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  1. Thought as much...It is always beta not to attract these fellows cos they end up finding sum fault....the jap one was looking sesky tho...
  2. Congrats Komisiripala....It is simply amazing... Jus noticed dat the jap plates are off...Did u get copped ?
  3. AFAIK you cannot tint your front windows at all and I guess that this law has been there for a long time now.
  4. Is it a 323 or a Familia ? Don't worry about parts as there are plenty available...If it is in good shape go for it...
  5. The normal version would be around 2.1 - 2.2 M. Edit : The price depends on the options available.Eg : If it has a VVT engine,body kit etc the price will be higher.
  6. Those are after market lights freely available in Thailand and Singapore.You can even get it here. I had a friend of mine who exchanged his original tail lamps for those ones when I advised him against it and after several months it started to discolour and water started leaking.
  7. The sedan is known as BJ5P and the wagon/hatch is known as BJ5W...Some people advertise it incorectly as BJ5WP etc...P refers to the sedan while W means the wagon. If the ad says BJ5 it is either a wagon or a sedan.The number 5 refers to the 1500 cc engine while the number 3 in the model BJ3P refers to a 1300cc engine. The wagons we have in SL came with a 1500cc n 1600cc engine. Edit : As far as I know the wagon did not come with a 1300cc engine. I think that only the Familia came with a 1500cc VVT engine.
  8. Hi Gayan, I believe that you had seen the one advertised on AL today.Basically the Familia is JDM and the 323 was manufactured for export. I have been using a Familia BJ5W (Special Edition) for over 2 years now. The Special Editon has several options like 15" Mazda alloy wheels,body kit,Nardi Torino leather steering,VVT engine,different suspension system, 4 air bags etc ( There are variants of the Special Editon too ) The car handles really well and is on top on performance too, my car (M/T) does around 10-11 in Colombo and 14-15 Outstation. The BJ5W was manufactured from 1998 onwards and the face lift version was manufactured since the latter part of 2000. The car comes with an EFI engine (M/T n A/T) and some cars manufactured after 2001 came with triptronic gears. I don't know much about the 323 but I think that it comes with a 1600cc engins while the Familia comes with a 1500cc engine. The 323's were imported from Singapore/Malaysia, the ones which came with leather seat. Edit : 1600 cc engine. Spare parts and body parts are freely available.
  9. I totally agree with Sampath, Nowadays you find hora thakkadiyas in so called posh vehicles and you never know what is in store for you. So the best way is to keep calm and carry on, I know that it is really difficult but patience will defa pay off. You guys wud have noticed at car parks mostly at clothing stores n super markets where some people who come in these kinda vehicles take us by shock whn it comes to their attire,behaviour etc....
  10. Hi Ashan I do my repairs at M*zna so when they quote the price I check with these places and most of the times it is almost the same price (at times a bit expensive but worth the hassle of going to these places) The good thing about M*zna is that though they are a bit expensive they have all the spares (brandnew or used) with them so that we need not go hunting. If the repair is done by someone else then these are the places to get your spares from.
  11. Axela all the way...I have been using a Mazda 3 for more than 7 years now, parts are not expensive if you get it from the right place. I have had no issues with ground clearance though and have several friends who are using Axela's n none of them are complaining.
  12. I go to Mazna Motors at Pepiliyana, they specialise in Mazda....There is a guy named Wasantha near my place in Kalubowila who is a Honda specialist...
  13. If you have a bad water pump the engine will be overheating and usually you will be able to see coolant leak close to the right tyre .I went through the same issue sometime back on my Mazda 3 and replaced the water pump, to diagnose the issue they disabled the water pump and there was no noise and when it was working the noise started again. I highly doubt the water pump because this noise started immediately after replacing the T-Belt kit and hope you replaced them with genuine ones.
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