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  1. iRage


    You really should try winning the Darwin award....maintenance cost is not just oil costs and filters. If you do maintain a Toyota at the agents then yes..the bill does rack up ! I have maintained quite a few cars with the agents....so yeah although you think you know better than I do...you are being the typical pigeon holed pundit (just like the whole Thai car issue with your Ford...). Old Japanese cars are straight forward...but that has nothing to do with the fact that the agents do not charge you an arm and a leg for services and for parts. Even though the platform of the Premio/Allion is a decade old, it has been bandaged up with new tech. You really don't want a maka baas to be messing around with it only to find things like the Toyota Safety Sense features not working (and it has happened). About your shock-absorber example...you just shot yourself on the foot with that one. Yes....a Mark II shock costs that much....at the KYB agent one shock assembly costs 20 something thousand...Mark X is a bit cheaper than 30K (granted this was in late 2015). Check one of the previous threads where the agents had asked for a similar amount for a shock that is much simpler for an Aqua or something....so parts are not cheap if you want to use the actual "genuine"part. The same part from a third party is a bit cheaper. As for the Axio prices..I said there are misconceptions there....the scan they do is not a full diagnostic on battery, gearbox etc...they just do a quick read of error codes. So you harping on about it being 13,000 for a service and diagnostic is not entirely accurate (and misleading...). To be honest I do not know why I even bother responding to your posts. It is as intellectually stimulating as talking to a brick wall. At the end of the day, what meets the OPs requirements is the Premio. Maintained properly or poorly there always will be someone there to buy it at a ridiculous price as long as it looks shiny and the gold badges are in tact.
  2. iRage


    Please see above numbering: a. They are both the same price range because of ridiculous import taxation schemes in the country. Not because of anything else. b. Econobox : a general term used for a car that is focused on providing decent, economical A to B transport. The Premio/Allion combo in the Toyota line up is the highest of the econo box range and has the most features/accessories. Above that you are looking at cars like the Mark X, Crown. Audi is a premium marquee although most marquees like that now do have budget ranges (some badged as something else) c. Japan has not had leather seats since...only lord knows when. They are faux leather (most of the time just Alcantara). Japanese simply do not get leather like the westerners do. So theoretically, you get more leather in the Audi's half leather seat than in the Premio's full leather seat. d. Because of how the economy over here works...you are very rarely going to get people who have had both types of vehicles. So your best bet is to get input from people like Supra_Natural who are automotive reviewers/journalists/etc...who have used these cars for tests, etc... e. The Toyota. The Toyota. The Toyota. Also, don't fall for the G Superior badge. As I said before...99% of them are fake and installed locally but they charge a premium for it. I doubt the actual G Superior package for 1.5 is still offered by the Toyota dealers in Japan (not sure on this). The highest grade for the 1.5L now is 1.5L EX Package
  3. iRage


    I wasn't talking about the S-line...I was referring to even the normal ones. I have had people say Japanese barges with their suspension on sports setting are uncomfortable and not as "patta" as an Allion/Premio. Now..the rest.... For starters you do realize they have different service intervals right ? Thus, by the time you match up the services over a period of time it will be more or less the same. Secondly, you do realize that most European cars have more service points per service than just changing oil and filters...don't you ? Also, there seems to be some misconceptions in the numbers you report. I have had my Toyotas serviced at the agents....the "other" services are just checking fluid levels and cleaning the under carriage and as a courtesy they just do a quick scan of the ECU (by quick I mean quick, but of course it is marketed as something more. My Mark X got a full diagnosis of the CVT....the car has a 6Spd conventional AT !) to see if there are any error codes (its more or less a matter of business continuity step for them). I am guessing this is what was involved for the "Hybrid system diagnosis" as well. Yes, I do want to start talking about repairs (also it was asked by the OP)...because are you saying a Japanese car never has to be repaired ? I guess YOU are the pundit on why Sri Lankans go for Japanese cars. Are you actually saying Japanese cars never break or are you saying proper/reputable parts for Japanese cars are cheap ? Both are not true and there is plenty of evidence for that. Even labor charges are pretty high at decent garages...unless you are suggesting people take their Japanese cars with all the active and passive systems over to the maka baas down the street. The days of just pumping petrol and putting oil and run till you drop with Japanese cars are long long gone. ..and as I said in my first post...looking at the questions asked, replying to this thread is a no brainer....just buy the Premio. Because if the comparison had to be made (especially in the areas questioned)....then yeah...The Audi is not the car. But don't be mislead by people thinking that it will be cheap to run and repair because it wont be (unless you are just using it for a short time and plan to just fix and service it at the road side garage with questionable parts)
  4. iRage


    Uhhh....there really is nothing called a 2018 Premio G Superior. G Superior was a grade in the previous facelift 2.0 variant. At the time the Toyota dealers offered a dealer package which was just a dress-up package for one of the 1.5L grades. 99% of the 1.5 G Superiors in SL are just fakes ones which the local importer stuck plastic parts on. The G Superior grade was scratched out of the latest facelift and if I am not mistaken the Toyota dealers in Japan do not offer a "G Superior"dealer package anymore (mainly because there are no 2.0L G Superior body and interior parts anymore). I might be mistaken on this though... The Premio is just a normal car with some creature comforts that will get you from A to B. The platform and tech is a decade or so old. Primary idea of the Premio is for an economical and moderately comfortable ride. That is it...not much excitement or passion in its driving (especially the 1.5L variant...the 1.8 and 2.0 variants at least have some decent punch to it) The Audi is the opposite of that. It is a premium brand. Quite fun and sporty to drive and those who think that a Premio defines what a smooth comfortable ride is...they will hate the Audi and say it is too hard (but it is not...its sporty). People also would claim the Premio is cheap to run....not really....if you take it to the agents for all repairs and even use genuine (the real genuine not the fake knock-off genuine) the maintenance cost will be as much as the Audi. Only thing is..the Premio has a lot of cheap parts all over the place. So ...wait...this is pointless.... If you really do have to ask the above question...no disrespect..but just buy the Premio...
  5. iRage

    Vehicle Import Regulation

    7. If you are willing to...you can do the clearing process yourself (my dad did it for the last few cars we got down), especially if it is a straight forward import and you have the money for duty, etc...all lined up and just drive it home . However, it will test your patience and level of diplomacy and ability to make "friends". Or the easier way is to give everything to the clearing agent who will do all the work for you. Advantage with the latter is that the agents have contacts inside who will push your paperwork through faster (at the expense of others having to wait). the advantage of the former is you save up on agent fees and certain amounts of money that is requested as gratuity for his contacts inside 8. How long to get it unloaded = Depends on when the vessel arrives. Whilst the vessel might arrive on a certain date, it doesn't mean it can dock immediately (in some countries the demurrage for this is partly transferred to the consignee. No idea of SL). It might have to wait outside the port for sometime. Once the carrier is berthed it gets unloaded within a day or so. When can you start clearing = weekends are usually are a no for things like cars (yes for essential commodities) UNLESS there is a HUGE backlog of vehicles and they need to clear out the docks. This rarely happens though. Although the ship gets unloaded (for example on a day like Friday or just before a public holiday) it doesn't necessarily mean you get to start the clearing process immediately and yo have to wait till the next business day. Usually the port authorities give you an X number of days (included in your port charges and it used to be 5 working days ?) which includes a weekend before they start charging you demurrage.
  6. iRage

    Suspension repair B/new vs recondition

    Are you sure you got the right type of shock ? Also, the stiffness you are used to might be there because you have gotten used to worn out shocks ? Also, the stiffness (might be) and the noise could be because things like mount bushings, etc are worn-out/hardened up with age ? Did you replace everything or just the shocks ?
  7. iRage

    Toyota carina AT150 spare parts

    Hmm...considering the T150 was released in May 1984....are you sure your car is 1983 ?
  8. iRage

    Clueless on where to get repairs done

    Sorry I am a bit off topic...but if you are in to cars....you should look in to progressively learning on doing some these basic repairs yourself. Things like changing spark plugs is quite easy so maybe that can be a starting point.
  9. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Depends...some come with Sterling, some with something else, some with none...these are just 3rd party warranties which the importer of the car can choose to or not chose to get at time of export from Japan. 4. Walk away. You are buying a common car. There are plenty around. 5. If the dealer is decent and honest and has nothing to hide...he will agree to taking the car there. Some do it on their cost some expect you to pay at least part of it. 6. Yes. Depending on the agent you might want to consider going to a third party like Car Checks instead.
  10. Good idea ? No Fake Odo ? Yes Accident repairs ? Yes etc..? Yes Why not import one which you can select direct from an auction or a pre-auction vehicle ?
  11. iRage

    Seat belt warning beep

    He had tried that....and apparently it is not possible in all the models...
  12. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Something a little bit more interesting from Nissan.... Infiniti showcased its first "Project Black S" car. the Project Black S Prototype Infiniti Q60 (Skyline Coupe'). The black series will be powered by a Sports Hybrid power train developed jointly by Nissan and Renault's F1 development team and shows how the dual F1 power train from F1 can be utilized in to road cars. The Project Black S is supposed to be pushing around 530hp.
  13. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    We finally see actual images of the new Corolla Touring Wagon from the Paris Motorshow. So far only the European specs have been revealed which includes a 1.2L Turbo, a 1.8L Hybrid and 2.0L Hybrid just as in the Corolla Sports(hatch). I suppose the Japanese variant will also have the same engine variants (excluding the 2.0L Hybrid) as in the Corolla Sports The car replaces the Auris - Touring wagon in Europe and is believed to replace the Corolla Fielder in Japan.
  14. iRage

    Seat belt warning beep

    ...for the pages you can use Google translate....for the video, youtube has a close caption feature that does auto translate (not entirely accurate but you get the idea), but for the video, its just for reference..not that you should try it. So perhaps when the connector was disconnected something got reset, and if the Aqua requires access to the "computer", then obviously you won't be able to turn it back on with some process involving a combination of switches, and you probably do not want to mess around with the programming without knowing what you are doing ?
  15. iRage

    Seat belt warning beep

    Just so there is some background to the above....if the little beeper speaker itself is broken then you might not be hearing the beep because of that. Based on the Ministry of Land and Infrastructure of Japan circular, since 2005 the Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) alarm needs to be there on all cars manufactured since September 2005. The alarm needs to be alerted for long periods of time in 30 second intervals, etc...(http://www.mlit.go.jp/kisha/kisha05/09/090310_.html). Then by 2020 all cars in japan need to have a SBR for all passenger seats...Finally ! As a result different manufacturers took different paths (for JDM variants which your Aqua is) where some chose to take away any (at least direct) options that disable the beep. This applies to quite a few Toyota vehicles (so the ODO meter b-on/off works only on some models). In these cases the only way to turn it off seems to be to get in to the "ECU"/"ASCU" and turn it on/off.. For example :