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  1. I'm using a Fiesta ecoboost 2015 model with DCT. It has done 38,000kms so far no issues with DCT. I travel daily in office hours traffic from Nugegoda to Col 03. And I did several long trips and faced no issues.
  2. It has dual clutch transmission. I bought it from a local car dealer. German made & used in Japan.
  3. Yep I totally agree with you. I always strik to the speed limit. But I only did to test the capability of the car.
  4. Why? Do you see me like a kid to joke here?
  5. I also bought 2015 Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost hatchback few months back. That's a pretty fun to drive car. Fuel consumption is around 8-9 kmpl in city limits in rush hours, outstation 15-16 and around 18kmpl in expressway. Got superb acceleration & couldn't feel you drive a 1.0L car. Very stable in high speeds. I did around 195kmph in expressway without any issue.
  6. Hey,we couldn't see many famous faces in the drag yesterday.. Wht was up there? There are only few cars,couldn't see many EVOs.
  7. Thanks for your information bro. My first car was a Tercel EL43,and i sold it last week to buy a Mitsubishi. But finding a mitsubishi is seems to be difficult now,because the prices are seem to be higher than Toyotas. Even the good CB3 will cost more than 1M. So,if you heard of a Mirage for sale,please let me know. Thank you. Cheers.
  8. Without A/C. I couldn't remember the RPM with A/C. I've given a offer to the owner about 100k less than the market price yesterday. He didn't seems to be satisfied by that offer. However i'll wait for his reply and if he didn't accept my offer,i think i might go for a another car.
  9. I can't remember exactly,it seems to be about 500-700 RPM. I really love mirage,that's why i'm keeping a hope in my mind about that car. Unfortunately i couldn't find any mirages these days... So,as you've said i'm gonna check the MAF sensor by a scanner and find about that noise exactly. Thanks for ur comment.
  10. Thanks a lot for your comment,The Don. The tappet sound comes all the time,not only in the cold starts. The owner said he'll replace the MAF sensor,if i buy the car. And he said the sensor will cost about 6k. But a friend of mine said it will cost more than 50k... So,can anyone plz tell me the actual price of a Air flow sensor of a 4G15 EFI engine? (brand new & reconditioned ones).
  11. I'm going to buy a mitsubishi mirage car. It's having a fault in air flow sensor. The engine is 4G15 1.5L EFI engine. The owner said that the air flow sensor is damaged,because of that,the car has a mis. When i went to see the car,the sensor and the air fllter is removed and the car is running well. And there is small damage in air filter. I've asked from a mechanic,and he said it occures because of a 'back fire' went through the air filter and that may damage the sensor also. There is a strange sound coming from the engine also. It's like a 'tappet sound' (i don't know exactly it is a tappet or a not,but it sounds like that). (One of my friend is having a lancer with a 4G15 engine. That hasn't that sound.) I want to know about the fault in this engine,the back fire thing and the strange sound. Thnks.
  12. Thnx for the help...How's the fuel consumption of Lancer CK1(1.3L)?
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