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  1. dantoddd

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    So you recommend the indian alto over Wagon R
  2. dantoddd

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    I have some extra cash lying around was thinking of putting a couple of vehicles for taxi service. Are there any ppl who have done this or doing this? what are the prospects for a decent income?
  3. dantoddd

    Prius C vs Vitz

    the answer is Audi A1
  4. dantoddd

    Servicing Audi A!

  5. dantoddd

    Audi A1 or the Honda civic 2018 hatch

    I have an A1. I like it very much. I'd say the civic is probably a more comfortable vehicle with a lot more amenities. But it's about 1.5 million more. Also there is new A1 that's coming out look for 2019 A1 online u'll get a lot of info.
  6. i have similar question? whats the process for converting rhd to lhd for re-export purposes.
  7. dantoddd

    Servicing Audi A!

    ok. i went to vishwa. they were very professional and quite affordable. Didnt seem to cut corners. they walked me through everything they did. told me to come back in 10000 km. i'm satisfed.
  8. dantoddd

    Servicing Audi A!

    are they good and grnuine
  9. dantoddd

    Servicing Audi A!

    Guys, I'm looking for a place to service my Audi A1. Unfortunately Senok does not handle re-exports so I'm left with using an alternative place. do you guys have any recommended places?
  10. dantoddd

    Good vehicle around 6M.

    How about an A3 or A1 or Q2
  11. dantoddd

    Best choice for an Auto SUV/Car

    What is the purpose of this vehicle? Why does it have to be 4WD and compact at the same time?
  12. dantoddd

    Audi A1

    I've mostly commuted to work, driving between the moratuwa area and Colombo 10 area. Fuel efficiency is about 11-12 Km/l in traffic. Can't really comment on handling but the vehicle is quite nippy at Colombo traffic speeds. It hits 70+ within a couple of seconds and the brakes are very good.
  13. dantoddd

    Audi A1

    not sure but the car has two suspension settings sports and dynamic. sports is much stiffer than dynamic
  14. dantoddd

    Audi A1

    i just got one. tbh the car hit a nice sweet spot in terms of design and cost. i thought even the interior is significantly better than the equivalent Japanese vehicles that are around the same price range. driving wise the car seemed alright in the urban setting cant tell about outside the city.