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  1. I am not sure about the documents you would need (which might be a few because it does go as an antique/classic vehicle) As for shipping routes...well there are no direct shipping routes from Colombo to SL....transhipment would be from Singapore or Japan or Indonesia, etc...have you tried Trico ? or even SDV ? EDIT: I obviously meant SL to California...
  2. iRage

    What is the 4m40 engine differential oil

    Uhhh...4M40 is an engine....a differential is...uh....a differential ? The engine type typically has nothing to do with the type of differential oil that you need. Usually the differentials require SAE 90 API GL-5 oil for both and front and the transfer case requires SAE85 API GL-4. You better check with the other Pajero owners or even the agents to see what the recommended transfer case oil is. In some 4x4s the transfer case requires slightly thinner oil than the differentials. Not sure if it actually makes a difference in SL I hope you are plannign on replacing oil in both diffs and the transfer case.
  3. iRage

    Fuel consumption

    That was a joke right ? Even the manufacturers do not make such claims with their brand new vehicles how can this guy do so ? We have some amazing talent in this country !
  4. iRage

    Warning Light On The Dash Board

    Yeah...someone was consuming something really hard when they designed that...there seems to be a pattern as well...P67-Z has white lighting and P67-Y has amber lighting ?
  5. iRage

    Warning Light On The Dash Board

    Why does everyone think it is a problem ? The P67-<some letter> is just a label on the meter cluster. It is just that it looks like it lights up when the meter illuminates. SOme grades, versions came with green lights so it lights p in green, some in amber so it lights up in amber and some in white so it lights up in white. If they had an ice blue meter then it would have lit up in ice blue as well Yes..someone was smoking something real hard when they designed that meter cluster. Anyway, the "issue has been around for (on average) a decade and no one seems t have reported the "P67-Z/P67-Y" related spontaneous combustion, or exploding gear boxes. As for the oil....yes...depending on the type of oil used the manufacturer would recommend to change it at intervals like 5000 km or 6 months; whichever comes first. You seem a bit freaked out...just so you know....the car is not going to break down if you do the oil change at 5050 km or 6 months and 1 week
  6. You keep saying resale value over and over again. If resale value is such a high priority go buy a Premio or an Allion. You will be much happier. I get the feeling that you also expect to sell the vehicle off at pretty much the same (or even at a higher) price than what you bought it for. So buy an Premio/Allion. Most people in SL buy SUVs for the show-off factor. These people would rather buy a brand new or unregistered one to put on the latest number plate. Out of the second hand car buyers, most will be looking for cheap and fuel economical vehicles, so SUVs are out. You really cannot be buying a SUV thinking of resale value and fuel economy. The Premios/Allions/Aquas/Priuses/etc..have you beat in that. So I also get the feeling that you will be fruestrated when your SUV doesn't get sold after advertising it for one Sunday. Any car can easily be sold if it is taken care of properly (without any shortcuts) and reasonably priced. You are comparing SUVs of two different categories. What do you want the SUV for ? If you want to do proper off-roading or long extended cruises then the Montero would be much nicer. If you want a moderately capable crossover to run around in the city and do the occasional beach drive and do a few road trips..then the CRV will work. Because the CRV has a 1.5L engine..I am sure a lot of our guys are going to buy it in the coming months. Especially when it is launched in Japan in a Hybrid variant as well. Most of them will buy it expecting to get 100kmpl and then gget dissapointed and start dissing the car. So things can go either way
  7. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for a day or two.... Fixing a proper bird's eye view system through a proper technician will be quite costly unless you go for one of the cheap Chinese ones. Since you have not even bought a car yet...why not buy a car with the system ? If a proper technician does not do it they might mess up the electrical system, which can be dangerous. You do seem to always go towards the Axio and show an unhealthy (borderline obsessive) likeness towards it as well, which makes us wonder if you are up to some GM. It also seems like the Axio which you like simply does not have all the bells and whistles you want.
  8. iRage

    Parking meter... Forgot to pay 😂

    Exactly ! It is not like no one else can park there after that because the space is not available ! It shold be for the time parked and a % for punishment or even admin fee for having to collect the non-payment. In some countries the car gets booted for X number of hours and then gets impounded and then you just pay for the time the car was booted for, a charge for taking the car to the impound and an impound charge.
  9. iRage

    Most fuel efficient sedan car??

    The Platz was manufactured in Japan and China. Obviously the Chinese built ones were for the Chinese market....so yeah...it came from Japan.
  10. Well..again....a little bit too vague....if age is not a concern...then you have pretty much everything from a Toyota to a BMW to a Land Rover. What will you use it for ? Do you want diesel ? Petrol ? At the end of the day the Land Rovers, Land Cruisers, RAV4s, CRVs, Pajeros and Nissan Patrols will sell as long as they are clean and honest cars (i.e. no body swaps with questionable books, properly maintained, etc...). I don't know why but people unfairly look past the Bighorn (probably because it is not that common and they believe parts are hard to come by). Then the old Land Rover Discos and FreeLanders are a bit iffy so people tend to stay away from those.
  11. iRage

    How to Pay Traffic Fines at Court

    Well...then you have to decide....do you want to plead guilty and pay the fine ? or do you want to spend money for a lawyer and try to get the fine reduced ? Mind you, after you pay the fine and the lawyer your total cost might be more than 3500LKR So as long as it is not you getting thrown in jail or getting your license suspended...then maybe it would just make sense to bite the bullet and pay the fine. I think the bigger fine you will pay is in terms of time and mental anxiety...
  12. iRage

    How to Pay Traffic Fines at Court

    Well...a lawyer would help...just so that the person would know how to deal with the proceedings instead of just standing there clueless. But it is not entirely necessary I suppose. Can you get away without paying a fine/penalty ? with 99.9% probability; no....there will be some kind of punishment. Forgetting to renew your licence should not be an acceptable defense. A lawyer might be useful if you want to ask for leniency and go for the lowest possible fine/penalty. But then again..what is the fine/penalty for driving with an expired license ? Because that would determine if getting a lawyer is worth it or not.
  13. You need to be more specific....there are plenty of SUVs and cross overs and mini SUVs for your budget of varying age, specifications, pedigree, etc... So what do you want ?
  14. iRage

    LANCER EX ignition coil required

    .....but then the belief of most in SL is that if the engine is warm and you run it the condensation would evaporate before it can do any harm. Which can go either way.... When I wash the car..yes..I do wash the engine bay at times...but it is not on the engine and components around; but to wash away grime that is there at the bottom of bay...and underneath the battery tray, suspension hump, etc...but even then it is with either the small nozzle of the steam washer or a small nozzle off of a hose/tap.
  15. iRage

    LANCER EX ignition coil required

    Strange....took our RAV4 there last year for a CVT oil and "service". They didn't pressure wash the engine. The guy held the pressure washer on the bonnet and the back of the firewall....then wiped the engine later....then another time one of the guys held the pressure washer on the radiator area and under guard because it was full of mud....