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  1. hhrxz

    Fb14 Distributor Prices

    yes thanks ill first give it a try replacing the o ring.car doesnt give any symptoms.its runs fine.all that i noticed was a reduction in fuel consumption.
  2. hhrxz

    Fb14 Distributor Prices

    tanx for your info.yesterday i went for a tune up and my car gives a faulty crank sensor code.and i found some oil leak under the distributor cap.Can this error code occur because of a bad o-ring?
  3. hhrxz

    Fb14 Distributor Prices

    can a bad o-ring give faulty crank sensor code?
  4. hhrxz

    Fb14 Distributor Prices

    bro i have no personal issues with u.and i dnt know any friends here personally.
  5. hhrxz

    Fb14 Distributor Prices

    tanx for yr help.ill upload a pic and contact u.
  6. hhrxz

    Fb14 Distributor Prices

    tanx for the info bro.crank sensor has failed.Ecu giving an error.Can the sensor only be replaced here?
  7. guys what is the price of a good fb14 distributor.Can you recommend me any good places to buy around colombo.tanx Distributor leaks oil.can this error code be recovered by putting a o-ring??or is this ecu error comes because the crank sensor failed permanently?
  8. clogged air filter,break binding,clogged fuel filter,retard ignition timing it could be anything....take it to a garage and see
  9. hhrxz

    Left Foot Braking... Is It Good?

  10. hhrxz

    Left Foot Braking... Is It Good?

    can you smoothly break with your left...its hard for me to do.anyway its better if you can get used to your right leg because there are chances if you met with an accident when you get panic you may accidentally press your accelerator too.
  11. Mazda familia Bhalp. manual.personal experience.realy good on fuel.no experience on other cars mentioned so not gonna comment on them.
  12. hhrxz

    Ugly Sound From Front Doors

    bro once i had a 323.had the same problem when closing doors sounds like a very cheap old car door slashing sound.i ddnt went to any garage to solve the problem so i dont know the core issue.what i did was i just wrap a hard tape 2-3 times around the metal,u knw the part that door get locks to a metal that is fixed on car.wrap it around few times.and grease your door joints a bit.hope this helps your one.