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  1. http://cdn.toyota-catalog.jp/catalog/pdf/caldina-w/caldina-w_200001.pdf http://cdn.toyota-catalog.jp/catalog/pdf/caldina-w/caldina-w_200108.pdf Sorry the 190 series had not made it to the site....
  2. well..that COULD have had nothing to do with the manufacturer's delay or a shipping delay and it is not the case similar to the OP ? How did you find the year of manufacture ? The Japanese reg documents indicate YoM as Year of First Registration (this includes all the verification websites as well). So if you say your car was manufactured in Nov 2018 based on your registration and export docs..that means the car was sold and registered to the new owner in Japan in November 2018 (i.e. the car was delivered to the owner in Nov 2018). So it could be that the new owner did not put it to auction until June(ish) of 2019. It is quite common for car export companies (and even some business individuals and local car dealers) to buy brand new cars in to their own stock and try to sell it (or hold on to it) on their own lot until it gets put to auction. So based on this..your car for all intents and purposes is considered a 2018 model. Also, sometimes the manufacturers dealer could also have some ex-stock before it gets sold to someone... but even in these cases the year of first reg is recorded when the car gets sold ad the Japanese docs would indicate the year/month it was first registered..not the date it arrived at the dealership lot. With manufacturers' exports it is slightly different. A car manufactured to be exported (eg. to the middle east) and kept at the manufacturer's local dealer's lot will have a date that indicates a year of import in to the country...but there after any registration doc would indicate the year of first registration as its model year (eg. my Fortuner was imported to Oman from Indonesia in Dec 2012..but was sold off by the Toyota dealer to a trading company who had it for exported to Vietnam in March 2013 so it is considered as a 2013 model). It is things like this that manufacturers use a dual year system for marketing models.
  3. Really ? How ? What is the car and when did you buy it ? No..it is not common for cars to get delayed this long after manufacturing. The only time it does get delayed is production wait lists due to huge volume of orders.... Some models have a waiting list because of production limitations that can cause a 6-7 month delay. When the GT86 was launched it had a 10 month waiting period....Last Honda Fit had 4 months....the XCross had a few months...the new Corolla has a wait time of 4 months...Raize had a wait list of 7.5 months which now has gone down to 4. This is different from what the OP is going through. OP's car is already manufactured and is being delayed for various reasons. In Japan, once the car is manufactured there hardly is any delay unless the person exporting it screws up.
  4. Well...no..you do not see old Jimnae around....occasionally you might see one or two...that is it. But then that is the case with all old cars in Japan....even the E100 Corolla is hardly seen. As for the Samurai...well..yeah...the Japanese market did get the Samurai badge..but it was more like a trim level that was reserved for it 1300cc line up. So even when you search the web and online car sales you will still see them for sale as Jimny. So it jsut gets put togetehr with the 1300cc Jimny all the way from 1993 - 1998 when the 1300cc was properly marketed as a separate line up (Jimny Sierra or Sierra).
  5. Embrace your pimpness ! Claim the pimposity that is your''s !
  6. Nice car...and congratulations... but lets be honest...you are keeping the interior becuase you want to feel the pimpness of it
  7. To be honest..I thought you had seen a 1.3L Ceres/Marino somewhere....it wouldn't surprise me if someone out there in SL decided to put a 1.3L in it
  8. That looks like an aftermarket fitment. Probably the previous owner fitted it....Yes Yes ! Turn it on and off ! Who knows..maybe your lights will start flashing....oooh...or the car will do a funky bouncing dance...Now I am inspired ! I want to put an aftermarket switch inmy car to control the TV at home
  9. The Ceres/Marino did not come with a 1.3L engine The Ceres/Marino mechanically is the same as the E100 series Corolla. It came with a 5A-FE (AE100) 1.5L , 4A-FE and 4A-GE 1.6L (AE101) engines. The ones with the 4A-GE were the sporty variants. In Sri Lanka we have all three types (granted lesser of the 4A-GE variants). Most of the 4A-GE variants are silvertops (easily identifiable by the twin exhaust tips at the rear). The later facelift variants came with a blacktop with a 6MT but most of what we have here are silvertops with a 5MT. Like the others have said, although mechanically you can find parts easily..the body parts are getting rather rare. Also, soe of these cars got in to the hands of ricers because of its slender sporty looks and they completely messed them up. Apart from that, it also is plagued with the usual Corolla curse...which is people who were quite thrifty in terms of maintenance got their hands on them because it is a Corolla and is very economical to run and robust.
  10. Oh...well...it can be strange since it was taken care of....seen boots and rubber bushes break up like that after having mud build up and then drying up and cracking.....
  11. Why is it strange ? How old is the car ? The usual life span for the boots are about 10 years ? Over time these rubbers do get dried up and that leads to cracks as well....
  12. Thank you for your response...but please do not revive old threads unnecessarily. Please be mindful of the date of the posts you are replying to (in this case the question was asked 4 years ago and answered). Just so you know...it is a common problem with cars of that era and old ones...the excessive heat jams up the plastic gears inside.
  13. Go back to what the car came with. Try Delkanda and the usual used parts areas. See if you can trade in your current headlights so you can get a bit of a discount.
  14. India has rather strange and stringent import regulations in order to protect its auto industry. The process would be rather cumbersome that it might not be worth it (on top of having to pay the Indian authorities). Sell it...and then buy a new one in India...you can find a better Indian manufactured car at an equal or lesser price.
  15. What do you mean ? Premio user manuals can be found here : https://toyota.jp/ownersmanual/premio/ Download the digital copy and use Google translate to read the sections you want.
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