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  1. Its not just the procedure but might be the replacement part itself that contributes towards the price difference. So you better double check and triple check and think about going with the cheaper place.
  2. Comfy, so the suspension is a bit on the pudgy side; the back is a little bit late to turn in on bends at speed and does have a sense of wanting to under-steer. The new one is more direct but still suspension is soft.
  3. Nissan Leaf

    It is supposed to be like how you would cruise to a stop in an AT by slightly stepping on the brake but not going all out and coming to a quick stop.
  4. Service in Toyota Lanka Maharagama

    Uhhh...so when you add the oils and the filter doesn't it come close to 10K ish ? IMO, price wise, if you go to a decent garage/service center/auto spa it is going to be within the same price range. The good places will also give you ways and means to actually maintain a service history as well. Whether you continue the service a Toyota or not is up to you. Continuing the service at the agent does give it some "+" points when trying to resell it someday. There are some additional perks in checking the car like what tiv mentioned but those I believe are a bit far and few between. Now...do not think that the agent is flawless in their work. Seen plenty of cases where they skimmed through something small and the car had to be taken back in. Also, do not fall in to the myth that "Toyota" oil and filters are the best you can do for your car. Its not. The manufacturer branded "standard" oils and filters meet just the minimum requirements for the car to optimally operate. (I said manufacturer branded because car manufacturers DO NOT refine/manufacture oils and oil filters, etc...they just endorse it and brand it). If you go to an outside garage you have the option of using some of the better oils. At the end of the day what matters is that you properly maintain the car and keep it honest; and if you have ways and means of actually proving it via records then it would help you with disposing the car.
  5. Odometer Reading

    See what the number is dude ! Each line says what the number written/printed is. Its just like they have filled a form. You can check the validity of the JAAI certificate but they won't give you detailed information. Again, there is a time period that you can do a reference check on. What is this car ? How long has it been and how many users has it had since coming to Sri Lanka ? If it is a used car that has been used in SL for sometime..just don't bother. For some reason a lot of Sri Lankans try to trace back the Japanese roots of their used car as if it would mean anything. For one, the certificate can be forged so the only thing a check would do (even if JAAI had the records) is let you know if it is actual certificate or not. Secondly, it doesn't matter what the condition of the car was when it arrived in Sri lanka because it is only as good as how well its last few owners in SL took care of it.
  6. Odometer Reading

    It has the date and mileage at inspection plus a serial number of the certificate. The certificate and inspection report issued by the Japanese authorities can be trusted. However, the Sri Lankan car sales and some of the car dealers in Japan exporting the car make fake certificates and stickers. So...IMO in SL that sticker is not even worth the paper its printed on.
  7. Paint Care, Car Liquid Ceramic coating

    I use the glass coating because I am not there to regularly wax the car which is sitting in the open (simply can't ask father-in-law to be waxing it). For my dailies I use Meguiar's. The Soft99 I like is too expensive and Meguiar's is nicely priced inbetween the Soft99 (I want) and those like Turtle. For me a light polish every 18 - 24 months (again Meguiar's has a light polish) or a claying along with a 6-7 month waxing (a non abrasive one) works. However, I used the Meguiar's wax and wash when the car gets washed every 4 - 5 days. The wax and wash shampoo does keep the wax protection and the shine lasts quite well.
  8. Paint Care, Car Liquid Ceramic coating

    I have been glass coating my car in Japan for the last 4 years. The car gets parked in the open through all the seasons and gets used only once or twice a week and gets washed once a month or so. The coating does a really good job in protecting the paint and still looks very fresh and shiny with no faded at all. So yes...the coatings do work...provided its a good product and gets done properly. The glass coating that I get comes in two packages. One is for 6 months, the other for 1 year and another for 18 months. Basically for each package the prep and the subsequent layers that are applied varies. Not sure about what they have in SL. Some of my friends have used the coatings that are advertised by the usual car addicts around town and love it and live by it. But on the other hand....using a good polish and wax routine by itself does wonders. Especially now that you get proper professional products in SL....only hitch is your time and effort.
  9. Sri Lankans, East Africans and Bangaldeshies have a bad reputation for doing this. Now...there are R grade cars where the damage is minor (needing a new fender or a light or something) or the repair is done proper; but got graded R because of the recorded repair history or the needed repair. However, with these kinds of R grade cars the purchase cost of the car and the cost of properly fixing it is going to be pretty close to buying a average accident free car (it would be like getting a grade 4 car for the price of a grade 3). As a general rule its best to stay away from buying or importing a car with a R grade since our guys are not very honest about what kind of repairs have been done and you will have no idea what the initial damage was. If you are buying direct from auction in Japan; you in Sri Lanka will not have a proper way of getting a realistic and honest assessment of the car so you have no idea what you are getting yourself in to.So best stay away. In Sri Lanka there are car importers who have templates of certificates etc on hand to print. About 4 years ago a relative of mine was selling his Honda Civic (this was an export model FD series bought from the agents). A broker came to strike a deal to sell it and actually said he can get the auction sheets, and Japanese stickers on the windows, etc...so it can be sold as a Japanese model because "ekata market vadiy". So these car sales people do all kinds of s**t including making cars that never came from Japan come from Japan
  10. Japanese Car News

    Well...Toyota is changing all their models to the TNGA framework. Since this requires complet redesign of all the models it does seem to take time. The Land Cruiser 200 is going to be replaced by a new model LC 300 in 2018. So I suppose the Prado will soon follow that ? (or be around the same time). I beleive a new Corolla is also supposed to come out in 2018.
  11. Import used Hybrid car directly

    I would seriously advise you against picking dealer off of tradecarview.com. There are a lot of African and South Asian scammers on that site. They will show you one car but send you something completely different. talk to your friends...go with a recommendation.
  12. Japanese Car News

    The Hilux goes for sale in Japan after a 13 yr break from today on wards. The base grade X starts at 3.2 mil yen and the highest grade Z starts at 3.7 mil yen. The truck is offered only in these two grades, in 4WD with the turbo charged diesel engine and in double cab form. The JDM Hilux is also manufactured in Thailand and seems to be much better equipped than the variants we get. All JDM grades get 7 air bags, ABS, etc...as standard. The top of the range Z gets collision avoidance systems as well.
  13. Japanese Car News

    The face-lifted Prado goes on sale in Japan today...personally I like this one's looks more than the previous one's...apart from the looks Toyota has introduced a few more colors to the range, made Safety Sence P standard on all models. For the first time the Prado comes with a Torsen LSD for the rear (as opposed to the electronically locking diff..which still can be chosen for the highest grade). In the old models the rear used to be open or plain old fashioned LSDs whilst the center were Torsen LSDs.
  14. First Car

    Aha ! See that changes the equation a bit...especially the lease component. The Civic would be the more funner car to drive. However most of these Civics have gone through the hands of the ricer boys and have been molested in some sort of manner. You will have the same issue with the Ceres/Marino. the Ceres/Marino has the same mechanical internals as the E100 Corolla so engine parts are easy to come by. Same can't be said about the body and interior parts though. The Corolla II/Tercel GP Turbo is hard to come by and also not sure how it would work with the leasing as the car is pretty old. I would not recommend a B14 series Sunny even to my worst enemy and the B15 is out of your budget. That leaves the E100 Corolla sedan but those things are over priced and then again considering the people who have owned them finding a car without an abusive past would be tough. The CK1...well...personally i don't see much to write home about with it especially with the 1.3L engine. Not sure how good it will be when it comes to performance; might be economical being stuck in traffic but might be a bit thirsty trying to zip around outside of traffic and city limits. Perhaps the 1.5L will be a better choice ?