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  1. Buying first car

    The Toyotas of the 90s are pretty solidly well built (some models even a bit over engineered) and is by itself the issue. Most of these cars have been hacked and are still running which makes it easier for people to dress up and sell it off. Mazdas not having parts is nothing but complete BS. True...you might not get cheap Chinese parts made out of third rate materials as you would get for Toyotas and Nissans, but then those kinds of parts should not be anywhere near a car. Besides...think about it. If there were no parts for Mazdas there should be some huge graveyard for Mazdas in SL to go die. However, we still see these cars on the roads. So...yeah I sound like a broken record saying this..but there is no such thing as a perfect car ! They ALL have issues irrespective of the vintage.
  2. Buying first car

    Hi Suresh There are plenty of discussions on the models you have mentioned. Please do a search in the forum. Finally, any particular reason why you are focusing only on the Toyotas ? Most do so because of resale value and "ease and low cost of maintenance". In reality: * the Toyotas that you are looking at are somewhat over priced and finding a good unit is easier said than done. * if you use good decent parts and take the car to a proper garage the maintenance cost is not that much different between other models Although I am a hardcore 80s and 90s Toyota fan; even I would suggest you look at a few other options like the Axela and Lancer as well.
  3. Boon against Passo - My experience

    Congratulations on your new car purchase. Forget about resale value and just enjoy the car There absolutely is no difference between the Boon and the Passo. In Japan the drive away price from the dealership would slightly differ as the Daihatsu and Toyota dealers would offer different services. Yes...currently prices of Toyotas are inflated (artificially) because of the Toyota badge. However, if you look around you will also see that other brands actually go for reasonable and more realistic prices. You have bought a car for a reasonable and realistic price; so after using it for X years you will be able to get a reasonable offer. Just take care of the car properly and keep the car honest (don't go to maka baases, don't skip out on service intervals, etc...) Finally, there are quite a lot of non Toyota cars coming in to Sri Lanka because of the tax structure. So with time people will be more accepting of brands other than Toyota.
  4. Nano Energizer

    Dude....just maintain your car properly and take care of it...Use it with love and care. Don't go around putting random things in to your engine. Your car will live its natural life. With time engines wear out, which will be in quite a while and a lot of miles unless you trash it; when that time comes, rebuild the engine or swap it out. If you want more power then there are other upgrades and tweaks to the engine you can do. If you really want to try it out....go buy a an old, worn-out car for real cheap and try it out.
  5. Nano Energizer

    At the end of the day...if your piston, piston rings or piston chambers are worn out..they are worn out. If there are large blobs of metal scraped off your chambers or pistons...then you got a serious issue. There is no magical compound that makes metal/alloys magically regenerate itself, resurface itself or anything that magically fills up pits in metal. There are plenty of restorers around with all kinds of funky stuff with fancy words in it. Do they offer any benefit...well..some do seem to offer short term improvements. Some as an actual result of some of the compounds in it which helps build compression in the chambers (but then again sometimes so will adding heavier oil) and some as a result of a placebo effect. However, the fact still remains, if your cylinders and components are worn out..they are worn out...
  6. Honda CR-V 2018

    Unless you wait for a few months. THe CRV will be re-introduced in Japan around June. The drive trains will be 1.5L gasoline Turbo engine and the 2L Hybrid engine. During the Tokyo Motorshow what Honda said was that it will be priced less than the Harrier and more close to the CX-5. So we are looking at around 2.7-2.8 mil yen for the gasoline variant and about 3.2-3.4 mil yen for the Hybrid variant.
  7. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    and these are the same kind of car dealers who first said the Axela hybrid system is bad...until they realized its the same thing as Toyotas. You really can't take what car salesmen say seriously. Its always a case of what they usually import and have on their lot being the best models for SL and everything else being crap until they bring one down to sell. There is no such thing called a perfect car. They all have issues.
  8. Best SUV on a budget

    I shall not answer your question about what i will buy as it is a matter of preference. You should check both out and see which you like best. A few notes: Maintenance wise i would reckon both are pretty much the same as long as you take it to proper garage/mechanics who know what they are doing. Finding parts for a Land Cruiser would be a lot easier (I suppose) body parts seem to be available all over the place and mechanical parts too are a plenty. The Trooper might be a bit of a challenge when it comes to body parts. I really can't say anything about mechanical part availability. Well...yes...body fitted means they took the chassis of one vehicle, imported a body and fitted it to the old chassis. There are tons of old Army land cruisers which civilians have restored this way. You have to make sure that this has been done legitimately. i.e. body imported under proper permit (depending on how the body was restored), book updated etc....the body is of the actual model registered and matches with the YoM, etc.... To be honest where Land Cruisers are concerned....there are plenty of original body LCs that you really don't need to waste your time with body swapped units. For ne enined vehicles, again....make sure the book has been updated accordingly and that the swap has been done in a proper way. I would stay away from petrol to diesel conversions, but that is just me....
  9. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    Well..for starters even the Honda and Toyotas now come with small engine capacity turbo charged engines that are in fact high compression engines. These engines too are only a few years old and no one knows what their longevity is like. Mazda on the other hand...the skyactive engines have been around for quite some time and seen quite a few that have racked up quite a lot of miles. So yes..they (Mazda skyactiv engines) have the same concerns one might have with high compression engines; they have proven themselves to be as good as; and in certain aspects like the overall build quality of the car, to exceed this "apparent" quality of Toyotas and Hondas. Mazdas have been putting out amazing cars for the last half a decade or so and is giving Toyota (which is only survivng on its namesake) a run for its money. All those comments about Mazda high compressions might having issues is just paranoia of people stuck in the golden days of Toyota.
  10. Honda Smart Key System Check

    Does this happen all the time or only when you are in a specific spot/area and are there any other transmitting devices nearby or on you along with the key ? These messages are quite generic as they are intended to make you go to the dealership for assistance. Thus, the reason can be anything from your battery in the key fob draining out to the receiver/transmitter on your key and car having issues. So start with the simple..like replacing the battery or try using the spare fob..if not best you go to a professional and get the system scanned.
  11. Suzuki XBEE

    Yeah..that is what I meant by used as well..it is going to take some time for second hand cars to get to auction. Even the not so popular models..they would rarely go below what the final dealer purchase price would be. Even then it will only be so after going through the auction a few times. Also, in most cases even if such rare cases do come up in auction the agent who bids on behalf of you would still figure out a way to sell it to you at the usual price
  12. Any information about new toyota crown?

    Well. You really can't compare a Camry or Mark x with a Crown. They are in different leagues (even though the Mark X shares engines and drive train components). Yes, the Yakuza buys Crowns. But the Crown is also bought in tons by 'upper management'/'late 40 upward rich dudes'. That is how japanese manufacturers set car segments for the local market. You start off with a kei car, get your first job buy something like a trueno, then get married buy a Corolla. Move to a Carina with your next promotion. Then go to a Mark 2 when u reach upper midfle management and then move to a Crown. Unfortunately that model is not working for anyone now so manufacturers are desperately trying to resort its product portfolio
  13. Toyota SUVs

    That is why i said its a bit more complicated in brsckets. The rear split ranges from like 20 to max of 50 %. So rear wheels always get power up to 50% and goes down to 20% is rear slippage is detected.
  14. Any information about new toyota crown?

    The S200 series Crown Hybrid came only with a 3.5L. However the S210 series Crown Hybrid has a 2.5L engine and there are quite a few of them around. As for the gasoline variants....it comes with either the 2.5L 4GR-FSE engine or the 3.0L 2GR-FSE engine. The S210 series comes in a 2L Turbo charged variant as well with the 8AR-FSE engine. The first two of these engines are found in the Mark X as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Crown. The engines are pretty good and the transmissions are nice and it is extremely well put together and nothing like the Allions and Axios our people are used to when it comes to Toyota quality and finish. Features and accessories wise they stack up right there with the 5-series BMWs and E class Mercs. The main reason the Crown is not that common in SL is because of the price.Prices start at 4mil yen upwards for the Athlete. The Royal series is a bit more. The Majesta series is quite quite a lot more. So when you add the taxes the Crowns are almost and even more pricier than the Euro cars. People who buy cars in this category either buy it for driving pleasure or for the show-off factor. Unfortunately for Toyota, the Crown's Euro competitors have an edge over the Crown in both those departments. As for the Taxi Crown....well...the Taxi version of the Crown stopped being a Crown in the mid 90s when the Crown went wide body. At this point the Crown came in a passenger series (Athlete, Royal Saloon, Majesta) and then the Crown business series which was the "Crown Sedan/Comfort" used for Taxis and driver training cars. The Crown Sedan/Comfort has nothing to do with the Crown except for the name. The taxi seires is actually based on the X90 series Mark II/Cresta/Chaser platform.
  15. Best SUV on a budget

    I suppose you will be looking at a 70 series Prado/Land Cruiser II or an 80 series wagon ? They are both pretty decent SUVs as long as they have been looked after. There are quite a few body swapped Land Cruisers around so make sure you get what ever car you are interested in properly checked out. The Trooper gets an unfair bad rep from the usual car salesmen and market pundits (unless they themselves have one for sale of course). True, there might have been a few issues but all cars have them (there is no such thing called a 100% perfect car). Besides by now the well taken care of Troopers would have these issues sorted out anyway. Body parts might not be as easily and freely available as a Land Cruiser but there are plenty of ways to source them now a days. For the same price of an old box Land Cruiser I believe you can get a newer Trooper.