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  1. iRage

    Bump of rear wheels

    Your alto....is it a van variant ? If you and your friend's Alto has the chassis code HA36V, then you have the van variant which is the variant made for business use (i.e. carrying cargo). The passenger variant would be HA36S. Both the variants have variants of the a Torsion Beam suspension system (Suzuki says the 4WD has a ITL ?). The difference is the HA36S has softer suspension and the van has harder suspension. So that could be the main cause for the hard feeling. But it being bumpy...well..like the others have suggested maybe too much air pressure or some alignment/balancing problem ? or worst yet...it has had an accident and poorly fixed (that is the extreme case). But yes...don't be surprised if more than one car has been subjected to the above....a lot of people get their cars maintained through ********* or use it harshly (slammimng over curbs, pot holes, etcc messing up the telemetry of the wheels...and quite a lot of people over inflate their tires (on the advice of service station boys) so that they save fuel...
  2. iRage

    Budget 2019

    A few points: 1. Nope....the HSD was completely revamped for the TNGA platform...does it have know-how from the original HSD integrated in to it...yes. But that is like saying a modern internal combustion engine is the same as a century old technology. 2. This is luxury tax..not to be confused with eco tax. The excise taxes, etc...are there for providing benefits for eco friendly cars. If the objective was to lessen the foreign exchange being seeped out in buying cars...then incentivisizing the purchase of a high value vehicle does not work does it ? 3. The Japanese have been R&Ding the downsized engines for a sometime and now they are being rolled out...so yes...the Corolla and even the mini cross overs come with a 1.2L engine.
  3. iRage

    Budget 2019

    Still makes no sense....so a base Hybrid Camry will be slammed with luxury tax whilst a Turbo charged diesel Hybrid E-Class will not ? (the CIF value will exceed the tax threshold but still it says 0% luxury tax).
  4. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    The Fairlady is 50 years old Nissan has launched a limited commemorative model.... The most obvious distinction is the 240Z BRE color scheme (which one the SCCA in the 70s). It can also be had in grey with a similar color layout
  5. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Nissan Versa (Latio/Tiida/Narrow body Sunny) Half a world away Nissan unveiled the new Nissan Versa in the US....and that too is pretty cute. Nice to see Nissan's sedan in the small sedan segment actually looking nice...lets be honest the current Tiida/Sunny sedan looks like a wizard.
  6. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    The all new Nissan Sylphy (wide body Sunny)....it is gorgeous ! So far the only engine announced is a HR16DE engine mated to a funky CVT...I am sure there are additional power trains that will be offered. The dash looks very Toyota-ish though...
  7. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    China is probably leading the world in EV adoption and the major cities does seem to have infrastructure and services to support it (last year Nissan was testing and launching out a battery swap service for its EV cars...when your battery runs low...drive up to a battery station and swap your batteries with charged ones and drive off...apparently some Chinese manufacturers were already doing it before Nissan, so Nissan redesigned its battery compartment for the Chinese EVs...) At the Shanghai Motorshow TOyota unveiled an EV CHR and Honda unveiled the X-NV (based on the Vezel)..again..so far...China only models...
  8. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    The world finally got to see the actual Lexus LM (following Lexus' naming convention LM should be Luxury MPV) at the Shanghai Motorshow yesterday. Is the Lexus LM minivan really needed when the Alphard/Vellfire are already pretty luxurious ? I suppose its more about wanting to sell the Alphard/Vellfire globally...it does seem to have some extra luxo finishings though...
  9. iRage

    How To Buy A Car?

    Sorry if I missed it..but may I ask where you are located at ?
  10. iRage

    Importing classic and used cars to Sri Lanka

    By taxes i meant import duty (which is a composition of different taxes), Makes no difference if you register it or not...you still have to pay them at the time of import when clearing the vehicle. In fact if you do not register it..you will get fined someday when you do register it and get the revenue license for it. Also, not registering it is too much of a risk due o theft, etc.. without registering the car you won't be able to insure it or anything of the sort.
  11. iRage

    Mazda demio 2018

    I believe the most common variant of the Mazda 2 is the sedan. The engine on the Demio depends on the exact model year you are looking at. The earlier variants (until about 2017 ?) came with a 1.3L (SkyActive?) engine and a 1.5L SkyActive engine for a sporty grade.After 2017 or so the entire petrol range got the 1.5L SkyActive engine. The 1.3 had about 88 hp and the 1.5 has about 105 hp. The Vitz 1.0L has about 65hp. The Mazda 2 sedan on the other hand has the SkyActiv 1.5L throughout (at least those that came to SL ?) . The car sales people will put down the Mazda 2 claiming that it is made in Thailand and it is not good, etc...which is BS. Mazda is probably the only manufacturer where the Japanese built one has absolutely no difference from the Thai built one. In fact there was a period when the Demio hatch was sourced from Thailand to meet sales volumes.
  12. iRage

    Suzuki Stingray Door Kick Protection

    Are you sure you posted your reply in the right place ? The OP is asking about a certain type of door protector for a Wagon R Stingray. Nothing to do with prices of cars or Chinese cars at all. For the record..the Suzuki Alto is NOT Chinese. Its assembled in Japan...some smaller parts come from India...I am sure there are small components that would come from China as well. There are good Chinese cars...unfortunately they are as expensive as the low end Japanese and Korean cars (not surprising since most of these good Chinese cars are actually Japanese/Korean/European cars made in partnership with China) The Maruti Suzuki Alto is manufactured in India (and Pakistan ?)
  13. iRage

    Mazda demio 2018

    The Demio is a much nicer car to drive and is more modern. The Vitz..well it is as reliable as the Demio..but not as fun or refined as the Demio. The Demio feels more refined and somewhat better equipped. The Vitz is a 8 year old platform that has been tried and tested and tickles the Sri Lankans in all the right places because of the Toyota badge.
  14. iRage

    Importing classic and used cars to Sri Lanka

    ALready happened decades ago....so no one can bring one anyway.... You don't need a cabinet paper....if it actually is a classic car (or a car that has been with the family abroad for like forever and has sentimental value) you can bring it down. However, with the cost involved you would not want to bring down the latter. You need to go to Import Control and the Ministry of Finance and ask for special approval. They will issue you a special import permit depending on your case. However, it is the taxation that screws you up. They will tax the car based on market value (for example in case of a rare classic) or tax it based on the value of a brand new vehicle of the specific model, depending on which is higher. For example a 20 year old Corolla that costs 2000USD in Japan will be valued at the price of a brand new Corolla which would be about 17,000USD).
  15. iRage

    Recirculating condemned cars

    It should...but with all these book sales and swaps...there is always a chance that they swapped the book...