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  1. Check Throtle positioning sensor. That too cause gear slipping problems
  2. I'm hoping to bring down car stereo for my Mazda 3 (2004) from eBay. It costs about USD 250/- with shipping. Bit warring about the local custom duty Some People say it's 200% Please advise correct figures if any of you guys know about this subject??
  3. Thanks "The Stig". Local custom duty for car stereos from eBay is somewhere 200% I guess. That's why serfing local market for same.
  4. Dear Members, Please let me know a reliable place to fix aftermarket stereo to 2004 Mazda 3 which comes with inbuilt outer pannel. Most of the places have branded stereos but separate outer pannel. Please see sample photo attached. Mine had similar one and display gone recently. Couple of named Audio engineers returned saying beyond repair. Thanks in advance
  5. M-V (M5) is the ATF for Mazda. But keep in your mind that 2nd quality fluid also in the market. Therefore always advisable to purchase from Agnets or well recognized / genuine place. Just drain & refill is ok. But better to clean the sump before add new oil
  6. AFAIK Tokiko shocks are bit smoother than KYB. Recently I replaced my Axela's rear shocks with Tokiko & purchased from Nama***a motors
  7. Thanks watchmen. This posts didn't update after 2010. Anyway I got one contact no from it a place @ Wattala. Shall contact him & put an update.
  8. Hello Experts Just to check with you, whether any of you guys know a place to do Chromium Plating job for a plastic car shell? I checked with few places but they are doing only for metal parts!!
  9. RIP Paul Walker .........!
  10. i believe that the Ground clearance is depends on the size of the suspension coil spring, isn't it? what do you experts say??
  11. Thanks guys sharing your experience and knowledge. Btw I ll try with Adva*** c*r and must inform them this gasket thing as well Cheers
  12. Thanks vishkid sharing this valuable info
  13. Dear Experts need to clean tail lights of my car, Mazda Axela 2004, coz bit of water inside (in both sides) and also it appears some moisture on the cover as well appreciate if you can share any good place to clean this up as it seems that the light cover should remove/open to get this done
  14. How about Nissan Tiida 2007? its general appearance is ok for me. whats you experts idea about rest ??
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