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  1. iRage

    Badly need to change my car

    Those cars, buying used or unused in SL (registered or unregistered) have been discussed. You will need to consider things like battery replacements, etc...please search the forum for these models. If budget is tight and you plan on using for a long time...I think a gasoline car would be easier for you. With Hybrids, whatever savings you make on petrol costs might be lost in the long run on things like battery packs.
  2. iRage

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Well..the polish is not jsut for removing swirls..it does remove surface scratches and other impurities that are baked on to the paint after some time. But for impurities you can always use clay which is not coarse at all..but then meguiars, autoglym, etc..have various "polishes" that are also pretty mild. The thing is in SL when people thikn of polishing they go ahead and do the whole B-Cut polishing which is quite coarse.
  3. iRage

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    I have not polished the Fortuner for the last two years. (i.e. when I first bought it). Been using waxes and coating for maintenance and it still looks good. Same with the Corolla....Polished it in 2014ish...after that it has been glass coated...then clayed and then coated again.
  4. iRage

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Well..swirls can happen depending on how you wash the car and wipe it dry and even how you wipe off polish/wax. The coating that the polishes/waxes/etc...provide do provide a degree of protection but it is no guarantee that there won't be swirls. But yes...regular waxing and proper washing does help in keeping swirls to a minimum. SIDE NOTE : DO not do regular polishing as that thins out the paint and too much polishing could make the bare metal come out <know a guy who did that...he polished the car with the change of season apparently....in two years time there were spots where the metal had appeared and in one summer the paint just had weird sun burn spots....
  5. iRage

    Badly need to change my car

    No matter what you buy..don't blow your entire budget on purchasing the car....so plan for example you might use 1.7mil of your cash and get loan for 1.7 if you want to buy a car for 3.4 mil. That way you still have a bit of money for post purchase fix-ups (same goes for unregistered cars you might buy in SL as there is a lot of junk imports in the country). For your budget you will be looking at a CR-V, RAV4, etc...that is around the same age as your City. At most it will be 2 or 3 years newer. If you are looking at 2008++ crossover you are looking at 4mil+ For cars within this decade; for your budget I suppose you could find a Vitz or even a Swift (registered and unregistered depending on vintage and spec) that is up to about 2014/2015. You could find a newer Picanto, Grand i10 or Axia. Or you could go for a whole array of kei cars.
  6. iRage

    2008 Toyota Passo Market

    Who is John and why are you observing his weiner activity and status ? To answer the OPs question....best way to figure out is hit the classified and see what the going rate it. Look at adverts from a few weeks/months ago as well...that will give you an idea if there is a huge change in prices or even if the cars are actually getting sold (don't be surprised if you see some of the same cars for sale for a long time)
  7. iRage

    Buying a European car

    Well...rather than adding more options, it is more a case of not having them...partly because of cost and partly because of impracticality and inability to provide technical support. Yes...sometimes the agent's models might lack certain passive safety features, but now a days I believe the active safety features are more or less the same.
  8. These are part of routine scheduled preemptive services for any car....usually done within 75-100K kms....The Montero Sport having a somewhat older engine design the 75-100K service is a bit more extensive at that point (most new engine schedules break it up along a bit more....). In Sri Lanka the agents do charge a bit of a higher premium (its also a side effect of having really cheap parts and third rate garages which people run after....the smaller number of parts and repairs they do they have to charge higher to make up for overheads as well as try to make a profit...) I have not used one extensively...but a few of my friends here in Vietnam got them in bulk about 3 years ago (a diplomatic shipment for personal use). They are nice vehicles and the diesel variants move like a bloody bat out of hell...decent ride. However somethings in the interior feel a little bit flimsy when compared to the X-Trail, RAV4, CRV, etc for the Japanese and European markets....
  9. iRage

    Buying a European car

    If you are going Brand New....then I would say go with the agent. For brand new vehicles the price difference between what the reputed Euro specialist importers and what the agent quotes is not that far off (at least that is what it was a few years back). You might have to compromise on some of the bells and whistles on the model the agent offers...but you can consider the official manufacturer's warranty being there to balance it out..(especially at resale as Twin mentioned). Also, the variant offered by the agent would be spec'd with features that are more suited for the local market. If you go through a importer or import it yourself...then you might get a larger choice when it comes to trims/variants...
  10. Fortuner and Montero SPorts have the traditional body on frame setup (where the frame/chassis is based on the pick up truck of the brand...Hilux and Triton). As such the ride is somewhat hard and sometimes even rather bouncy. I own a Fortuner (in Vietnam) and have used the Pajero Sport a lot. The Fortuner is a lot more better in terms of ride and build than the Mitsubishi (I like the front seats of the MonteroSport but the rear seats of the Fortuner more). Do not expect Prado and Pajero kind of refinement from ether of these. On the plus side...these vehicle have pretty simple tech. The plastics, etc...feel flimsy (especially the Montero Sport) but you feel like you can throw the thing in to a mud pit and then a sand pit and still keep going and if it breaks wrap it with some duct tape and then start going again. Comfort wise the Harrier and the RX are miles ahead of the above two. They feel more luxurious and have more creature comfort. The Harrier you are looking at is the U30 series and I am guessing the RX you are looking at is the L10 series. Again both are reliable cars....if you go for the Hybrid then obviously you have the Hybrid related issues you will have to look in to before purchase and maintenance after purchase. The Fortuner and Montero Sport are obviously more capable off road whilst the Harrier and RX will do well on modest mud and sand trails. So it all depends on what kind of occasional off roading you are talking about. My guess is what ever it is its nothing extreme and something really modest. because if you were in to serious offroading you would already know what you want Performance wise...well....handling wise the Fortuner and Montero have a lot of body roll. The petrol engine vairants which are in the 2700cc range (in SL and Asia for the most part) are lethargic but gets the vehicle moving from A to B....also the same engines will be stressed heavily if you do take it on a serious off roading course but will do okay in normal ones. Diesel variants are preferred with a lot of torque or the larger V6 petrol variants. The RX and the Harrier...the RX will feel a lot peppier than the Harried with the larger engine but the Harrier also is not too bad. Also has less body roll than the Fortuner and Montero Sport and is a lot smoother in acceleration.
  11. iRage

    BMW F10 VS Mercedes benz W212

    Well..the BMW is definitely more sportier to drive than a stock stock E-Class....but you have to admit the F10 is as common as Morris Minors back in the day thanks to all the permit imports....not that it should discredit the car as it is a good car, but it also means there are a lot of F10s out there that have been badly maintained and even driven the living day lights out of it by kids of the owners
  12. iRage

    Importing Engines?

    It used to be up to 40% of value of the engine..if you play your cards right and show it is not for commercial purposes you can pay a lot less. This was what it was when I brought down an engine about 1 year ago. Also, a lot of people get the exporter/seller to undervalue the engine in the invoice. (mind you ..you need the invoice because in order to update the book with the RMV you need to show documents of engine purchase)
  13. About the Aqua : Actually the Aqua is a pretty decent car (the issue is not with the car but the people ho own them as it is with most cars in SL). I have always stated that the Aqua (standard variants) have a very nice frame that is nimble and makes you want to just throw it around bends and have fun. it is a lot funner car to drive than the Vitz. Its only let down is the vague and lifeless steering (which is common to 99% of the Toyota models out there). The G Sport (Now called GR Smport) is completely different. it has stiffer suspension and a few extra welds to make the body tighter and most of the issues with the standard Aqua are fixed. The standard Corolla 141 is a decent car. It is is well put together and is more suited for the SL market (as they were all brand new imports and the car itself was designed for export markets). Only black mark is that it lacks a certain refinement in the materials used when compared to the Japanese market models (you will see that the plastics are a bit harder...padding on the upholstery and the fabric of the seats have a slight difference to what the Japanese amrket variants owuld have, etc...) . the early models were assembled in Japan, later on in Thailand and the last batch in Pakistan. THe Pakistani ones feel a lot more substandard than the Thai variants (there is barely any difference between the Thai and the Japanese manufactured variants). Only hitch with the car is Sri Lankan's stupid mentality that cars assembled in Thailand are crap (which is a myth...what they see is a difference in refinement which is driven by the operational environment of each market). Also, since most of these cars were brought under permit via the agent you will be able to find a decent speciment with proper service records from the agent. The Honda DCT issue...well the issue is not with the DC but how we use cars in SL. Our creep-stop-accelerate-creep-stop-gun it type of driving does not go well with the DCT (not just the Honda one but with most other DCTs). So because of this it does not mean every Honda with a DCT is going to break. If you try to find a gasoline variant of the Vezel, Grace or even Fit; then the DCT issues will not be there as they did not come with the DCT. The gasoline variants came with a standard CVT. Its just that you won't find that many gasoline variants around because they were not cheap enough for car sales people to import and make a thundering profit. In fact I would personally say go for a Gasoline model of the new Hondas (or the Hondas from the era you are looking at) because some of the electronics were not entirely well "designed"and had chain reaction of errors popping up in Hybrids (the gasoline variants are lesser prone to this) Honda Insight...hmm..the Hybrid system does seem to be a bit hokey in these things as opposed to the Prius (and other toyotas) of the same vintage. Also, don't believe claims on mileage...
  14. iRage

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    The Corolla Axio TRD GT came with a Turbo charged 1NZ. But the turbo charger is available only for the manual transmission variant. So yes...it is a direct bolt on and ECU upgrade for manual Corolla Axios. For the Corolla Axio TRD GT, TRD used the M/T Axio X grade as standard. Some owners got their Manual G grade to be the base car for the TRD GT. I am talking about the ACTUAL Corolla Axio TRD GT, not the half witted TRD GTs you find advertised on SL papers just because it has the TRD body kit (and/or suspension) which the cars' owners like to call Axio TRD. The Corolla Axio TRD GT was a homologamation of the Corolla Axio N2 racer Toyota did for some touring car racers. To be fair on the what the SL people call the TRD GT....usually TRD conversions are available to be done on cars in sages/phases. Typically, first stage package includes body wheels, second, suspension, 3rd engine mods (including turbo charging etc..). Most of what is there in SL are just phase 1 or at most 2 TRD vehicles.