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  1. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    Cool...here is the next one..
  2. Oh no...it is not something that our guys do with thought...it is also a natural occurrence isn't it ? Typically what you say about cars depreciating holds...but that hold depends on market conditions...in a place like Japan, Vietnam, US, with strong manufacturer presence and proper regulation in services, skills and national policies that advocate for safer and eco friendly tech it becomes true. However, in countries like Sri Lanka where 90% (or even more) are not brand new cars sold with manufacturer warranties. (Those Japanese zero mileage cars do not have manufacturer warranties coverage, etc...and the warranty is a farce). The market is filled with sub standard parts and manufacturer is unable to compete due to the economic status of the owners. The agents cannot reduce prices because they do not have enough market share (i.e. volume in sales) to cover their costs. Then there is also the accessibility to skills...we have limited qualified technicians and well equipped garages. They are mainly concentrated to big cities and even if you do have access to them..the prices are unattractive as there are plenty of maka baases who are 1/10th the rate of qualiified techs and garages. Now..put in new cars with new tech...they go against everything above...cheap parts are limited (or non existant), the tech is quite complex and integrated that they require qualified technicians....thus come in cars that have old technologies (Premio/Allion/Vitz/old Axio/E100/110/120 Corollas/T200 Carina/Corona..etc...). The demand for these cars do rise because of all the above..examples in good condition are getting rarer...those that run also become rarer by the day as most are getting hacked and put off the road. This can be observed in countries like Tanzania and Malawi as well...importing old cars have what is called a dumping tax....but people still do buy the older models and they are quite pricey (not as much as Sri Lanka because the taxes are pretty low) compared to newer cars.
  3. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    That looks like a Isuzu D-Max. However, in some markets the Mu-X came with the same facia whilst in some the Mu-X had some softer edges and a bit more pricy looking trim. So...Isuzu D-Max platform
  4. Well...yes...your fathers old car is still 400,000 now and back then it also would have been the same...but you need to look at the future/past value of money. Back then in the late 80s...1 USD was about 35-55 LKR. But now...400,000LKR is a lot lot less...about 500USD ? Which is not bad considering the value of metal in that car. Same with your Starlet. One can argue the same thing for the Premios that were 7mil 4 months ago going for 10mil now...but the thing is the value of the currency has not dropped that much....a slight increase is to be expected...but not this much. The mentality is mostly because of the myths that have been created in the market (which fuels the herd mentality you referred to). Also, we are all cash strapped because we put so much in to car payments. Thus, losing any money on the car is a lot more than just the loss of the value of the car but also the value of the lost opportunity cost. Because we are so cash scrapped we do not have much to maintain new tech cars..thus the old ones are craved for more as they are simpler to maintain and can be done so by any monkey with a hammer and there are plenty of cheap Chinese parts at any parts shop. So they hold value because of the demand.
  5. Well...if you ever read this....if you have actually been a valuable member and contributor to the AL community you would realize that what ALL OF US HAVE done is give proper advice about cars, etc...including the financial aspect that you have brought up IRRESPECTIVE OF WHERE WE ARE. If you know any of the members here we are not the type who have completely left the country and are yapping cluelessly. Just because what we are talking about does not favor a particular member it does not mean we are doing something wrong. If a complete Sri Lankan based membership was desired with a herd mentality...then there always is the cow-milk site. Yes...having an all Sri Lanka based audience with a herd mentality helps justify market manipulation, etc...(there is a story about frogs in a well). There is nothing wrong with buying and selling cars...what is wrong is artificially creating circumstances to manipulate the market and supporting that. In other sectors of the market that can get yourself thrown in jail. Anyway...wish you all the best and a better experience in any other forum that gives you the Sri Lankan context you desire. You are always welcome back. For everyone else...can you please make sure you keep the language civil ? Also....none of the moderators are actually working for AL...all of us do this on a voluntary basis and get nothing (in kind nor financially). What we do get is to get to know some awesome people who are very willing to help.
  6. Hi Wasantha Welcome to the forum. It would help if you can provide additional information regarding what you are experiencing and details about the car. What kind of an engine does it have ? Standard engine ? Turbo charged engine ? Does the engine heat up ? Are there any electrical faults you are noticing ? When you say engine is not starting...does the engine crank (start motor kicking in and the engine starts to turn over) but not actually start ? Or does nothing happen (like not even the starter motor coming on)? Interestingly...what happens when you stop the car in the town and want to start it to come back home ?
  7. Yes....some have magnets put in there to capture metal shavings..some don't...depends on the manufacturer and the gearbox type. So the bottom tray was removed to drain the fuel out. Yes...depending on the gearbox design the ATF oil is filled either through a dipstick or a filler plug (as some do not have dipsticks).
  8. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    Yupp..the floor is your's
  9. How did you swap the AT fluid ? Did you clean out the AT filter ? or replace it ? Its a metal mesh so can be cleaned out or replaced
  10. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    Thanks..here you go...an easy one...
  11. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    That is a X110 series Mark II As for the rules...it has to be an actual road going car that is available in Sri Lanka
  12. Next Gen WRX ? Traditionally (well since the LeVorg has been in existance), the Levorg has had the same front end (with some softer edges and such) as the Impreza. So I suppose we should not be surprised to find the next gen Impreza having the same face as the new LeVorg which is already out. In fact the wider scoop and some of the accents around the headlights sort of show that.
  13. Earlier today Nissan had yet another digital unveil for their Infiniti QX60 Monochrome concept. As with the Z, the QX60 concept is apparently a near to production concept. Again...there were more hints about the tech than what they had for the Z. So far it seems like the QX60 will most likely get a variant of the VC turbo V6 with a improved CVT and AWD system. Hmmm.... Now we in Asia do not get the QX60, however, the QX60 has been based on the Pathfiner platform...so this very well could signal the platform for the upcoming Pathfinder in this side of the world (albeit with more regionally appropriate engine choices).
  14. VW ID.4 : Volswagen's first EV crossover. It looks cute...supposed to have a 77kWh battery with a 200hp rear mount motor. Cruising range on a standard charge is supposed to be about 520km and about 300 something on a quick charge. 0-100 in 8.5sec
  15. I must admit....I find something rather pervasively attractive about the Q3 sportsback...
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