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  1. I wonder why the study was so keen on getting more cars with larger engines registered...for the government to rethink the tax structure wouldn't they need to give good reason as to why larger capacity engines need to be brought in ? Sri Lankans should have the freedom to buy whatever car they want and if there is a good public transport system people will fall in to habits like in Japan, Singapore and HK where the car is used only for family/weekend/pleasure outings but use public transport for work and stuff. So public transport is key...and that also might help with reducing the number of used cars in a small island. However, how are our foreign currency reserves ? Cars are highly taxed to discourage people from sending out money and larger engine cars are quite expensive than the smaller engine ones....one could argue that people will buy only what they can afford...but are we Sri Lankans really that sensible ? We have plenty of people buying cars they cannot afford.
  2. iRage

    Rover Car

    Yes..true....but that is also because every one of those brands who took over had troubles (or atleast heading towards them) before they took over the mini and the mini was kind of like their saving grace. For the seller the cash influx from the hand over of the mini was to help them get the rest of their portfolio built up...and then the buyer was to use the success of the mini to help itself get some sales.
  3. So nothing much has changed in that regard seems like it...even our old ones required changes every 20-30K....and if it didn''t get the change the whine would come up....Honda really needs to reassess their funky diffs.
  4. iRage

    Recommendation for a vehicle

    SUV and fuel economy do not go well hand in hand. Hybrid "SUVs", which are actually crossovers will do quite decently on fuel but not like an Axio or an Aqua or a Fit....obviously he smaller crossovers will do better on fuel than the larger ones (so fuel economy is inversely proportional to size).
  5. In the past the CRV required Honda's own Hypoid or Dual Pump oils for the differential. I know of quite a few CRVs that got their rear differentials messed up because the owner used third party oils. Granted there are many oil brands that have 85w-90 hypoid oils but for some reason that seems to not work (atleast in the old ones). Had the first three generations of CRVs. The first and second gen CRVs were a big no no for non Honda oils but the 3rd was a bit more tolerant it seems with OEM oils..maybe it has gotten better now. But at the end of the day the Honda oils were not that much expensive than the OEM ones..so it might not be worth the risk
  6. Yes but no....during the time the Americans took over they did not like the fact that Benz (es ?) at the time were over-engineered. So they did a good job in cutting corners and under-engineering the cars that were engineered under their watch. So yes...reliability issues were common to cars of that era...however, the good thing is most of the issues have been taken care of by the previous owners thanks to Benz actually responding to the concerns, so if the car has been properly maintained by its previous owners...you can find a pretty reliable Benz from the era
  7. iRage

    Prado box body permit

    😂 I guess the hunt for a Hilux Surf, Wizard, BigHorn and Patrol all ended up with no result. Well...we cannot discuss or condone anything illegal on the forum....so....the only legal way to do it is to app;y for a body permit from the RMV. Once you have the approval to swap the body, you either need to find the parts locally (from pre-existing parts in SL or get a supplier to import one for you) or import a body yourself (in which case you will need to find someone who will find a Prado for you in Japan and then ship it for you..please note that you will not be able to import seats). There are a few garages who are "specialized" in doing these conversions. So they should know exactly what needs to be done and how. To be honest...I do not think you will save that much money in doing a body swap vs. buying an original Prado (there are quite a few of them around). I suppose the only time you would have an advantage is if you choose an entire and very specific Prado for yourself in Japan and import that for a transplant (kind of like the Evo and Subaru conversions). If you are willing to put in the time and effort..why not buy an actual box Prado and do a proper build up ?
  8. I am pretty sure one of these days we are going to hear that the oil companies have put a hit out on Gayanath OR have awarded him a billion dollar fortune.
  9. iRage

    Vehicle help 😇

    CAMINO is a JDM variant/badge of the Primera... What is your definition of sporty ? By the cars you ahve been looky at what you are pretty much suggesting is a car that actually handles well and has good feed back and gets the driver a bit involved; not something that has tons of power. The Primera is a lot more sporty in that regards than the Civics you are looking at (not to mention has more power). Secondly, the Familia is actually a pretty nifty and fun car to drive....it actually does have the zoom zoom feeling. As for the Starlet..that too is sporty if you find yourself a Glanza or GT...in fact it will be a lot more sporty than a stock Civic.
  10. well..now...this just took things in a whole new direction..didn't it ? Well well Vitz... Again....Gayanath himself said that he is only considering ONE aspect of it....unfortunately it is not something you can take a look at in one dimension. When you look at it holistically, his argument fails.It is not the local temperature of the Sri Lanka that is the issue...it is that plus the other factors. Because of the way we use cars...we need an oil that will maintain its properties at high temperatures....just try it....put a heavier oil just for one service and see how the car engine performs on long hauls or heavy traffic during the day time. The user manuals only give specs to meet minimal functional specifications of the car. Which is why the same manuals ALSO always have caveats for using something different for different conditions or going with what the agent recommends. My 4A-GE Corolla is supposed to get xW-20..but because of how I use it the Toyota dealer puts xW-40.... As I said before..my Camry had thin oil as per the manufacturers own recommendation...but on long drives it was problematic and during the summer the Toyota dealer went to a heavier oil (and this was in Utah where the heat in summer was not that bad). You should realize that the manufacturers recommendation is NOT what is ALWAYS best for the car. It will always say follow the recommendation given by the local agent. Manufacturers recommendations and even the standard parts are always set to meet minimal functional requirements to meet general usage claims. Manufacturers will say it is better to use better spec parts, fluids, etc...but they do not put them in the user manual because that would take away a lot of potential owners of the brand because they would perceive these cars too expensive to own. Here is the owner manual for the Corolla Sport.....for a 1.2T. The recommended oils are 0W-20 or 5W-30...and it says 0W-20 is what the car comes with from the factory and is recommended for the highest fuel efficiency. There is a whole paragraph about how maintenance should be carried out by the nearest Toyota Dealer who will advice you on parts and services that your specific car requires. Now do not forget..this works for Japan where the car does not get used that much and even if it does..the traffic in 99% of the areas are a lot better than in Sri Lanka. Also..the Japanese maintenance manual does not have a lot of things that manuals of export models have (because a lot of them get covered under mandatory maintenance work for road worthy certifications)
  11. You are wrong.....if you keep an engine running even at still..it keeps building heat. The car does not have to move for it to get hotter. The cooling system requires cool air entering and hitting the radiator....plus the fan...plus oil to actually absorb the heat. If the air does not hit the radiator...then the fan and oil does cool it up to a certain level and then it just gets too much for it to handle. If you do not trust me....feel free to leave your engine running in the hot heat for an indefinite period of time with the radiator blocked up...heck you can even drive with the radiator blocked and see what happens.... The environment is not...it is the way we have to use the car that makes it harsh. What makes usage harsh is not extreme cold or extreme heat...Short trips before engine reaching proper op temperature....or long non stop trips or heavy traffic all contribute to it. Yes..modern engines are designed to keep the engine within a specified operating temperature. How do you think it does that ? It is NOT just the radiator and the fluid. A car's cooling system has many components...the fan and the radiator and the fluid (which is all that you seem to consider)..plus the oil..the oil is supposed to absorb the heat (which is why you need a oil that can actually absorb more heat without losing its viscosity too much too rapidly which is why a heavier oil is preferred and why cars have oil coolers...if the oil gets too hot it thins out and then becomes less effective in lubricating the engine)...and the metal/compound the engine is built with AND the design of the block (eg...there is a reason why some engines have ribs in the body..it is to increase surface area so there is more surface area to dissipate heat. Yes...there should not be a fuss about it....and there would not be a fuss if you realize WHY some vehicles have 20 weight oils...and why sometimes it is better to go to 30. There is absolutely nothing wrong in putting 30 weight oil...but does have an added benefit. The only down side is that you may lose a bit of fuel efficiency....so it is up to the owner of the car to decide what is more worth for him/her...longevity of the engine or saving a few LKR on fuel.
  12. iRage

    Axio vs Vios

    Sorry...but we moderators actually have to moderate the forums..which include making sure that the forum does not get spammed. Which includes someone creating multiple threads for the same subject. Please go through the forum rules and learn what proper forum etiquette is. This includes what, when and how you should create threads. As a motor-head and lover of cars I did reply to your questions before but stopped when your questions were becoming quite petty and a repetition with simply different years and grades of the same car (especially when it is obvious that you had not read any past posts about the vehicles...). I am only replying as a moderator to ask you to not spam the forums by creating multiple threads for the same purpose. I wish you all the best in finding your car....but again..please DO NOT create more threads on the same topic.
  13. Uhh...you guys do realize that it is not just the ambient temperature but also the engine temperature as well right ? Not just ambient temperature ? the oil needs to absorb and help in dissipating heat (thus the need for oil coolers in race cars anyway) The engine's heat is effected by the ambient temperature, the length/duration the engine has been running and the cooling system's cooling efficiency. So the ambient temperature actually does not matter if the other factors have a strong effect in increasing the engine temperature. Now think about this....you are sitting in Colombo traffic for 1 hour...the cooling system is not effective because there simply is no air flow (though the engine)....so the engine gets a lot hotter than the averages that those charts indicate no matter what the ambient temperature is. Even if it is raining it will get pretty hot in the right conditions, it is just that it might get a bit longer to get there than when it is not raining. Which is the reason why manuals say for harsh usage you should consider using heavier oils or follow the agents recommendation. The same applies when you run for long distance for long periods of time non-stop. In the US, I had a Camry which the dealer used light oils...however every time I drove from Salt Lake City to Vegas (about 410 MILES)...half way through I could hear valve knocks and a less than normal feeling in the engine. The same issue was there when I used the Mark X to travel from Colombo to Hambanthota...thus, I used to a thicker oil and the issue disappeared (for the most part).
  14. Oil discussion and Gayanath is here...someone get me the popcorn ! POPCORN please ! Right here
  15. iRage

    Vehicle help 😇

    Yes..that is the one...actually it is a silver...just that most people think it is a grey. It is a Supra color 1B9 silver graphite flake or something. The pre-facelift Carina GT says CARINA on the grill. They put the GT badge on the grill only in the facelift Yes...the 90 series and sometimes the 100 series go for those prices. No idea what happened to it. Probably did get bought up by someone...My Trueno is doing well...it actually runs without any issues so that is a good thing I suppose... There are several original P40 series GTs in SL...and one or two conversions. Unfortunately the conversion is not that popular because finding donor cars are not easy...especially at a reasonable price. The ones that can be used as a donor are too expensive and the ones that are cheap are just not worth the trouble.