. iRage

    Stepping stone

    The point is...I feel what you are looking at is just the RS grade (considering the vintage of the model and budget)...this ain't sporty....its just the standard econobox..a littleless econy and dressed up. For the most part same with the Swift RS if you are looking at the 1L variant
  3. iRage

    Stepping stone

    GRs are the newer ones Even in the older Vitz the actual hot versions are the Turbo TRDs..there are two that I know of in SL. The VItz RS...well with the P10 series the Vitz RS was a larger engined low end sporty variant with stiffer suspension and then 4 disk brakes and then had the option of a manual transmission for sportier option. The high powered and sportier Turbo TRDs were based on this. When the P90 was introduced..things changed a bit. They kept the 1.5L large engined Vitz RS with stiffer suspension, elds and 4 disk brakes as a sporty variant. However, they also turned the RS in to a sports grade with a 1.3 engine. This just had body parts stuck to it to look sporty but had the same old 1.3 L engine had normal suspension, drum braked in the rear...within the 2007 - 2009 model years this is what you get mostly in SL. The same fate happened to the Fit RS and the March Autech/Nismo When the 130 was introduced they went back to the original recipe of the RS being a bit of a sporty variant where they kept the 1.5L engine, disk brakes, stiffer suspension...again this was the base for TUrbo TRD limited editions *NOTE : Stiffer suspension is mainly achieved through added strut bars and slightly stiffer springs. Then with one of the facelifts for the 130, they scrapped the Vitz RS from the line up and replaced it with the GR Sport (least tuned), GR and GRMN (most tuned). With the GR sport they went a bit more hot hatch focused because (well for starters the Europeans started developing it and they were trying to spruce it up to go against the EUro hatches). So the GR Sport has stiffer shocks, extra welds, 1.5L engine...etc...and this is the base for the GRMN turbo charge variant. The GR Sport comes in Hybrid and gasoline forms. The Hybrid has rear drums whilst the gasoline GR Sport, GR and GRMN have disks all around.
  4. iRage

    Honda Crv

    and you know this because you obviously read it off of wikipedia. The more common types in SL are the Japanese variant 2.4L variant (its not 2.5!!) and the 2.0L variant brought down by the agents. I have hardly seen any diesel 2.2L variants in SL (it was offered mainly in Europe). For most markets the 2.0L variant was offered only in 2WD form and in SL most of the 2.0L are in 2WD form. Pretty decent car..well built and definitely one of the more refined interiors compared to the RAV4 and X-Trail. In fact its a bit too refined that it feels more like a large station wagon rather than a want-to-be SUV crossover. For the most part its well built..you might want to check the EPS unit for issues which some variants came with (some models came with the standard Hydraulic PS). Secondly if you are getting an AWD variant, first check that the rear diff is actually there and connected ! Then check for any whining coming from the rear diff (to do this you will have to do something to make the front wheels loose traction and the AWD system to kick in (hard kicking the accelerator on a gravel patch or something). The older Hondas require Honda specific diff oil (Hyperbolic something something ). The compatible non Honda oils were as expensive or more expensive than the Honda oil itself so most people used diff oils were close enough because it was cheap (resulting in the diff giving out). Apart from that..just look for the usual oil leaks, suspension issues etc...because it is an old car and those things wear out...then you have the usual stuff of looking for one with a proper service history (most would have been taken care by the agent), gettig it inspected, etc...
  5. iRage

    Stepping stone

    If you are looking for used ones: There will be a Mark X for sale...which is fun..not an econo box and quite luxurious as well. I sold my Mark X within a few days...and then the guy who bought it busted the engine and resold it again in a few days...its a reare car and people are on the look out for a good speciment all the time. WIll be within the 3.5 - 4.2 mil budget You could look in to a Vitz RS....fun to drive and has the Toyota badge. I would say Aqua GR Sport (or even G Sport) but being a Hybrid you never know what the battery condition, etc...is like. New cars for that price range are econo boxes no matter whow and hat you look at it...yes things like the Swift RS have some sporty feel to it but really is not performance or luxury oriented. They are econo boxes but a little bit engaging to drive. Swift Sport, VITZ GR GR Sport are the hot hatches...
  6. Hmmm...5.2 does seem to be low...know quite a few people who have Mark 2s and on average they seem to get about 7ish (some a bit lower some a bit higher; which is pretty decent considering the size of the car and the amount of work the stock engine has to do..and they are quite spirited when it comes to driving..the ones who do get close to 9 drive the car mostly on open roads and/or like grand mothers). Have you checked your filters, spark plugs, etc... ? How about the tires ? have you increased the size/width ? How is the pressure ?
  7. Its because Sri Lankans have misplaced priorities and subscribe to stupid stories and fairy tales and give more priority to all this crap. Sri Lankans will buy any piece of crap as long as it is a "bargain" and impresses he neighbor's wife and grandmother. Yes..the place you mentioned and/or the manufacturer. When I said verifiable mileage...I meant formal documents that show mileage such as emissions tests or manufacturer agent's records. or records from a extremely reputable/large garage. Service station and your average garage records can be bought for a few hundred Rs. so I hardly tell people to rust them.
  8. Mileage tampering is unavoidable....so always assume you cannot trust the mileage. Besides...you should never buy a car based on mileage but always on what you have and see at hand (it doesn't matter if the car when imported was auction grade 5 with 1000km or what ever other bs car sellers tell you). Save some money from your budget...Get the car properly and professionally inspected. Once you find a car that is in good structural condition and mechanically sound for its age...when you buy the do some pre-emptive/scheduled maintenance work with the money you saved from your car buying budget.The scheduled maintenance needed can be based on what the vehicle's last proper verifiable mileage is...or talk to a proper automotive engineer and see what blanket services can be done to the car irrespectiive of what the mileage is.
  9. GG7 (./GG8 = AWD) : Fit Shuttle 1.5L + IMA GP3 : Honda Freed..but it came with the 1.5L = IMA...the Freed never came with a 1.3L engine GP6 : Same size as the GP5....only difference is GP6 was the AWD variant.
  10. Buy the Santa Fe....other 7 seater SUVs are out of your budget or are too old for you...so you really do not have much of an option here...(unless by some luck you find one of the extremely rare Honda Stream or Toyota Wish which are MPVs but in reality station wagons)
  11. Do not convert a RAV4 or X Trail in to 7 seats ! That was the whole reason why I wrote my previous post. It is not safe..and it is not comfortable. Do idiots in Sri Lanka do it. Yes...but then it is these are morons who do not care a s&*t about safety. Also, you convert it...no sensible person will buy it at a reasonable price afterwards (but then there is a moron born every minute in SL). There is a reason why the RAV4 and X-Trail and Vitara and old CRVs never came in 7 seat configurations. As for the double cab..depends on the double cab...some did come with bench seats in the back and front....why not a MPV ?
  12. iRage

    Upgrading my current car to new one

    Alto RS : loads of fun to drive and the funnest car on your list. Very bare and baron inside (in terms of dash design etc...)... Dayz : Again...well built and feels nicer than the Maruti. A bit of a bore to drive with the lethargic NA engine and the sterring is..well its nice and sharp but has not much feeling and has a bit of body roll. Both of the above cars have decent safety equipment as standard and the Days can have much more safety features and other accessories in some grades. Being kei cars the rear seats are bench-like but the Dayz seats do have a nice form and hold you well. The Alto Turbo RS rear seats..well...it is more benchy than the others. Being kei cars the engines are quite small with limited output but the Turbo RS feels nippier with a bit more power and torque than the Dayz. If possible try to get a turbo variant of the Dayz. Kei cars are quite peppy low down the rev range and then just simply start suffocating towards the higher revs...so you will be pushing the engine to the max on hilly rides or highway rides. The Turbo makes it a bit better. I would be somewhat reluctant to buy used kei cars from Japan, especially those that are not from large cities because these things get rev'd the life out of them when they use it on the Highway. Axia/Wigo : Both are the same car by different manufacturers (I haven't ridden and driven the Axia but considering its the same platform it can't bee too far off from the Wigo). Same type of budget conscious car as the Maruti, albeit it will feel nicer and better assembled. Some what plasticy inside and the car is quite nippy at turns and the ride is pretty decent for its category. The lowest grade of the Wigo is very bare. Interior space wise it feels the same as the Dayz. However, the Dayz feels more refine. Power wise the Wigo has about 65hp so a bit more than the Dayz but the Turbo RS has pretty much the same amount of power (but a bit more torque). Safety features wise the Days is better and the As suggested by Kush you also might want to look in to Kia and Hyundai options (Picanto/Morning/i10). I believe they are a good balance between what the kei cars and the Wigo can offer (again depending on the grade). Unlike the Dayz and the Turbo RS the Axia, Wigo and the Korean cars have official manufacturer support if you ever do need it, so take that in to account as well (I believe the Koran models'agents are a bit more customer focused and economically sensible than the other two).
  13. Do not fix extra seats in the back on a X-Trail, RAV4, CRV. In Sri Lanka there are morons who do it but it is NOT safe. The 5 seater variants do not have the necessary support braces to safely and securely hold the 3rd row of seats and there are no points to fix seat belts on to. Our Sri Lankan morons just drill holes on to the floor boards and just bolt seats and belts on just like they did in old school vans (which was possible with the frame on ladder construct and the body for the passenger variant was the same as the body for the cargo variant). They do not look at what other braces and welds and support arms will need to be added on. These are NOT safe ! In case of an accident its going to just rip through. Also, the vehicle was not designed for 7 seats so there will not be enough leg room space, getting in and out will be a pain and when the seats are folded you will not have enough storage space...so you are not going ot have a good people carrier...nor will you have a good crossover for carrying passenger's luggage. The new CR-V and the Toyota Vanguard have 5 & 7 seat variants....the 5 seat variants of these could be converted to 7 seats. However, you will need to rip a few things out of the rear interior and then a proper conversion kit (with the proper mounts at the very least) will need to be purchased. You could look in to older Pajeros and Prados....but may I as why you need a SUV to transport 6 people ? MPVs are another option.
  14. That is a decision you have to make for yourself based on taking both on test drives....Sorry to be pedantic but there is nothing called a RAV4 Vanguard. RAV4 is one vehicle (SWB) and Vnaguard is a different vehicle. I personally prefer the Vanguard over the Sorento but the Sorento is also a decent vehicle and I believe you would get a bit more bang for the buck with the Kia. Also, you do get quite a few of them around and the local agent supports the vehicle so you are always covered. The Vanguard..well..for the most part it won't be any more difficult nor easier than maintaining a normal RAV4 (the local agent did NOT sell that many RAV4s in SL and 99% of RAV4s you see on the road are grey imports and our expereience with the RAV4 has been that third party parts suppliers have a lot more parts on hand than the agent). I have seen several Vanguards around...albeit almost all of them are 2WD. Even in Japan the Vanguard did not sell that well compared to the RAV4 mainly due to the price...which also reflects on why the thing never made it to SL.
  15. The 3rd Generation RAV4 came in two body types....the Japanese and some european markets got the RAV4 in Shortwheel base form, whilst some markets got it in Long Wheel Base form. However in Japan both the Short and Long wheel base versions were sold. The SWB was badged as RAV4 and the LWB version as Vanguard (so it is incorrect to call it RAV4 Vanguard...although one can be understood for calling it such). THe Vanguard was introduced to the Japense market as the replacement for the Kluger (Highlander in other markets) as the new model of Kluger was not introduced in Japan. If you are looking at the 2.4L Vangauard then it has the same engine and gearbox as the RAV4 (the variant that is common in SL) which is a 2AZ engine with a K112 series CVT. If you are looking at a 3.5L variant, then is has the 2GR engine from the Crown with a U151 5 speed automatic transmission. The 2.4L variant machanical parts would be easy to find because there are plenty of SWB RAV4s around. The 3.5L engine parts would be a bit harder to find but not impossible. Some body parts between the RAV4 and Vanguard are interchangeable..some are not...so those parts owuld requires some hunting down. The 3.5L variant is a lot more nippier and fun to drive with the extra power and raunchiness of the automatic transmission. The 2.4L with the CVT is also prettier decent but the CVT takes a bit of the fun away. The Vanguard is not as nimble as the shorter RAV4 but it does feel a bit more stable and comfy at higher speeds (as to be expected with a LWB). As for the third row seat at the back....it is quite easy to get in and out of and has enough leg room space if you are a short built person and the middle row seat has been pulled a bit forward. Same goes with head room. Shoulders would be rubbing a bit though. With the third row seats down you will have luggage room for 1 medium suitcase and some grocery bags and that is it.
  16. iRage

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    Usually the JDM vehicles would have softer spring rates and lower perches along with, in some cases, shocks that have different strokes and captive regions than their export model counter parts. The latter models, especially for places like Sri Lanka, SEA, etc...; are designed with the assumption of them being for hard road usage (emerging/developing markets).
  17. iRage

    Newest Vehicle Colour change Process at RMV

    Probably does....albeit perhaps a different set of forms...
  18. iRage

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    It is technically illegal to have more than the number of passengers registered in the "book" (which is what the manufacture has indicated) travelling in the vehicle...so yes it is illegal...but SL being SL...the authorities do not care a ##@[email protected] unless the vehicle meets with a deadly accident and it makes a good news headline. Technically, it is NOT safe to do so....the vehicle does not have enough seat belts nor are the other supplemental safety systems designed to safely transport more passengers than what the has been designed for (so everything from people not wearing seat belts to how the body crumples in an impact can actually hurt the occupants..don't forget..crumple zones are designed with a X number of buckled in passengers in mind). But SL being SL....people do not care about safety... Comfort wise...no it is not comfortable....even with small built people. The seats are designed in such a way that each spot will comfortable seat one person...when bums start crossing across these seating regions/areas..it becomes very uncomfortable as there are height difference on the seat surface etc....not to mention limited shoulder space. The above applies even with small kids ! Kids MUST be bucked in safely and comfortably. If you do not buckle your kids properly you are a bad parent and should be canned in public. If your kids are small buy a child seat. If child seats are expensive....well..you hsould have thought about that before spending that extra 2 or 3 million on a car you bought for "patta resale/market" factor and ""thel supiriyata karanawa" factor and all the impressing of the neighbors and colleagues factor. If you have to transport more than 5 people in a vehicle..then you will need a 7 seater SUV or a minivan. If buying a minivan or SUV is out of your financial means (which is surprising considering how much Allions/Premios cost); think about buying a slightly smaller sedan and save some money. With that money, when you need to travel to Kataragama with 6 people...rent a minivan for the trip. If you have to transport 6 people on a daily basis...then...you still need a SUV/Minivan....think about going for a slightly older vehicle that fits your Allion/Premio budget and is designed to carry 5 to 6 people. Sorry...you touched a very touchy-feely subject....
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    Newest Vehicle Colour change Process at RMV

    Good that they are actually inspecting the vehicle now and trying to establish the process. Its unfortunate that the process is not efficient (...and questionably effective).
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    No one in the forum or on the face of the planet can tell you what the fix for your check engine light is without examining the car. Those who do so are lying to you and you do not need them in your life to advice you. Go to a garage that can do an ECU reading....they will see what error codes your car is giving and advice you on the actual problem from which point you can start to look for solutions...
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    Japanese Car News

    So far the press release says NEXT N-Box...so the presumption is that it is the next generation....on the other hand with most of these kei cars..the next generation is mostly just outward refresh because the platform (engine and even the frame) remains the same for ever and ever. For example the Suzuki kei engines have been around for ages with nothing but new improvements over the ages and generations of models...
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    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Not TL ? I doubt this would be that popular in SL (atleast for the next foreseeable years) even if this was offered in SL cheaper than even happened to be better than the 200 series mainly because of the SL market's mentality. What is ironic is vans originally did have front noses....Also, in SL people do not seem to care that much about safety....
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    Toyota Allion 260 Unusual Slow Down

    1.8 and 2.0 litre variants do pick up quite well actually....
  24. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Toyota and Subaru join forces to develop an EV carplatform Toyota is to bring in their EV knowhow and Subaru their AWD know how...which is ironic because Toyota has totally failed to gain any traction in developing a pure EV vehicle in house and pretty much have been getting their Chinese counterparts to do it for them...
  25. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Part of DNGA...Daihatsu released the world's first multi-spark kei engine. It will start getting rolled out with the new Tanto which was just revealed. The output of the engine is obviously within the regulatory requirements for a kei car, however Daihatsu swears that fuel efficiency has been greatly increased and harmful emissions have been greatly reduced...