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  1. "Gorilla Muna" model in Sri Lankan context
  2. In the facebook fan page of Wagon R and other Lankan pages on on motor mechanics, some people posted about their issues with their WagonR. It was introduced just 3 years ago and most of them were imported as zero mileage ones, having issues this early surely not a good sign with reliability.
  3. Be careful with maintenance, some cars already had problems with sludge so early😥
  4. Axia should be the best option for normal usage.
  5. waka

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    Vitz uses 1KR-FE Wigo uses 1KR-VE (higher compression ratio and the same engine as Axia facelift and Bezza) 92 is enough for vitz but not for Wigo
  6. Yes with improved crumple zones newer cars absorb the brunt better than old heavy cars for passenger, but still with all the bells and whistles of safety features, momentum is still a key factor of safety. Kei cars < normal cars < Jeeps< Lanka Ashok Layland < trains
  7. Of course you should worry about gear box issue...
  8. Go for the Mira. Mostly for the appearance.
  9. Difficult to find unregistered Vitz for 3.3 m. You may go for a Passo if you are okay with the appearance.
  10. I had a look at a Beleno few months ago at an A*W showroom. Comparing to other Maruti vehicles, built quality is way better than cars like Alto and Celero. I don't know how this car performs in the second hand market with the Sri Lankans perception about Indian made cars...
  11. Albeit Suzuki Baleno is made India and imported to Japan, It is still reasonable priced comparing to others with decent build quality...
  12. Most importantly you will not see those annoying Japanese letters in the digital instrument cluster
  13. Wait a little, if the Toyota vitz 990 cc price drops significantly, surely the Hyundai have to consider decrease the price of i10 if they want to exist in the market and same with Picanto
  14. I mean the hybrid technology. Not like Suzuki Swift hybrid, It is a mild hybrid like wagon R. New Suzuki Ignis uses s-ene charge technology. It uses an ISG motor and has a similar battery like Wagon R under the front passenger seat. It is more of a city car but roomier one than Wagon R, more ground clearance that matches Lankan road conditions resembling Suzuki Swift jeep model . Very light car considering its size.
  15. Suzuki Ignis 1200CC mild hybrid will get popular in Sri Lanka, powerful than wagon R but same technology....
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