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    Dear friends, first of all thanks for the tips and advices of ur all and i have bought a laser giha 2000 auto car for 1.6 m and damn it is a good drive and im fully satisfied. Also theres no repairs and it is in a good condition with new tyres and new battry. Now i want to join ford club and please tell me how could i join this club. And please suggest me a good insuarance company and a policy which will never spoil customer's expectations. Thank you again guys...
  2. hi, any one who use or knows nissan primera tp12, what is the actual fuel consumption in citylimits? and what are the engine cc available? tp12 qp12 same or difference cars? is it worth to buy 2milon.? or else what are the good cars available with those options in that margin? thanks in advance.
  3. macha.forgot to tell you.no hatchbacks.thanks anyway..
  4. thanks for the suggestion.i think the best one should be ek3 or bj5p. can i find a good one for 1.8m???no hatchbacks..
  5. hi guys, i need to buy a good car arround 1.7m with 8-10 km per liter in city limits and also it should be a english number and auto gear . recently i have choosed the models which is suitable for my range which are mazda BJ5P, honda EK3, Ford BJ5p, nissa primera p11, lancer ck2..please guys i need ur opinion which one is better and any other option..following are the requirments of me.. engine should be 1.5l - 1.8.. budjet - arround 1.7 mil. fuel economy- 8-10 in city limits. autogear. english number year -atleast 1999. color- prefer black, white, beige, blue, silver, gray ps- if anyone who expert plese post me with compare these models..
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