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  1. udayap

    Ssangyong Korando Service

    Are you referring to routine maintenance? if so you can get it done by any reputed service center. In my case, I get done the routine service done by my mechanic. It costs really less. For ATF change - better go to the agent as the DSI MT6 tranny is very fragile I've once went to Advance Car Diagnostics for the replacement of the Door Actuator and they did a good job. One advantage is you can monitor what they are doing. However, the price of the part and service cost is same as Micro. Since I studied the way of replacing the door actuator, I was able to replace actuators of other doors by myself.
  2. udayap

    Any Korando User???

    Hi all, I was able to find both front (KBF) and rear (Hi-Q) brake pads. All korean made pads, quite good in quality. For rear, Kia Soul brake pads are of perfect match. For, front pads I had to use shims from old brake pads but for rear nothing needed. The total cost - Front brake pads - Rs. 2900, Rear -Rs. 2500. Brake fluid (DOT 4) - Rs. 1000. DIY job -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgmOeYh4mTg Total cost : Rs. 7000.00 If got done by micro - estimated cost Min 30,000.00 Total saving 23,000.00 (Min) for a satisfied perfect brake job. Take home message - Don't rely much on routine repairs and serving for Agents. For routine service done at home 5 l of MOBIL Delvec MX - cost Rs. 5000, oil filter from the agent - Rs. 1500.00 Total cost - Rs. 6500 If done with the agent the cost would be minimum 13000 -14000.00
  3. udayap

    Adhesive for antisquel shims

    Thanks Rohnd, I"ll try that out....
  4. udayap

    Adhesive for antisquel shims

    thanks, won't it start to vibrate. Note this pad is the outside one, the OEM comes only with anti-squeal shim No-1. This is a kind of an integrated shim. Unlike the break piston side (inner brake pad), it is not a clip on type to the brake pad body. I doubt that If I dont glue it to the pad, it would start vibrating.
  5. I am expecting to use an aftermarket brake pad for my vehicle. I found that the substitute front pad is not coming with an antisquel shim. However, I could detach the shim from the OEM pad as it was lightly glued to the pad. Though this shim perfectly fits the aftermarket brake pad, I wish to glue it to the brake pad body. Anybody knows a suitable adhesive for that. I've head something called antisquel paste, but I am not sure it would work and if so, place to find out in Kandy. Many thanks in advance for expert comments...
  6. udayap

    Any Korando User???

    Has anybody tried aftermarket brake pads for SSangyong Korando. If so where it is available and how much the price. As usual, the company price is quite exorbitant : Front 10212 +Vat, Rear 8439+Vat. The OEM part is made by Mando.. I found following Mando Plus brake pads are compatible for Korando: Front: MPH38 made for Hyundai SantaFe 6 Rear: MPH 39 made for Hyundai Sonata (NF) R Anybody knows a place where I can purchase genuine Mando plus brake pads (No luck with Ajan....a Motors, Panchi)
  7. udayap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    Should someone who can spend 9.0 million odd for a vehicle worried about the cost of fuel!!!!
  8. udayap

    Honda Fit Hybrid Maintenance

    Guys, I purchased an oil filter for GP 1 from a place in Kandy. Though they said it is a genuine one, for my observations all hallmarks of a duplicate one are eminent. What are your ideas!! Apparently, I asked one of my colleague to purchase it for me.
  9. udayap

    Tyres - What Brand To Choose?

    Hi, I replaced tires with NEXEN nblue HD (215/65/16). I didn't do much research before buying. However, later I found that NEXEN nblue HD is a passenger car tire and for SUV/Crossovers like Tuscon, Nexen recommends SUV tire such as NFERARU5. Is there a huge difference between passenger car tires and SUV tires? Should it be a factor when choosing tires (though I am too late now!!!) Thanks
  10. udayap

    Micro Jeeps Are Good Or Bad ?

    Saangyong vehicles are not bad as discussed here. I've been using a Korando for last 4 years and no much complaints except the poor service of unprofessional dealer. Its worth for what I paid for. Vehicle is still intact and no falling interior parts as posted in some threads. Handling is superb and I have driven this vehicle to every corner of the country. Present Saangyong engines (EXDI) are refined quite lot compared to previous ones. I noticed that most of engine parts are sourced from Bosch (sensors), Delphi (injector system), Mando (suspension system). Good that recently moved from crappy DIS (Australian) gear box to a Japanese AISIN.
  11. udayap

    Micro Jeeps Are Good Or Bad ?

    Lol!!!!! Typical Sri Lankan mentality that values 25-30 years old rust-baskets (like computer model Pajero) for 3 - 4 million rupees.
  12. udayap

    Oil Change Of Awd Vehicles

    TT and IRage,,,, Many thanks for infor...
  13. Experts, Is it required to change/inspect the level of oil of the AWD vehicle power transfer unit (PTU), E-coupling and Rear Axle Unit. The user manual of my vehicle does not say anything except the appropriate oil. However, the service manual of the vehicle (korando) recommends "Check and add at every 20,000 km (EU) or 15,000 km (General) of driving or 12 months" In vehicle service, even the agent does not check these oil levels. Is this the negligence of the Agent? Thanks,
  14. udayap

    Fixing Reverse Sensors

    Guys, The LCD StealMate (S*N L*A) display unit of the reverse sensor cum camera fitted to my car stopped working. Seems that the company does not bring down spare parts anymore. According to them, the reverse sensor signals also processed by the said LCD display, so there is no luck of using a normal LCD display. Has anyone encountered this problem and solved using an substitute display? Thanks
  15. udayap

    Most Economical Petrol Car In Sri Lanka

    There is no point of discussing the fuel economy of cars as far as notorious traffic congestions we experience today are considered. I live in kandy and often it takes two and half hours for the return trip peradeniya to kandy (mahamaya). Whatever the car we would use (perhaps not applicable for electric), there would not be much difference in the fuel consumption. if your travel often to the city...don't think about the fuel consumption difference of 1-2 km/l when selecting cars. Just buy a well maintained car for a reasonable price.