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  1. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    But the face lift is a Civic
  2. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    A facelift has been shown for the US market for the 2019 model year. Apparently there will also be a "Sport" grade introduced with a 2L engine and 18" wheels, a piano black front grille, a boot lip spoiler and skirts
  3. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Mazda Atenza gets cylinder deactivation. The 2.5 Skyactiv engine with cylinder deactivation was first introduced in the CX-5 sometime back and now it has finally been put in the Atenza. I haven't driven one but people seem to rave about the system in the CX5 so I suppose it would be pretty good in the Atenza as well.
  4. iRage

    Carbon Tax

    There is a carbon tax in SL ?
  5. iRage

    Honda Civic 2018

    What are these custom carpets you two keep talking about ? Is it one of those carpets tat fully cover the car's carpeting ? becareful of those as the moisture gets trapped under those and starts to mold. My Fortuner in Hanoi came with a carpet that pretty much covered the entire factory carpeting and it started to mold underneath....
  6. iRage

    Question Regarding replacing Cabin AC filter

    Well..even in Japan the Toyota dealer cleans it...the general idea is that you can clean it..but once it is time to get thrown out..throw it out, do not try to fix it with filter paper etc... Toyota dealers in Japan use DENSO filters, I saw a few privateers advertising the DENSO filter brought down from Japan on FB. So that too might be an option. If I remember right it was around 5 or 6 thousand. But gayanath brings up a good point...usually the cabin filter has a 20-40K life span. How much has your car done for a 1 year old car ?
  7. You won't find the information on Google..because I got the information out of the Japanese catalogs If you go through the Japanese Suzuki site you can get what I have entered Well the Automatic Gear Shift first came out in the Celerio but has been considerably updated for the Alto. the think of the AGS as a manual transmission that automatically shifts the gear for you (that was a very lay-man's view of putting it..maybe someone more techie can explain it better). Personally i find it a little bit more fun than a CVT gear box (which is why the Alto Turbo RS and the WORKS both come with the 5AGS transmission). If you go and break your transmission within the next few days you won't be able to find a replacement part; however, neither the 5AGS nor CVT will break that easily (unless you buy a meter tampered, accident fixed piece of junk of course). So I don't think you need to worry about finding parts for your gearbox just yet. Considering the amount of Altos coming in to the country and the fact that quite a few of the Suzuki cars have the same or similar family of transissions I am sure at some point there will be sufficient parts. So rather than focusing on a solution to a problem that is not yet there...focus your energy on finding a decent car. Get it thoroughly checked *by agents and/or by third party places).
  8. There are two model lines for the standard Alto the passenger line and the business line. The passenger line’s model is HA36S. The grades for this line up are X,S, L and F (F is the lowest ?). If I am not mistaken the X,S and L come only with a CVT gear box and the F comes in MT and 5AGS. The way to figure out the grade is, on the ID plate there will be a code in the model/frame code with the following format AB(grade letter X/S/L/F)(another letter) - (optional letters for packages) So a CVT, 2WD L grade will have the code ABLE, CVT, 2WD S will have the code ABSE The L and F grades don’t have rear head rest and the difference between a L and F is quite minimal. The business line model is HA36V. The V is for “Van” because in Japan these are known as vans. In that the grade code will be AGP(some letter depicting the transmission/axle). The van has a really poor rear seat. The rear seat has been brought forward to the max so that there is maximum cargo space. As a result an average adult will find it very difficult to sit in the back for more than a few minutes and also getting in and out is also difficult and the back support of the seat is like a cardboard that has been covered with some “stuff” Business car's rear seat : L grade passenger vehicle rear seat Note how in passenger line of cars the rear seat is positioned back and the support is behind the rear door edge. In the business car line the rear seat is a bit more forward and thin (its a little adjustable but doesn't make much of a difference
  9. iRage

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    ..and this is the reason why most of these manufactures do not have Hybrid variants of the popular models in these markets (heck..even countries like Singapore and Malaysia got on the Hybrid band wagon after us...). Only a few markets in the world have Hybrid variants of the 161 Corolla, Vitz, etc... the only reason SL went Hybrid and EV was because of the tax structure. If the rationale for the preferential tax treatment for Hybrids were legit and forward thinking, they should extend the same to components of these vehicles too (are they ? )
  10. iRage

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    Funny how you don't seem to be listen to your own words.... True....Sri Lankans buy cars based on ridiculous factors. What we haven't learnt is the simple fact that with change of technology we need to change the way we maintain, and even use, these technologies (not just in cars but any tech). In SL most of these people buy these high tech cars and use it the same way they used their E80/90/100 Corolla. The same thing is going to happen with all these down-sized turbo charged engines...and when they start having problems they blame the technology for it. Whilst any old car is a disadvantage to have in Japan; there are plenty of 4-5+ year Hybrids in Japan (especially in the less suburban/rural areas) that run with no problems (with the change in economy a lot of people tend to keep their cars for longer than before...especially the older crowd..and the youngsters are not that interested in cars). The difference over here is that the manufacturer takes care of the car for the people. Its quite common for the dealership to call up and say that your car needs servicing...and with systems like VICS programmed to notify users. Then on top of that....after the first 3 years all cars have to go to through a mandatory full inspection/check-up and an optional annual check-up.... Unfortunately SL does not have that kind of support. So we still don't have widely available and cost effective means to maintain EVs and HEVs at any stage of its life (it either costs way too much or your car would be safer with a monkey holding a wrench). One arm sells cars with complete disregard to the owners (so 95% of the people have no idea what they are buying) and then we have another arm that provides "technical" services with not much structure and then a dead foot that represents the manufacturers who sit around until the brand goes to the dogs. Over the next decade Japan wants to increase FCV vehicles...would be interesting to see what our car sales people will do then.
  11. Congrats on your new car ! Feel free to post some pics of it In Japan the Wagon R is not that popular because there are plenty of other kei car models that are much better. In Sl it is popular because of the whole Hybrid tax system. Also, there are plenty of Japanese sources out there for ideas on how to customize your kei car...if you ever et the urge to
  12. iRage

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    Yes...includes those too...but annually the transport ministry also publishes reports on types of vehicles licensed and inspected annually (based on road taxes and eco deductions, etc...given out as part of transparency). Again...not much of a difference. Wagon R is not that popular over in Japan because for almost the same price you get kei cars that are much better.
  13. iRage

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    Yes...it is by segment...and even by segment...the leaders are Hybrids.... 1. Nope...Vitz is split between Hybrid and non-Hybrid. I don't know what the split is... 2. Crown again is a split between Hybrid and Gasoline; and again, the market data for the Crown is again mostly for the Hybrid Athlete. Even in the case of cars like Axio and the Fielder the majority sold are Hybrids. 3. Vezel is also Hybrid and gasoline..but just like the rest most sold is the Hybrid variant. 4 Serena is gasoline and ePower. Sales took a huge uptick when the ePower was launched. 5 Coupe's no Hybrid. But Subaru has been planning a Hybrid variant along with Toyota for the next generation. 6: Keis are all gasoline except for the Spacia The data is based on registered vehicles for that month which includes orders from previous months.
  14. iRage

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    Awww...you think I am the one who got hurt ? Yes..I did quote you on that thread because I am shocked that you can actually say something that makes sense and I was agreeing with what you were saying (but I do realize you are unable to comprehend the obvious) I thought that was you because you knew that all kei cars had the same engine Remember that ? You have a mate now Someone simply can't accept the fact that his statement "Hybrid cars are NOT popular in their home countries" is utter bu!!$h!t.. I did provide sales data proving that @Jason_Bourne claim was not valid in Japan. Whilst only evidence he had for his claim was a research paper that showed there was a relationship between TCO and popularity of car; where the paper didn't even discuss the actual popularity of Hybrid models; but then the paper itself hinted that Hybrids are popular in Japan. Newbies...
  15. iRage

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    Yes..The current form of Hybrids are a transient technology. If you go through the old posts on Hybrids quite a few of us were saying so (from the beginning). The thing is....the fact that cars should depreciate has nothing to do with it being Hybrid or not....things are messed up in SL because cars are unreasonably expensive so people are looking at it like long term investments. Some of us also said that Hybrids would not be able to last in SL because our skills base was low...well...we were 50:50 on that as the skills did pick up faster than expected to a certain degree (if an owner was willing to maintain it properly). Also...until a few year ago, Hybrids were a lot cheaper because of our tax structure. Heck I remember a time a Panamera was chaper than a Camry at the agents ! Also, Nissan is rolling out battery swap tech and services in China (Honda did it with bikes in Taiwan and some other places). So when the battery is dying down you just pull up and exchange your drained battery for a fully charged one. So no charging time. They are still piloting it in Japan