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  1. Gayans87

    Can You Get A New Book Made For A Mini

    Thanks for the info guys... I will have to check with this guy as to if he had made a entry at the cop shop..(which I highly dough) I will ask him to do so if that's the situation and will keep you guys posted with the scenario... Thanks again GMI your info was as good as it could get
  2. Gayans87

    Can You Get A New Book Made For A Mini

    Its been with this guys for ages... He is not willing to sell because he is attached to the car, but since he is known to my family he is willing to reconsider...
  3. Hey Guys, I found a Mini minor that is in a bad situation, I want to restore it to its former status.... The issue is that the Mini doesn't have the original book issued when it was first registered... What can I do..?? is it possible to obtain a new book for it through the Dep. Motor Traffic..?? Nothing has beed changed (engine ect) its all the original status as yet.... Please advise me as to what my options are... Thanks in advance
  4. Gayans87

    Mitsubishi Lancer Cs3 Clutch Not Working

    Hey Guys, I'm sorry I think I made a mistake with the name of the clutch release bearing (I called it the master pump). Anyways guys I had to replace the pump that's in the mechanic hand, 18,900/= at UM... fixed it and pumped the clutch a couple of times and it was good as new again, My clutch and pressure plates are fine and I didn't have to replace them as yet... My car is back on its wheels and running as smooth as ever again all's well and i'm heading back to work tomorrow in my Lancer... Thanks guys for your info, I'm not that good with technical terms so please excuse me if I have made any mistakes in any conversations above....
  5. Gayans87

    Mitsubishi Lancer Cs3 Clutch Not Working

    Hey Guy, I couldn't get it to a mechanic on Friday, so I took it today morning... this guy has been looking into all our family cars for ages... He suggested we should change the clutch pump washers. (the pump which is on the top) so I got to the spare part shop and found out that the washers cannot be purchases separately, It comes with the entire kit... Checked in a couple of places and got the same info from every person. My only option was to buy the entire Kit which was 2700/- so I did it....Got back and the mechanic fixed it... Sadly I still was not able to use my clutch the only other option was that the master pump which I think its called, should be replaced. I was told that this was a sealed pump and there was no way to change the washers individually and I had to buy a new one. Spoke to a couple of guys from different places and found out that this pump is a bit on the expensive side and costs about 18,500/- (but its an ok price I guess...) I was so sad knowing that I will not be able to do anything until Monday... The car is sitting in my garage until then Apparently this pump is within the gearbox and the entire gearbox has to be brought down in order to replace the pump I have replaced the clutch and pressure plates a couple of years ago so I hope they can be used for a little longer...Otherwise I'm gonna be screwed big time if I have to replace the entire system at once... $$$$ 30-60K that's not something I can afford immediately. Will keep you guys posted with the update on Monday... Thanks again for your info guys... I wish I could have jointed this forum long time ago... Their is soo much I can learn and get advice from awesome people, just an added bonus...!!!!
  6. Gayans87

    Bmw E 32 7 Series

    I learnt to drive in an E30....I guess its still the reason I drive like a maniac It was a 318i as well.... My Dad owned most of the old BM's so I grew up with them around. Had an E36 as well, E34 & E39 for a little while... Never a 7 series though. so I guess BM's are like home to me... But for me to own one for myself, I think I might have to wait a bit longer... Its something worth the wait
  7. Gayans87

    Bmw E 32 7 Series

    thanks guys.... I love euro's and especially BM's. the bigger the better hence a 7 series.... I don't think I can afford this car as yet, knowing me I would want to take it to office everyday...something that is going to be very costly i guess. I'm not earning a big 6 figures as yet so may be I will go for one in the future... as I said I like to dream and may be someday it just might come true... thanks soo much guys for all your info
  8. Hey Guys, My Lancer had an issue with its clutch today morning, I started it as usual to leave to work and found out that the clutch was very loose and found it very difficult to shift between gears... I open the bonnet every morning as a practice to check on the water and oil situation on which ever car I decide to take out to office, and I was quite sure there was no issues with the clutch fluid in the car.... I had to shut down the engine and start it back up to get the pressure on the clutch back up again so that I could get back home.... There were no oil leaks of any sort in my garage. My assumption was that the clutch washers might need to be replaced... I faced a similar issue with my toyota crown along time back... I'm not sure if this could be the issue and look forward to find out if anyone else had gone through the same mishap before... The car will be hitting UM today to get this issue sorted out... Please advise me on your opinion...
  9. Gayans87

    Bmw E 32 7 Series

    Yes I guess it was a 18- or 19-.... VVTi do you have any idea about the maintainence of a car like this and the fuel consumptiom, cuz if (a big if) I am going for it, this will be something I need to consider.... Thanks for your info bro....
  10. Gayans87

    Bmw E 32 7 Series

    Hey Rangerover, I know I cannot afford a car like this, as I mentioned this is just for my information... I guess I can dream a bit ya.. I know of a guy who owns a car that is just sitting in his garage, He is out of the country and well I was just trying to find out some info regarding the car.... If you could please share your knowledge it would be awesome...
  11. Gayans87

    Bmw E 32 7 Series

    It was a white bro.... I think this would be used as a second car or may be a sunday car... just to go out for an occation ya.... Any idea as to how much one of these would cost these days..??? and the fuel consumption..?? i'm guessing is about 5-6 km/L if you are gentle.....
  12. Gayans87

    Bmw E 32 7 Series

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if a 1994 BMW E32 7 Series (730Li) would be a good car for Srilankan usage..?? Saw one of these a few days ago and it looked awesome... I'm guessing it must be amazing to drive but at an expense.... Any idea on how high the maintenance is on a car like this..?? and how's the fuel consumption..?? PS : This is totally for satisfying my ego....I love huge cars and this is something that actually would be a treasure to own if a common person like me could afford it... If anyone out there owns a beauty like this please give me your feedback... Thank you.. :)
  13. Gayans87

    Side Skirts & A Spoiler For Lancer

    Hey Trinity, Thanks for the idea, never thought of it.... I have a lancer as well and forgot the idea of getting a bodykit done due to the cost... But this sounds very promising.. Thanks again.
  14. Gayans87

    Any Mistubishi Owners In The Forum?

    2001 Lancer 1.6L Manual.... Designed for people who dont want to say around.... Awesome car to drive.
  15. Gayans87

    Bmw E 36 325Tds

    Hey Guys, This is the exact car I’m referring to... I'm in love with this particular car...(but in general all BMW's). It is a common rail turbo I have checked with Milroy regarding the specs... there seems to be no external damage to anything in the car and the engine looks awesome, one huge block of power..!! I was just doing some research of my own and found out that the engine is compared to a BM 2L V6 petrol... But the diesel engine wastage is high... Do you guys agree on this fact...?? I had a E 36 318i when I was about 16 y and I loved it...I'm looking for a BMW cuz I’m tired of the Japanese...Never can match the driving pleasure of a German... Guys i'm on the lookout for even an old E39 (late 90's) just want to switch to a BM... Let me know if you guys have any updates on that please... Oh and thank you guys for all your feedback....!!! appreciated...